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Carl Deadman
Here's What It Would Look Like If Disney Princesses Were Tried For War Crimes In The Nuremberg Trials
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If you were me (and I am) I'd go to @HazelFunnyFarm's glorious night tonight.…
Wittgenstein said:"The limits of your language are the limits of your world".The same is true of your visual language. Be curious. Want more
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One of the greatest stories ever told:
This creature decided it was acceptable to land on my head this morning
So is that a no on the toilet then?
Tonight I'm off to enjoy a superb night of comedy from @glitterjo, @Realsoz, @RobSComedy & @iamthombarrett at the @AsylumCM1 join us!
This Is What Disney Princesses Would Look Like If They Were Articles From A Terrible Website
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This Friday you can watch your favourite monsters and a pumpkin do stand-up comedy, with a dracula hosting!…
You could wait and become dust or matter sucked into our dead sun's black hole, that wouldn't be as funny because I am a skeleton on Friday
A #trans woman has been sent to a male prison because paperwork is more important than her safety;…
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A new theme for the next ten days starting with this. #Inktober Day 12: Octopus
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Well their skeletons are what is left when everything else has rotted away
Another way this is a joke is that when people wait for too long they die and then if no one does anything about it they turn into skeletons
Really nice article about @glitterjo, @usolcomedy, @HazelFunnyFarm and how great the comedy scene is in Colchester in the @TheGazette today
This is also a joke because folk like Fridays more than other days because of the weekend. Even though a lot of people don't work set hours
Anyone play @StarRealms here? Just bought the digital version, add me 'LLCoolMage' so we can space brawl #StarRealms
PATIENT: Doctor Doctor I think it's a Tuesday *Doctor checks calendar* DOCTOR: I have some bad news...
This is a joke because I am a skeleton at the event.
Here is a tiny owl with mushrooms, in the rain. Photos by Tanja Brandt.
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Would anyone be interested in a Buffy-themed Tumblr called "Get That Fucking Thing Off Your Head"
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I'm planning a trip to The British Library. I'm going to trawl through their newspaper archives... to research a joke
Need a haircut soon, I'm starting to look like Spider-Man 3 Peter Parker has just finished writing his one-man autobiographical play
Have you all seen what @missdianemorgan has gone and done?… After watching this I watched a Koople video... wankers
Tonight a new Hyper Bowl from @usolcomedy is being unleashed and I'll be doing some stand up. Come along!…
If you're wondering what I'm up to right now I'm sat on a bench watching a cat devour a discarded pork pie
"There were stories about what happened." "It's true, all of it" Well except the extended universe… #StarWars
Today the girl Marty stole the hoverboard off didn't get to school on time, starting a tragic downward spiral that ends in death #GreatScott
Whenever I see Christopher Lloyd do something as Doc Brown again I like to imagine him whispering "For fuck's sake" to himself just before
'Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens' or as I like to call it 'Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope HD'
Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! White people amirite?…
This deserves more internet attention than its getting.
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I haven't learnt any Spanish, soy un perdedor.
I like this one, with Vader using the force to pull TIE fighters out Han and Leia's eyes
At first glane I thought Daisy Ridley was holding the most impractical lighsaber yet
At this… tonight @scotkc is performing, have you seen him do stand up yet? You really should!
Dear #Marvel, #Disney, I'll right your Doctor Doom movie. Sincerely, Someone that won't cock up the best villain in your roster

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