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#SorryToSay but I'll not die for u, I'll die for Allah.
Ansulting Anglush iz fun!
I think some unseen force is moving me towards it, I am evolving.
I ain't crazy about it so I'll end up getting it. #HistoricallyTrue
This world was moving forward, I was moving back and I had no regret.
...نہیں بھائ اندر سے هیں باهر کی کسے پرواه
یہ پہل کرنے کا فرض صرف همارے لیئے هی کیوں هے
ایک تو لوگ بهی اتنے هیں کہ ختم هی نهیں هوتے
یه انڈیا آهسته آهسته بدنام نہیں هوتا جا رها
“Lack of rule of law is the main reason Pakistan could not join the ranks of progressive nations.” ― Imran Khan #?????????_??????????
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Ye "Welcome to Karachi" kia ha?
Let's start it with the name of Allah.
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Sikandar ki batting ko daikh kar Transformer hi jal gaya.
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لگتا هے آج رمضان کے لیے وارم اپ هو رها هے...
ایٹم بم بنانے سے مشکل اسکا دھماکا کرنا هے... #???_????? (Patwaari Logic)
India started atomic race --- Pakistan nukes brought strategic balance in this region #WhyPakNeededNukes
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اردو انگریزی سے کہیں بہتر ...
Unarguably, the one and only king of cricket, 👏✊#HappyBirthdayKingMisbahh
For America, for Israel and for Endia. #WhyPakNeededNukes
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زندگی میں انقلاب کی اشد ضرورت محسوس کرتے هوے ...✊✌
#WeShouldAdmitThat for at least once in our life we weren't afraid of death.
Dard Mai bhi Yeh Lub Muskura Jaty hain Beety Lamhy Humein Jab Bhi Yaad Aty Hain
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#WeShouldAdmitThat The Qur'an is the book of love and reason. Those who abide by the Qur'an become rational, calm and stable.
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#WeShouldAdmitThat Amir Liaqat is hell of an alim and he's an alim from hell.
یہ تصویر ری ٹویٹ کرنے سے آپکو شیطان روکے گا :)
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#WeShouldAdmitThat earphones are destroying our ears.
#WeShouldAdmitThat Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light
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Never stop praying, if you need nothing then pray for others.
یار کو هم نے جابجا دیکھا...
Challenges are not sent to distroy you they are sent to promote you.
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نماز آزان کے بعد هی پڑھنی چاہئے ...
#RAWAlert This is the new plan of coward Indian Agencies as revealed by the UAE news paper!
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Beat the players in their game on their land.
Direction is important than speed.
اور ہم نے تمہیں سات آیتیں دیں جو (نماز میں) دہرائی جاتی ہیں اور قرآن عظمت والا دیا-(سورة الحجر 87)
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هم ناشکرے نهیں مگر آدھی آزادی کے کونسیپٹ کے سخت خلاف هیں
Age of men is almost over, now it's age of morons.
If you're thinking about it then you're losing it.
اے ایمان والو صبر اور نماز سے مدد لیا کرو بے شک اللہ صبر کرنے والوں کے ساتھ ہے- (سورة البقرة 153)
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