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Carl Denham
I'm on this plane flirting w this 55 yR old black Christian pastor, u know I'm bout to start talking about Brujeria And he's bout to be MAD.
Retweeted by Carl Denham
#FourChildhoodCrushes I'm looking at everyone else's and I have to say I regret nothing and stand by this.
Retweeted by Carl Denham
Do you believe in god? Nah but the fact everyone knows you can trap the butler in Tomb Raider 2 proves the existence of a Grand Architect
Always lurking In the peripheral of our collective conciousness. Like the Santa Christmas and Mmmbop, it's weird to think these were created
The most shocking news is that To Kill A Mockingbird was actually written by someone. It seems to have always just sort of been there.
To Kill a Mockingbird 2: Boo Radleys Revenge. That's right I've only just heard there's a sequel and that's the best I can come up with
Real women clearly needed a decent theme tune/soundtrack to get my child brains attention
Dang gurrl you 'ave bootiful eyezzz
Basically if you had red hair, could hold your own in a fight and were 2 dimensional pre-pubescent Carl wanted to build dens with you
#fourchildhoodcrushes I think watching nothing but cartoons growing up corrupted and warped my tiny mind...
[having sex] Mmm…do that thing I like "Uh…right now?" Yes! Y'know I love it "OK *kermit the frog voice* Yaaaay!" Oh god. Now flail your arms
Retweeted by Carl Denham
Make a Monster! You read that right, fly my pretties! via @saraterror
On that logic: Meet the star of the new Dali biopic
Hey Chris Pratt looks a little like Indiana Jones in this... - Hollywood Exec putting some real effort into their job
I hope there's scenes in the new one that are loads like the original or else I'll forget what's going on and not like it #JurassicWorld
Pokemon Velociraptors...
Do you remember that film from over 20 years ago? Here's a reminder, oh but the CGI looks worse… #JurassicWorld
That new John Carpenter album I RT'd the link to earlier is the bomb!
Clearing through some art and found this little story from yesteryear
Yes, yes, YEEEEEAAAAAHHHSSSS!!!… this dystopia we live in just got a better soundtrack #JohnCarpenter
Retweeted by Carl Denham
Another day trying to hide as a sensible human being while Salt's verse from this repeats endlessly in my brain…
wasn't there an origin for herbie where nazi scientists took hitler's request for a "volkswagen" literally and turned a person into a car?
Retweeted by Carl Denham
Oreo glad I didn't say Biscuiterie Nantaise?
Bagel company take some advice from a nice old lady
Retweeted by Carl Denham
When ya girl make you go on a double date with somebody more romantic than you "@deray: Insert Caption Here."
Retweeted by Carl Denham
Digging through some old art; I drew a lot of witches, tentacles and the Wu-Tang logo
It's a pity Dot Cotton doesn't do stand up. Her DVD could be called 100% Cotton Material
"My brother from another freckle." Youth on train
Me and @EscaCraig have settled on watching 'Lol' with the sound down and doing the voices ourselves
Because you watched Robocop: Transformers, Cowboys vs Aliens, etc. Don't take the piss Netflix
Why you can't search by era and genre is beyond me. One critically acclaimed arthouse thriller starring tall child actors is enough for me
Best of Netflix list: 1. Robocop 2. The Warriors 3. That episode of Buffy where Willow accidentally uploads a demon onto the internet
.@NetflixUK only four Arnie movies? What is my brother paying for?
Drew a girl with an anteater during lunch today #WorkDoodle
Mr Socko refused to comment
Oh how Mankind has fallen
Pro wrestler Mick Foley booted from eating contest after stashing chicken wings in fanny pack
Retweeted by Carl Denham
Eventually they went so fast they burnt hotter than the sun and arrived before they left
Just spoke to someone called 'Cypher' on the phone. I can only assume Natwest are employing hackers from 90's movies for their team
Bridesmaids was better than the 'Hangover with girls' it was marketed as but could have done with being half hour shorter
If it isn't in 3D and the ghosts aren't CGI I'd be very surprised.
I do think some people might not want a Ghostbusters remake/reboot simply because it'll probably be shit though
Kingsman! Action and wit are on form but the dark days of lads mags lurk at it's edges...… #LikeAKingsman
Retweeted by Carl Denham