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Ian Poulter
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Finally arrived into Akron, The arm is in 1 piece. We could do with some more swelling to go down and we will be ok.
Well Mario I hope you indulged in a few. @Vignali123 @IJPDesignUSA @IJPDesign
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The IV drip with a different antibiotic has reduced the cellulitis and redness in the arm so I'm on the way to the airport. Close call...
IV drip is in and pumping me full of antibiotics, hope it settles down before I fly tomorrow. 💉�
Oh to be 5 and 2 years old..... What a life. Feet up watching Ben & Holly Magic Kingdom. Hahaha
Off to hospital again as quite clearly the swelling is not down on the arm from horse fly bite. Might get a IV this time. #pissedoff
I went to an expert & that's what i get @claretwiggpeckh you need iv antibiotics in my view! ( but what do I know ? I'm a children's doc? )
It's ok it's tracking it's under my arm now. And the doctor can't be bothered to give me an IV. So disappointing.
Doctor said it will take 48 hours to reduce. I asked how quick IV would work he said a lot quicker. Flying Tuesday. lets try the slow option
Well that was a waste of time going to A&E prescribed me what I'm already taking. Wouldn't give it by IV. Said don't fly on Tuesday #useless
Great group Tim Henman, Philip Brook & @HullCharley & I got beat on last. @NiallOfficial & Cousin played behind.
Sitting in A&E with quite a few babies coming in. Always a worry when you see poorly little ones. Worried parents.
Time to go to Hospital, horse fly bite yesterday and it's now tracking under my arm and burning. Nightmare.
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Sorry I won't be playing. @LucaJack: @IanJamesPoulter will u play at italian open?? Need 2 know before book the hotel... @IJPDesign
Luke Poulter is underneath this huge teddy bear asleep which he wanted in the @Dreamflight Auction tonight. Hahahaha
Thanks for supporting @Dreamflight again @drinkpositiv @vpargolf your guys help is much appreciated.
.@AidanHealey1 so good to have you playing again and that handicap keeps coming down 3 and getting lower always. @WoburnGC @Dreamflight
Fab @Dreamflight golf day at @WoburnGC. 4 years and beautiful weather, Thank you all for playing & donating, Raising money for the kids.
Thanks for bidding @chickstarismarc Only out bid @IanJamesPoulter for this Unlucky chum sure your get another chance