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When I was a kid I used to read stories of Kashmiri Mujahids, used to listen to Jihadi songs, everything was quite romantic. #KashmirFreedom
People accptd their crime, Govt tries to make a Judicial Commission, why? obviously that's a way to save criminals. #KasurChildSexualAbuse
Watching Johnny English :D
Neither Mullah Umar and Afg Taliban had secterian complications nor Afghan Jihad was only fought by deobandis.…
Your age doesn’t define your maturity, your grades don’t define your intellect, and rumors don’t define who YOU are. #Fact #Quote
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If we deserved 7.8 in 2005 then we deserve 8.7 now, we're safe just bcoz of Allah's mercy.
Insaaf naam ki koi cheez nahi Na Afghanistan mai Na Pakistan mai Na Maqboza kashmir mai Na Delhi mai #EarthQuake
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2 shakes in a row. The intensity was similar to the one in 2005 I guess. #earthquake #Kashmir
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Honestly, this shock fell so different from ordinary shocks, it felt a little like 2005 earthquake, may Allah have mercy on us.
This shock was really something.
Undoubtedly, MS Dhoni is the best Lieutenant colonel of Indian Army.
Make Allah your best friend, He will understand you more than anyone and No one can take His place.
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Worst Music ever >>> Indian songs Pathetic
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Good Morning! ☀☀
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Remember, Namaz-e-Isha brings you a peaceful sleep.
England won Ashes in 2005. Same Year they played series vs Pakistan & they lost it. Now again England won Ashes. Lets see what will happen.
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IK is a leader not a politician, unfortunately he has forgotten that. #ProudOfImranKhan
imam masjid says police tortured him for speaking up against child abusers and their political backers. #ChildAbuse.
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IK in cricket: he had a great eye to spot talent,, IK in politics: oops, eyes got weaker with time. #ProudOfImranKhan
#YouDontKnowPakistanIf you don't watch tv in Ramazan ;)
#YouDontKnowPakistanIf you have not been to this place (Lake Saif ul Muluk )
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"O you who believe! Remember Allah, much, and glorify Him in the morning and the evening." #Quran 33:41-42
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and unto You is our resurrection.
‘O Allah, by your leave we have reached the morning and by Your leave we have reached the evening, by Your leave we live and die...
Good Morning. ⛅⛅
Mothers are a blessing from up above. Make dua for your mother and respect her.
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Think about it You can't seize the day if you wake up late. #Fajr #????_?????
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I love Pakistan for the great cause that Iqbal had in his mind, for the great efforts that Quaid made for the cause. #WhyILovePakistan
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RT and let’s celebrate independence day like a true Pakistani!
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Even then I can't leave Biryani. :P
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Bangladesh deserves India's spot, Pakistan should b at second. #T20Ranking
“The most hated and despised man before Allah on the Day of Resurrection will be a man who was called the king of kings" (Sahih Muslim)
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السلام و عليكم يا اهل تويتر
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Aaj pata chaly ga Umar England sy kia seekh kar aya ha. #PakvsSL
Sirf Lala ka style na maro, Lala ki tarha kut bi khao. #PakvsSL
In order to celebrate in Afridi's style you need to have Afridi's special hands. #PakvsSL

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