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Official Wanda Sykes
Here we go, picking on guns again. You never hear stories about the 9 year old who ran over her driving instructor.
9 yr old accidentally killed her instructor w/an UZI. There's more age/height restrictions on riding a roller coaster than shooting a gun.
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Handing me a business card is just like handing me a rock.
Turning to something I can follow... Investigation Discovery.
Let me find out when Gladys Knight is touring.
Come on Blue, you heard Momma, "bow down bitches!"
I miss classy bow wearing Beyonce.
Well, I guess Bey has not lifted her moratorium on pants.
So what would've happened if she didn't win? The homeless youth would've had to wait for her next album?
Thank God. I thought he was gonna ask us to dump a bucket of ice water on our heads.
Twix commercial... a little racist? That's what happens when ya put a brother in charge.
I guess Katy Perry didn't know who the hell that yellow teeth dude was either. She has moved on.
Faking it!? I'm home schooling my kids.
Well, that was a nice big ad for "smoking is cool." The dirty lungs are more effective.
That was just too much for me to process. A cozy. A pyramid with a weave. Indians. Crochet....
Where is Solange when ya need her?
I don't know any of these people. Who is the guy with Katy Perry with the yellow teeth?
I love how Lorde does just enough to say, "hey, I recognize that this is a big to do," but not enough to say, "and I care."
Watching the VMA'S, just in case I forget that I'm 50.