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Carl Denham
Which member of @FullSteamFilms do you want by your side in a dystopia?…
Top three things I worry about: 1. My future 2. Money 3. Is Jay-Z overrated?
Don't want to alarm anyone but I'm going to put the kettle on...
They should just watch lasts weeks Gogglebox and then the episode where they watched #Gogglebox and continue this pattern FOREVER
Erm... I wasn't sure that was part of the deal. I want a refund…
Which member of Full Steam Films do you want at your side?… via @play_buzz
You can keep your "Personal Jesus" Christ!
PS. I ent gonna see it either, going to step into that theatre with as little knowledge on it possible. A hard task in these times
I ent seen the new Star Wars trailer but I'm guessing it's loads of fade to blacks and images that look more like the first trilogy
Doyouwannabuildasnowman buildsnowawannamandoyou manyoubuildsnowdoawanna
Shh, I don't think it can see us. Oh God here it comes! Run! Hide the children!
Do you want to build an abomination?
I realize it's controversial, but I'm willing to take risks: a 25 year old male protagonist character who's depressed.
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Every now and then a dangerous thought enters my mind: Could I pull off a Biggie t-shirt?
The Muppet's Treasure island soundtrack does not mess around, Pirates of The Caribbean sequels I'm looking at you. Reprise doesn't mean lazy
All this time I thought Elf was a movie about cockney NHS employees
De La Soul with a little bit of DOOM, what are you going to do instead? Look at the kettle while it boils?…
Recreated the Alien chestburster scene with a banana and a chicken bone...
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"I mean, what's the deal with black people these days amirite?" Quote from the justice system and mainstream medias comedy hour
"It's just so great, it's like one big family. I can't really talk about what I'm doing but it's going to be wonderful"
Actors talk about being part of the Marvel franchise with same same vague commitment that brainwashed members of cults do
A cat burp is too cute a term to describe the aroma that just hit my face. There are rotting trawlers nets that smell nicer
If I tweeted every time I drunk a cup you'd be all like "Stop tweeting every time you drink a cup of tea, it's really annoying, UNFOLLOW"
Is there a detrimental effect tea can have on your body? I'm drinking a lot of tea at the moment.
2-4-1 entry tonight for my Work-In-Progress show at the @EtceteraTheatre if you quote BARBARELLA on the door. 9.30pm. Camden. Retweet?
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Nurse: Doctor this body should be warm but it's ice cold. Dr: Okay nurse, I'll inform his next of kin. Hello Andre 3000's family?
Wonder how good the time travel gags in the new episode of Gravity Falls are? It has a Cyclocks in it!
I got: You Are Lance And Blake. - Which One Of My Garbage Sons Are You?…
No best not that's silly but the score, the battle system, Vivi and Beatrix
I wouldn't play through FF9 AGAIN would I?
Aah the relaxing ambience of the forest...…
From this day forth peanut butter shall be known as buttery nuts
From this day forward, I will be known as... Gentlemen Assassin.… #WuTang I can only assume my cane has a sword in it
The Fall by Del Toro and Chuck Hogan, not because drinking blood is appetizing but because I stormed through it missing meals. #BookADayUK
Binge the Beastie Boys? Oh go on then!
That's some pretty tragic flavour text for some adorable mushroom men…
All the pornography that magically appeared in the woods when I was a littlie #BookADayUK
Harry Potter, ooh burn Warner Bros! #bookadayuk