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Bruh idk who tf Liam is but these white broads always sayin his name.
Bruh I woke up to texts I don't remember sending..
Not used to this sap thing at all lol. Shit so new to me man.
You have 6 days and 6 hours to drop music or the twittersphere gets this...…
😩😩😩😂 it was a joke,…bwsX
6LACK got a week to drop his mixtape or im leaking this...
Lmfao 50 Cent evil af.
Opened my eyes to life bruh..
Ok so I have an iPod connected to the aux plug for my Uber customers, & the preppiest white boy I ever met put on The Real Is Back x jeezy
But who am I?
Grieving is one thing, but trying to gain notoriety over your significant others death is disrespectful... af..
The worst part about this shit is that I have to hear about the dumbshit... like nigga im tryna work...
bruh... this what my mom did to my brothers room...
My mother is a psychopath. Like real life.
If you need to drink to enjoy yourself, stay tf away from me.
Damn. This my future ex wife 😍…V
If you put egg shells back in the tray after you've cracked em, fuck you.
Bruh this is too funny 😩😂9vc
Why should I worry, why should I caaareee..
Oliver & Company RT @inkedupblake Only in California 😂🐶2Jq
Lowkey WWE fanatic..
Dudley Boyz so classic man.
Waketh, Baketh.
"Lonely on a Wednesday night."
This shit disturbing...
They doin punkd the right way.
Needed to get some pizza.
85% lost. 10% know the truth & manipulate it. %5 know the truth and spread the word but get called crazy.
Nigga the US government conducted 9/11 and blamed it on arabs for their oil. Faking a shooting is light work..…
Bitch you saying that like shit on TV ain't scripted all the time. You 85% ass niggas sleep.…
These devils working hard B.
They really tryna get this race war popping so martial law can be enforced.
Pastor Future told us at close range, blood kicks back somewhere. This broad ran away spotless.
Y'all really expect me to believe she was shot at close range & still ran some steps?

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