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Carl Denham
My favourite episode of Rastamouse is the one where he rejects Babylon completely and mentally moves to Zion, just like Jah said he should
my cat is washing the dishes. i offer to help and she says "you shouldn't be helping, you should be doing them, these are all your dishes"
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I still don't understand how Harry Nilsson put the lime IN the coconut
I asked Robin Thicke if he was lonely; he couldn't answer, he seems to really struggle with yes or no scenarios
The #WorldCup was originally used by the Roman gods to drink smoothies made from blended planets after a heavy gym session #Fact #TopLad
Always remember to carry a few life spells with you, they will have the opposite effect on the undead #LifeHack
He was a boy, she was thousands of spiders in a suit of human skin, can I make it any more obvious
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@SmudgeDredd You know Kahl Drogo uses Mane 'n Tail. For that extra long pony tail.
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me when someone finds out i'm into graffiti and asks me if i like banksy:…
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I wish someone would cover Wonderwall
Next time someone asks if I want to go to Nando's I'm going to say 'I NanDon't!' and if they ask if I just made that up I'm going to say yes
Psst, yeah you. Psst, *hushed whisper*I'm going to let you in on a secret...
Fuck this I'm getting a Batman purse
I can picture the board of suits with the designs 'We earn more than women we won't be needing this bit for petty coins bwahahahahaa!'
Why don't any of these wallets have coin purses!? This is the sexist world we live in
He's like a boy scout, Batman's wallet would have a slot for every type of currency in the world AND a self destruct button
And this one in the shop doesn't have a coin purse, Batman's wallet would have a coin purse.
The Batman wallet I got for Christmas is starting to break, which is a very unBatman thing for a wallet to do.
Just saw a white boy with a huge backwards baseball cap delicately perched on his shaved head #Sexy #EverythingAboutHim #So #S#E#X#Y
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Time to get some serious work done, this Zoo isn't going to Disco itself
To legally ride a quadbike on the road some kind of apocalypse has to have occurred.
The Highway Code refers to quadbikes as quadricycles