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Carl Denham
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It's comforting to know that even Jesus didn't know what he was going to do with his life when he was in his twenties
Lord The Rings. That bit where they walk, thrilling stuff! #bookadayuk
Oh the horror! A barnacle that behaves in a way Ridley Scott could only dream
.@officialjaden yeah 'man (don't) give a turtle dove; Where's ....all #my +1's at? Who kneads grammar anyway""
Bit late but let's jump on it. 1. Captain Nemo 2. Tales of Earthsea 3. The Dursleys #bookadayuk
I don't give a Jiminy Cricket about what medium (no pun intended) or language it comes in
After Ouija and Annabelle I've reached my limit with shlock ghost stories, can anyone recommend any good ones?
Season 2 Wendy is my new favourite thing #GravityFalls
Happy Halloween! Here's the short film my scarecrow outfit is from, I pretended I was Jesus to get into character…
Looks like every man is going as a Mumford & Son this Halloween
Who is he? He need to get out more, or either get outta here like some dang outlaw…
Kiddo "Alfred helps Batman? How?" Me "He cooks and-" Her "Batman can't cook? Is he a kid? Does Alfred get him dressed?" Me "Actually..."
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I'm not sure what's more astounding in this clip; Ice Cube hanging out with Elmo or the fact he knows magic…
So where does one go to win the bread?
#FilmFact Andrew Garfield isn't actually a cat but is in fact an animatronic boy built out of leftover twiglets
do yr parents sneak into yr room & go thru yr adventuring gear & protective amulets? they may be under Satan's spell.
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What JK Rowling failed to mention in the Harry Potter books was that the stairs Harry lived under we're actually spiral
It's the most wonderful time of the year...…
Alfonso Ribeiro guests in one episode and has to not do that dance for 24hrs in order do get crucial medicine for Willow, he fails
Reality TV show idea: Smith Family Robinson - Will Smith and his family are stranded on an island where rhyming couplets are currency
His tweets look like drunk notes in my phone
Dear Everybody Who Can Rap Better Than Me. Please Show Me
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If I Die In My Flannel Will You Write My Poems On Tyler's 5 Panels And Jesusus Sandals This Plane Is Just To Much To Handle.
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Why wasn't I following @officialjaden already? Here's some gold I didn't even have to dig for:
The 10 Wackiest Lyrics from Jaden Smith's New Rap Song…
And I'm singing lead soprano
All the faces on this bus are illuminated by their phones, looks like a ghost choir
Paying line rental for the internet feels like paying stable fees for a car
Testing weary travellers disguised as a humble beggar? This bench is for you (I assume that's why it's there)
Anyone know who can employ me to drink tea and read books Monday to Friday?
And for my next trick I'll disappear completely leaving only a flickering hologram of the Even Stevens opening behind
That's all well and good @GreggstheBakers Gregg but I'm eating your chicken
Last night I dreamt I could turn into a skeleton for the rest of my life, I'd be weaker but way more faster
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A CD is the 'tadpole with legs' stage of music formats
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I think the only food critic I really trust and respect is the cookie monster
Why is the Freddo frog wearing an explorers outfit? Have the prices gone up to fund his expeditions?
Finally! A Hello Kitty product for children and evil shamans
The Lion King has ruined sunrises for a certain generation
Spelunky is a little bit special isn't it? I keep on getting spelunked though, who is your favourite spelunker? Mine is the golden man