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a fangirl messaged me and told me that i am the cutest and kindest baek stan she met. asdfghjkl. i can't believe this. i feel loved.
and so i met two gulls that says they are my fan but then, i prefer to call them chingus.
no matter what, it will always be you baekhyun. because there's no one like you.
baek breaks my heat every time he does that. how i wish i--- ah~~~ jinjja *le cries*
and so... once again, he betrayed me. how can he betray me when all i do is to love him completely ;-;
how about... join my baekhyun birthday project? kkk~ join and sranghaja! #baekhyun
2 years before their comeback? wth. i can't take that. ah~ jinjja.
bubbleheads are so cute. it feels like i want to make more ;u;
omg. it's ivy club again and sehun is so perf. just perf. i haven't seen baek tho.
why so itchy? wth? ewwww~ i thought you were some sort of worm or something.
omg~ i am so confused. many things happened today and---
facebook sucks. sorry~ i'm just too mad at this moment. i just cannot control myself.
DAMN IT!!! i just can't change my cover photo for fb and it sucks, tbvh. come on!
tao ish so cute okay? he's a bias wrecker. so does sehun. psh~ maknae line.
what's with avell_do and gotcha? why are u leaving ur fansites? omg noonassss, wae?
kkaebsong~ i miss my @/hyperbaek instagram account : ( /cries a river/
"why so serious?" bcs you're getting into my nerves, you--- you--- i hate u.
[HQ]140208 LUHAN SEHUN at 20th Korean Entertainment & Art Awards cr. all my love exo
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Polarlight pic of baekhyun eye contact aGAIN T^T
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[HQ] 140208 Baekhyun @ 20th Korean Entertainment Arts Awards cr: polarlight
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[HQ] 140208 20th Korean Entertainment Arts Awards - Baekhyun cr: Polar Light
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wasting my tears bc of this Luhan pls go back to your sehun you fags ugh
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Luhan shopping today at Givency, and the price that shirt he was wearing is $817 >,< [cr:arisecc-嘛嘛]
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finally reached 1K with exopatato. thank you sweet potatoes ;u; you're so fab.