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Carl Denham
I've heard if Scotland gain independence David Cameron's first plan of action is to rebuild Hadrian's Wall
Malcom friend struggle to breathe He struggle for 13 years One day he just stop For the last few seconds that silence to him is music
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Oliver Reed having fun at the Barbers…
#HipsterComicBooks you wouldn't have heard of it
A new way to listen to music! Does it still go into my ears? Yes. Pah!
England = The Kinks, quaint towns and a fine selection of pastries. UK = I'm sorry for all the colonisation
Scotland want to no longer be British without going anywhere? Think that's what most people want
@FullSteamFilms Listen to Full Steam Filmcast 34: Korean Super Snow Train! now, on Stitcher:
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Figured I'd give Minecraft a whirl and it's a rather lonely place to be on your own
If anyone wants to build shit with me my Psn name is SmudgeDredd. But if you were real in my room you wouldn't be allowed
You need to have a HD TV to play local co-op on PS3 Minecraft!? What the fuck Mojang?
Is everyone reading Saga? You should be reading Saga. Manages to accomplish 'I didn't see that coming!' without it feeling cheap every month
Anyone planning on seeing Boxtrolls hang about after, unlike every Marvel movie the mid-credit sting is actually worth watching
Grandmothers are accidentally tagging themselves as Grandmaster Flash on Facebook.…
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ASSISTANT: So this phone box can go anywhere in space and time? DOCTOR: That is correct CUT TO: London
Jurassic park was originally pitched to Universal as a time-travelling screwball comedy starring Park Chan-Wook as the lead #FilmFact
The spookiest of all the spooky cartoons this side of spooksville http://… #SpookyCartoons
My friend told me iTunes downloaded an album without asking him and I was like 'Oh no, not U2'
If there's another reason to never update your iTunes it's that there will be a new U2 album waiting for you
Ni No Kuni Spoiler: Running around in the pig suit is hilarious
Bad enough that staring at it's face you can slowly see all the time and potential you have wasting away. That's what dads are for
Great now there's a watch to tell me how lazy I am as well as everything else
Lone Wolf & Cub 1 + Lone Wolf & Cub 2 = Shogun Assassin & 35%of Liquid Swords
Breaking news: Jack the Ripper looks exactly the same as everyone thought he did
Hunting for treasure and found the giraffe of happiness
Film fact: Jaws was originally called Wasjig and was set in a jigsaw championship rather than a coastal town
Spider man Spider man How do spiders control a man? Down the throat Behind the eyes Walk among us spreading lies Oh god. Run from spiderman
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#RoyalBaby largely influenced by the 1984 show Muppet Babies…
No matter whatever you become, no matter where you end up always remember; bananas are kind of funny
Might pinch that chair though but it's probably got a ghost in it or a hole full of my fears underneath
If you can't make it out the green text reads 'The box is open'.
Just walked past this while some eerie piano played from an unknown source, I guess I live in a survival horror now
The @BBC6Music Playlister is great, it manages to accomplish something all of's algorithms can't
Still playing games on an old TV has given me great respect for any game designer that adds screen calibration to their games
Have you seen The Muppets Take Manhattan? It's like that but with robots #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly
Just saw a pair of couples on a park bench; one pair going at it with their tongues, the other pair going at it with their lungs
The Muppets should apply their formula to computer games: The Muppets Chrono Trigger, The Muppets Silent Hill, The Muppets Last of Us
A reminder that this exists: Cuban Spider:
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I saw #SexTape. That sentence is funnier than the entire film
I think by now even the Queen has clicked on that Vevo Anaconda link