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Fuck around and hit a triple double
Gucci this Louie that.
If it wasn't for bad luck I'm not sure if I'd have any luck at all
Video shoot was fire 🔥
Getting in my zone before I start filming 🎥 Photo cred :@EmmKvyyy#btss#Hustleroftheyear22…
Everyday is an uphill battle the pressure and the sacrifices I have made to keep the dream alive.
There's a drought on good music being released 🌵
When the world won't stop putting pressure on and you about a inch away from having weapons drawn #Givemealift
The reason why I'm not doing the one shot competition is because I've had my shot already I spit for Crooked in person along time ago
New IG @LouieVStreets follow me
Imagination allows us to escape with our creativity far from the realms of reality
Momma I love you Pop hold it down! 🎶
Can anybody hear me or am I just talking to myself?
No love here your on your own
So called friends that don't support my music? Its kool tho I'll go out of my way to make sure I don't support yours either you bitch you!
Theirs very few who actually help or support me I'm very greatful for those of you that do (speaking to thin air)
When it all comes together it's a beautiful thing! The fruits of our labor!
Executive decisions I make the calls from here
I wonder if the things I did were just to be different?
Keep sleeping on me I promise ya'll gone see soon!
Watching the first edit to my new music video
Respect to wakaflockabsm rocking double Grind Hard wristbands in Santa Ana Ca
It's amazing what I can do on a small budget!
Never get it twisted I am my own team
All these HipHop fantasies on my mind but the difference with mine they all come true in due time.
I spend more time on here talking to myself than anyone else
909 to my city
I set fire to the rain 🔥☔️
Point blank I'm the best rapper living right now and want other rappers to challenge me.. I will rip ya heart out and eat it.. #BestRapper
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They only send the lower class into war they only get rich over the backs of the poor
Mixtape "Hustler of the year 2"…
Sometimes you have to risk everything for a dream no one can see but you!
Same people I entered this game with are the same people I'm going out with.
Reaching out to my music fam on the west we need to do more for the independent artist'! We need unity amongst the West!!!
Best way to get your money up is to turn them ho's down.
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I said ugh yeah shut up twerk!
Never play hard to get never give me a hard time
Salute to all those who support me, COB and Slaughterhouse 💯💯💯💯
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@ImSledgren: the more you say ... the less they pay attention”💯
I don't care what it did to them the games been good to me
Support my new single on iTunes!
I have received so much incredible feed back from my track Bitches wanna fuck me 💯
@MajesticDrama: When you poppin everybody wants beats from you”👈💯
My new single "Bitches Wanna Fuck Me" Feat. Too $hort is available on iTunes go get it! 🎵🎧