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Carl Denham
I think after True Detective Sin City 2 is going to look like a child drawing stubble on his stick man insisting it's mature
Yahoo mail is experiencing technical difficulties, I think they're just giving up
Gotten lost somewhere in Wales and this bloody map isn't helping
His 'destiny' is to bring about the end of the world and instead he refuses because his father raised him better than that
Y'know what's more interesting than someone following their destiny? Someone like Hellboy who says no to it
Finally! A story about a thief and a group of misfits that end up saving the universe #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy
THANOS: "The Infinity Stones, able to bend reality itself." THE OTHER: "Can they make a female superhero movie?" [both fall down laughing]
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Sorry @lushcosmetics you were right, washing yourself with jelly IS fun
Gabumon is still pretty rad though
Super Smash Digital Monsters!… Looks like it came out on the Dreamcast and they didn't tell anyone
By bad habits I mean taking out a bunch of clowns with a metal pipe
Training for my bike test, turns out I've picked up a few bad habits, thanks for nothing Akira opening scene
It's my birthday and I'll double bill the Hellboy films if I want to
It's 13:30 and the quest for breakfast begins...
In the interest of balance, here's me proving that you don't have to be a male to send weird messages on OKC
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Cable the whistleblower
'Leaked' Deadpool footage, hardly needed Julian Assange to get it to the public did it?
Pretty sure I could have made Boyhood in the time it took me to complete FF9
At least 1/3 of us will be going to see Boyhood in Swansea Sunday evening, come join us!
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Nowwww, I'm Ad Rock and I shock and I tick and I tock and I can't stop with the body rock!…
Orlando Bloom trying to punch Justin Bieber is the A-list version of trying to get your balls to slap your arsehole
Well I wonder where the Louisiana Sheriff went to? Well you can sure get lost in the Louisiana Bayou!…
Working title of next Planet of the Apes film is: Mister Serkis' Madcap Mo-Cap Monkey Movie
Thinking of getting back into breakfast
V Vaughn the travelling vaudeville villain, who don't give a flying fuck who ain't not feeling him - Might be my favourite opening line ever
Hey Netflix you've got the word cult mixed up with shit again
It's a slow climb but our people are resilient
Today either I learnt to change the oil on a car or the rat people started to rise from the sewers
Earth to eh-okayyy I guess
Spongebob the Hedgehog, Miles Squidward Prower, Amy Patrick, and Buffles the Krab work together to fight
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Some observation comedy for you to do on your lunch break and amaze your work friends: Hello I am young person: What is 'album'? #comedy
*Exposition trying really hard to disguise itself as something a regular person would say* Every line in a found footage movie
I propose House Party 1 & 2 for films to screen with @FullSteamFilms
We're working for a better tomorrow, today!
*Hannibal does a flip, cuts off Will's head, it lands on a plate*Hannibal: Dinner is severed. #Fanfiction #NailedIt
I'm still holding out for a Citizen Kane/Cool Runnings crossover
Incredibly hot in here today, incredibly hot in here…
Make good use of that expensive degree by having characters discuss your esoteric field of study as often and technically as possible!
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Saw a kestrel today
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If Ron Swanson was my dad I think I'd be a better man
Did I just get served pizza by a ghost from Victorian literature? He did ride a horse and have no eyes
Just had a pizza delivered and the delivery guy walked up to the door, handed me the food and left in one motion without saying a word
Anyone got any ideas for classic/cult films we can screen with you?