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What does it mean to "fight back" against what we see as injustice?…
Can Anger Lead To Peace?
Throughout high school I remember being incredibly desirous of having an acceptable response to the common...
The most powerful force in human existence is the power of an idea emboldened with belief. Which is interesting...
The Sense of Mission
The Limiting Aspects of Beliefs
In Step With The Wind
Can We Listen To One Another Without Judgment?
Does Change Scare You?
Harmony with Our Environment
"If two objects are moving at the same speed, or at the same rate of flow, they appear to be still to one...
The purest form of love gives without ever expecting anything in return. It has no dependency upon what the...
Is Mindfulness the Cure for Our Problems?
To walk in someone else's shoes
Living in the Present
When Do Memories Begin?
When Do Memories Begin?
My attempt at recording a thought about all of the things we never think about....
If we do not have a plan, will we fail?
What Did You Forget? [AUDIO]
The Art of Contemplation [AUDIO]
Beyond Dualism: The Bodymind (Part I) | Mark Stephens Yoga…
The foundation of our society is based on the premise that we have a problem to solve. Mindfulness sees through...
Grace To Live In The Present
Does Change Scare You?
Can We Listen To One Another Without Judgment?
Is Worrying Ever Helpful?
What is the cause of homelessness?
"Unnecessary possessions are unnecessary burdens. If you have them, you have to take care of them! There is great...
"Does the mind wander to the place that it believes the future is real, and we forget where we are now? Are we...
If we do not have a plan, will we fail?
"Reality itself is gorgeous! It is the plenum, the fullness of total joy... ...and all those stars if you look...
I trust what I do not know far more than in what I know.
In Step With The Wind
The Limiting Aspects of Beliefs
Living As The Wind Blows
Does Meditation Make Us Happy?
How do we find what we want to do in life?
The Fear of Technology
Who is responsible for making us happy?
I think, therefore; I am...a thought?
What is the practice of contemplation?
Does Meditation Make Us Happy?