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Carl Denham
Y'know life, life not all guessing games frog…
Someone should have a superhero fancy dress party just so I have an excuse to dress as Professor Chaos
It would have to be a fairly large suitcase
Time to rock prescription sunglasses (that I'll have to change to a normal pair if I go inside, watch a film or it gets dark). I'm so cool
The Baman Piderman playlist on YT is finally correct! Watch em all in order now!!… Thanks for watching our cartoon!!!
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Aww, Googles homepage is adorable today.
Every Actor X Every Moustache = The Grand Budapest Hotel
The animation is not flash so this should NOT be time intensive whatsoever. We're doing a stop motion.
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Sun is out, which means it's time to blast this through my bass amp again… from @ChoppedHerring
Dreamt I was in the middle of France, wearing pyjamas talking to a police chief about how good Crash Bandicoot 2 is in broken English
Perhaps The Stick Of Truth was censored so they can release an uncut ultimate edition later down the line? Oh marketing you ugly bastard
Boo hoo hoo life is so difficult with an economy and power structure built in my favour boo hoo hoo… #WhiteManMarch
Guess if you want to know the controls you gotta play an hr long tutorial & if you want to see some art you gotta buy the collectors edition
Remember the Abe's Oddysee one? It was hilarious and those frame by frame breakdowns of all the movements were sick
It sadness me more than it should that instruction booklets for games these days are boring, if they're even there at all
Protip: Wearing longjohns under your midlengths does not make you look like a samurai
I predict that within 10 years the Addams Family will be rebooted with Wednesday in high school
Happy meat and misogyny day!
Nice beat cut to some rubber hose era animation? Oh go on then!…
Apparently left to my own devices I'll just fill sketchbook after sketchbook with people running, witches and bad drawings of Hellboy