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Ian Eastwood
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I'm just realizing how crazy last night was, you guys showed so much love at @worldofdance @CityWalkLA last night! Thank you!
First time seeing my idol @Ian_Eastwood live! Such an amazing experience and performance! Wish I could go back! ❀️
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β€œ@ykfglb_amg: I FEEL THAT I was going too ayyeee @Ian_Eastwood πŸ™Œ”---cc:@VicMensaa
Didnt get to take a picture with @Ian_Eastwood But you did great and i love you!
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Nearly died when my friend sent this to me. Wish I was there seeing you @Ian_Eastwood ❀️
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My cousin Ian knows how much I love @Ian_Eastwood so he sent me this : 😍
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Trade in val was lower than expected-they should base the price off of memories. 2011 Honda insight, fully loaded with priceless memories.
So long first car, you were somethin else...I loved you like a (pair of) son(glasses):
Happy bday MJ, there's a lot of people down here that you made quite a lasting impression on. Thanks for the legacy.
Saw a lot of really important people who have made a big impact on my life today, and I wrapped my first film as a choreographer-cool day 😁.
"BREAKING THROUGH" Choreographer @Ian_Eastwood at DanceOn's SPOTLIGHT: The Ultimate Dance Experience in LA.
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* @Ian_Eastwood & @MeganBatoon hit the black carpet together at DanceOn's SPOTLIGHT: The Ultimate Dance Experience
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β€œ@KeoneMadrid: @Ian_Eastwood hey can I take a picture with you?”---NO. jk I take if back master of finesse.😭
Saw a lot of really important people who have made a big impact on my life today, and I wrapped my first film as a choreographer-cool day 😁.
Today is a big day! See you all at @DanceOnNetwork's very own SPOTLIGHT!
A movie hasn't left me thinking about my own life that much in a pretty long time...@BoyhoodMovie has plunged me into a state of pondering.
Ahhhh life is good nothing like coming home from a hard day & having a lil 12 year old prodigy make you a milkshake:
It's too early too function but we've been on set since 4:30am and I wouldn't change that for anything, I have a super cool job. πŸ˜€
This what happens when me & my girl have Krispy Kreme, it starts a Boppin party in the cc:@chancetherapper πŸ˜‚
Whew! CLOSE ONE! Can't believe I woke up just in the knick of time to pick @TrevorTakemoto up from the wrong airport. 😐
"Enough is enough. It's the exact same word."-@nickthune
β€œ@VicMensa: β€œ@Ash_Lizzay: I gotta learn the choreography from @VicMensa's Feel That video with my homies lol” @Ian_Eastwood”---that's love!
Curious as to how many people are actually crying when they tweet this:"😭".
For anyone trying to make a cheap home at all these mirrors for $112 at ikea. Came up! πŸ“·:@meganbatoon
Shout outs to my hysterical & slim friend @NotoriousROD for giving us some great laughs at @laughfactory. I'm tellin ya get into him, ASAP!
Going on a fun filled comedy crawl with my girl for date night. That's what's up.
Have a good day everybody!!!
β€œ@Dance11Rudy: @Ian_Eastwood my homie! When are you teaching over here? I'm trying to get into your class!!!! πŸ‘Šβ€--possibly soon! Haha