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TONY Guidry (Unc T)
You football soft like NERF!!!
Mannnnnn @FaboGeek following me!!! I'm starting to see spaceships on Baaankhead/I rolllll wit killaaz, pill poppaz & dankheaaaadz
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Man @TroubleDTE is REALLY in his zone right now. Dropped 2 BANGAZ tonight!! #Skoobzilla koming soon!!!!!
Bet. RT @_xoJaeLoyalty: @iAmThaConnect oh no I added an extra letter ..I'll email you in the a.m
We ready to feed the streets this Thanksgiving!! #SkoobFresh #ZayDidIt #Workin
"Nothing great is ever accomplished without teamwork." 10,000 combo CDs - #SkoobFresh/#ZayDidIt on 1 disk. Closing out 2015 with a solid push before #Skoobzilla 1st quarter 2016. #WeDontStop #WeWontQuit #WeCantLose #MMB #DTE #2Tru #Authentic
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You don't need acceptance from any A&Rs or executives. They don't buy music or support artists with their money. Get some FANS!! They'll support, share your music & help you grow your career. THEN the tastemakers will notice you once your fanbase is big enough. #Simple
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What y'all think??
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IJS.......before u do it for nothing or for a rep - realize that u riskin yo own life errtime u squeeze that trigger. #Repost from @atlantaogkk
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It's not very manly either fellas..... Go get yaself sumpn poppin & I guarantee u won't even be worried bout the next man.
Share the knowledge: : Rappers: How Your Team Can Lose You Money (Updated) #Atlanta #book
I wanna be like u when I grow up!! RT @Greezo: Vienna is trill af word to my OG @iAmThaConnect πŸ’―
πŸ“Ή . Club Glitz Orlando With That @TroubleDTE6 via@iAmThaConnectt (at Orlando, Florida)
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Watch a crazy man at work....Makin it happen tho!! #Authentic
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#BowEnt IS #CainMuzik --- nigga need to let me A&R this one......#iWantIn
Y'all don't hear me tho. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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Share the knowledge: : Rappers: Keeping It Real With Yourself For Success #ambition
No comment. At all. RT @GEE_NDO: @iAmThaConnect Been watchin tha Lakers bro... how u feelin bout Kobe this year bro
Ohh RT @GEE_NDO: @iAmThaConnect yea they put the icons on it but i been hearing they been messing up because of the links u gotta use for it
@iAmThaConnect for that reason i just run it thru the settings lol im old dont like risking it lmao
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πŸ“· . Get Your Copy Of @TroubleDTE6 In The Streets Now!!!! Via@iAmThaConnectt (at Orlando, Florida)
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No pics in this one. I like Canelo & I respect Cotto. RT @GEE_NDO: @iAmThaConnect aye it look like its goin to be a good fight... who u got?
Def catchn the fight RT @GEE_NDO: @iAmThaConnect wuts up bro? How u like tha fire stick so far? I kno u goin ta catch tha fight this weekend
Do what you do for YOU - not for others.
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#Salute @dirtyglovebastard for the love!! But like LL Cool J said back in the day "Don't call it a comeback! We been here for years!!" LOL. Thanks for recognizing the grind fam. #NoDeal #DGBASTARD #MMB #2Tru #DTE #Authentic
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Thanks. Glad u found it helpful. RT @VeWrites: @iAmThaConnect thanks for the article on investing. Well written and informative.
Share the knowledge: : Aspiring Rappers: Do You Believe In Yourself? #BUZZ
The road to success is paved with failure. Just keep tryin til u get it right. #Authentic
😳😳 to google I go! πŸƒπŸ»πŸƒοΏ½@julie_tbihie_tbih: A convertible Range Rover exists... Yikes
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✊🏾✊🏾R@SEANTAYLOR198787: Shout ou@iAmThaConnectct for always dropping gems of knowledge. Salute that mind!
Share the knowledge: : Tuesday's Two Cents - My Personal Opinion

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