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Watch The Tone
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In other news.... 2K League Xbox 360(for us broke niggas that ain't buy the Xbox One). Winner gettin $250 just like I did last year on 2K13
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finna drop this TONE UP... Theres only 1 dj @TraydaysMusic looking for thats ---> @FlySchoolLegend
"Them boys hate to see you balling they rather you was broker than a joke" @paulwallbaby
I'm earning #mPOINTS Rewards in The Weather Channel.
RT drops jaw @PrettyPetite_: Walking around with just my shirt & panties on. Glad ain't nobody here they could've saw my goodies 🙈
I'm out "@BARACKOMARCUS: You childish for makin us look at you 3 times "@kemmy4lyf: No filter all natural look""
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RT You good my ni5 @thunda24: Shit got real
"I said I'm stressed out; sooooo tired and my days are soooo long"
RT I like that --> @__Good__Vibes: I @ Jesus because I'm speaking to him directly. He replies to my spirit!
RT aye "You Rappers better WATCH YA TONE" @FlySchoolLegend: WATCH YA TONE. HOSTED BY FLY SCHOOL ACADEMY. 10/10/13
I'm earning #mPOINTS Rewards in The Weather Channel.
See how American Express is supporting the makers, creators & mold-breakers of today. #PassionProject
I'm earning #mPOINTS Rewards in The Weather Channel.
Peace doesn't mean you won't have problems. It's means problems won't have you.
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(PSA) At 10 o'clock Eastern time I will be dropping 3 songs. Twitter : @IAmTrayday23
Whelp "@StoneCold_JET: O.. RT @GawdNamedPete: E... RT @AdmireAndrea: You cheat on me, I'll fuck your friend and give him your watch"
"@BlakeDaBasedOne: @XboxSupport1 I've filed a report and not working for weeks. Gamer tag is FaW x ReLoaDz" oh really Blake?
RT #Tragic @BlakeDaBasedSon: Heard niggas took a bite out of my trolling style and been successful. That's wassup
Fuck Zimmerman. He's the one who has to sleep with this on his conscience every night. That will kill him 😱 .
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