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Ian Eastwood
dance 280,767 followers
Day started w. wanting to brush my teeth in the shower & dropping the toothpaste in the toilet on the way. either way my teeth are dirty 😭.
Got a spider bite & was really excited for the results...1 week later it was mostly just a bump. Way less super powers than anticipated.
I'm super happy my ma was strict about teaching me how to pack right...rewind ten years, prob wasn't as happy at the time lol.
@official_tWitch: @Ian_Eastwood I'll be there Thursday. Shall we get up?!”---oh we shall, the wayest of up.
Packing as we speak for @ThePULSEOnTour NYC who's excited?! Can't wait to be in New York again! Lets do it!
Can't believe I'm choreographing my first feature film. Dir. by @JohnSwetnam prod. by…
@MeganBatoon: @TrevorTakemoto @Ian_Eastwood too bad I already have it TREVOR” yeah Trevor why don't Nutellus something we don't know. 😏
My bro Vic Mensa made a song...and I made a can do it too if you "Feel That".
Rockin that new YL merch, "never give up on your passion until lambs have become lions":
"Never give up on your passion until the lambs have become lions". New YL Merch...overall design by my Ma and illustration by Pops. Digital assistance by Megan B. CHEA.
Thanks for all the invitations, guys- but I'm kinda busy & can't play Dragon City or Candy Crush Saga right now-Oh- and also, I'm 55 yrs old
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I know this one was diff. but you guys loved it all the same-thank you for your support on all my ventures-100K!
Happy bday to my bro out here doin big thangs reppin for our home block @tripsavepeso! Get wild tonight homie!
The complexity of the human mind is the most interesting thing to delve into investigation on.
Bought Megan B. a flight to come with me to NY. right flight. wrong day. $487 later, I feel stupid & still hate Delta.
This video megansiphonescreen-ed me up. (get it cause you CRACKED your screen @MeganBatoon?)
Not gunna be able to pull off facial hair for at least the next decade. Bare minimum.
@MeganBatoon: We out here @MidtownNoho”---came back from the future to tweet you. haha jk that's impossible.
Waiting for my haircut at the barbershop like:
Just got a call from @JrTightEyezSK for no reason at all...that's what's up! Hahaha that's love man, preciate it! Big things comin for him!
THROW SOME BOWS AT EM. THROW SOME BOWS AT EM. Boppin is raw as hell 😂.
Found $10 on the ground yesterday for the first time in my life... It went directly towards my next ice cream purchase! We done came up! 🍦
Missing these guys here-missing our summers together-& also wishing my bro @bam_martin a happy bday. Love y'all.
Pretty upset that I haven't been able to spend any of my summer with all these guys like most summers but wanted to also wish my bro @bam_martin happy birthday, love you shmam. love all you guys, I miss you😭:@brianpupos @landowilkins @bam_martin @junquemado