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Apple to can iPhone 5C, won't launch 6C, report says. #TheGadgetShow :
"The more mutual friends two people share, the stronger their relationship."
"Starbucks has grown by about two stores everyday for the past 27 years."
HTC Vive VR headset will land early next year to rival the Oculus Rift. :
"People who like “Thunderstorms,” “The Colbert Report,” “Science,” and “Curly Fries,” on Facebook are more likely to be intelligent."
"If you remember and use people's names in conversations, they will like you more."
"RT Ireenw_IJsbaan: In het ijssportcentrum ligt inmiddels weer ijs, de Ireenw IJsbaan volgt snel. Op 10-10 start h… "
"20% of Starbucks customers visit the store at least 16 times a month."
Honor 7 hits the UK: Powerhouse specs for £250 #TheGadgetShow :
"Research suggests that women are more likely than men to suffer from obsessional love."
Apple confirms September 9 event – iPhone 6S and Apple TV inbound! #TheGadgetShow :
"Ellen DeGeneres was only the second woman to ever host the Oscars on her own. The first was Whoopi Goldberg."
"When people feel down about themselves, they're more likely to use social media to check other people out, making them feel even worse."
"A sapiosexual is a person who is sexually attracted to intelligence in others."
Locomotives in the Locomotive Shop of the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad, 1942.
"A sleeping human brain can still understand the words being spoken around it."
RT M0VIEStars: 10 Horrifying And Unforgettable Controversial Films…
"In about 4 billion years, the Milky Way will merge with the Andromeda galaxy."
"Scientists still have no idea what hymens are for."
Queen Elizabeth II driving Prince Charles and Princess Anne, 1957.
"People tend to perform better on their own at coming up with new ideas than in a brainstorming group."
Robin Williams, 1990. Photograph by Bonnie Schiffman.
"RT Priyasideas: Ashley Madison hackers played AC/DC in the background of their threat note to leak user info: …"
"Nation-wide internet speed is slowing down due to the increasing traffic and old infrastructure."
"Apes laugh when they are tickled."
Researchers Are One Step Closer To Discovering The Ancient Lost City Of Atlantis…
"Research has found that just telling people to ‘be creative’ increases their creativity."
Bill Murray and Carrie Fisher on Saturday Night Live, 1978.
"Hearing is the fastest human sense. A person can recognize a sound in as little as 0.05 seconds."
"Male pandas do a handstand while peeing to mark trees."
"It would take a snail nearly 4,575 years to circle Earth."
These Famous Historical Figures Were Total Freaks In The Bedroom
"Creative people tend to be more arrogant."
"When she joined 'The X-Factor,' Britney Spears became the highest-paid judge on a singing competition series in television history."
U.S. paratroopers crossing a river in southern Vietnam, 1965. Photo by Henry Huet, colorized by Wayne Degan
"There are vending machines in Japan that sell umbrellas, used women's underwear, and floral arrangements."
"About 20% of teens will experience depression before they reach adulthood."
The Devious Things Advertisers Said To Cell Cigarettes
"A "Christian" Harry Potter fan fiction has been created that replaced all acts of magic with miracles from God."
21 year old Pamela Anderson, Vancouver, BC, 1989.
"Things that are easy to understand are easier to believe."
Here’s what we want to see in Sony’s next flagship phone. #TheGadgetShow :
"Mosquitoes have killed more humans than all the wars in history."
We took HTC’s budget Desire 626 for a spin in our review. #TheGadgetShow :
"Experts believe that you can hold approximately seven items in short-term memory for about 20 to 30 seconds."
Gamers: you’ll soon be able to control your game via your headphones thanks to Logitech G's new cans. #TheGadgetSh… :
"In 2011, a pair of managers from Dominos burned down a Papa Johns to boost their sales."
LG Rolly is a roll-up keyboard that fits in your pocket. #TheGadgetShow :
"If a pregnant mom eats peanuts, her baby will be less likely to have a peanut allergy."

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