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titties bruh.
I just ventured into white twitter. Never again.
I fully support prenupts.
Johnny Red neat, do it, do it.
How bow wow get a hive before drake?
I love chocolate women. Always have. Always will.
When he drops this track remember to adjust your volume first.…
"Inside voice" 😂 bye…S
I have a highover.
Why is @MeekMill still in the loose bruh?
Boy if you don't get.... @HoustonHooper_0.
My brain just keeps pickin shit apart all day.
Who got weed tho 👀
Not for the childish shit yo.
My Zo do voodoo we can go to war, my Jamaicans bring the reefer iiiiiiin..
Ehh, bored af.
If I see a cop trying to pull me over, I'm not stopping til I make it back to the hood.
Get these devils out my mentions please.
Nation Of Gods and Earths.
One more thing. Police are NOT here to serve and protect you, they are to protect and preserve BUSINESSES. Words from the God @lordjamar.
"You can't talk about racial justice, your twitter says "Titties Bruh"" 😂😂😂 and?
LMAO which is exactly why it's there. To see who is paying attention to the message rather than the messenger.…
People of melanin please #StayWoke. I'll be going back to tweeting about celebrities nshit before they track me down and try to out me.
We know what you devils are doing. You have been doing this for 6,000+ years.
And if your retort to #BlackLivesMatter is #AllLivesMatter, from the bottom of my heart fuck you... Severely...
Everything is about race.
They killed this woman in cold blood & TOOK A MUGSHOT OF HER CORPSE. These people are the devil in the flesh. #JusticeForSandraBland
"@Christian_Rain_ When no one wants to donate 10 cents a day to feed you " LMFAOO
Waiting for racist white folks to come at me so I can explain how they my muhfuckin sons.
Don't let me get an interview on CNN.
Ok let me go delete those tweets before I'm judged in life.
Deleting my twitter when I get a girl. I'll be on this thang until 2043
I just be on twitter talking to myself. People just happen to chime in from time to time.
I tweet whatever I want during these hours cause all the people I know in real life are sleep and these tweets will be deleted by 7 am.
I'm just a nigga with a twitter. Ain't shit special bout the kid. I'm cool af and I'll smoke some loud with you tho.
I smoked half a blunt, fell asleep, was woken up now I can't sleep and I have to be up by 6.
... damn, I gotta reevaluate my whole life now.…

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