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@theintegralcat @fuzzylogic8250 I understand. Family, it would seem, should be the place one feels unconditionally accepted. Often is not.
@theintegralcat @fuzzylogic8250 Yes, societal expectations can be a force of shame/approval. Do you adopt those expectations for yourself?
@selflessself @fuzzylogic8250 I am curious to hear what you mean by money for expression?
@neiltyson Season finale. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.
@tbuddhaproverbs Is defeat possible for the one who doesn't fight at all?
@That1chickuknow I wonder if he thought of this after penning the letter to FDR that we need to create an atomic bomb :)
@BruceVH Also, believing in others can lead to a strong belief in one's self.
@whereisnate Congrats! Finally, you don't have to shred paper towels yourself anymore. Haha!
A friend of mine shared this with me, and it's truly beautiful. "At the SF Globe, we love incredible videos,...
"If you throw away all the waves, there will be no water for you to touch." @thichnhathanh
Trust is that no matter what we think about our fellow human beings – the judgments we make towards others - we are all naturally loving.
Freedom, in totality, is to be free from symbolistic belief; ideological adjuration; institutional submission.
Honesty is not what society deems to be true; rather, to be completely authentic as one’s self.
Freedom happens when we step beyond the realms of comfort and the known and truly let go of the concepts in which we think we find security.
Generosity is what cultivates truth and mutually beneficial relationships with one another. #whyigive
#Contemplation brings us to a place that is beyond the limitations of judgment and expectation, and into the present moment. #mindfulness
@JosephineBila Awesome! And, sometimes "meditative-sleep" is also what we need :)
Should we live in ways that nurture our environment, or in ways that destroy it? #climatechange #globalwarming
RT @cambridgezen During a talk at the Cambridge Zen Center, Senior Dharma Teacher Jean Murphy talks about meditation
@JosephineBila Did it do the trick? :)
@2morrowknight @LollyDaskal @Haris_Melendez I've never met someone who wasn't different than me, and yet, is also the same as me :)
Is your motivation for choosing a career dependent upon how much money the job pays? #careers #biz #education
We can choose to accept that change is always happening. When this happens...