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Alli Ibrahim Abiola
Life is a beach{sea,ocean}its lik trapd on an island 4eva}& someday a saviour cums around to pick u out{death}den b judge neither gud or bad
Treat ur Old folks like u gonna be Old Someday,which would give u d confort to say Amin,when they Pray that ur children would do d same...
For the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH is d Seal of all Prophets,Whooo onto those who believe in any other false prophet after Rosululah(S.A.W)
A lot of peeps are gonna love u a lil different when u are at the top
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Its the first league game at the bernabeu in 46years that 10goal + are 1963 Real defeated Sociedad 9-1 !!! History counts:D
When a Man realise His a sinner is when he his Pious !!! When He thinks is Pios is when is in full Sin !!! Wash Away our sins O" Lord...
As babe get man wey be driver(Lover boy) na hin man sef get babe wey be Oshofri(gheto dico)
Luk at how I dress,fucking baggy sweats,go 2 work a mess Always in a rush to gt bak to u,I ain't heard u not even once say you appreciate me
I gave up my life for you, totally devoted to you I have stayed Faithful all the way, this is how I fucking get repaid?
No more pain, bitch, you took me for granted, took my heart and ran it Straight into the planet, into the dirt, I can no longer stand it Now
What goes around cums around in a solid and unthinkable way
Don't fink she understnds d sacrifices dat'v made,Mayb if dis bitch had acted rite I wuld av stayd But I'v already wasted over half my life
Don't give a damn about blood all he gives a damn is Ink(names not been written on news pappers) rich mens taught
to value ones self defines who u rilli are,and that how pple are gonna keep looking up to u...Life is it like u gonna die 2mao
If sum1 writs a story,pple praise d author,nt d pen,u won't say wat an incredible pen,well am jst a pen in d hands of Allah.all praise 2 Him
Apy bfday 2 d worlds greatst Dad Alh Adebayo Alli.Long life & prosperity Dad,igba odun,odun kan ni fun yin sir,wit lot of wealth.Luv U Dad.
Al haqq entertainments
Nigars stay behind and watch me grow.....aint got no bad mind for no one.....treat u d way u want me to....
Just cuz we cool and talk everyday doesn't mean I want u or wanna fuck u. I'm sorry my Dick is not living that YOLO LIFESTYLE. :p
Don't look down on ur self when the world neglect you....coz they coming back to kneel in front of u when the better days come