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"The higher your IQ level, the easier it is to resist peer pressure. Intelligent people are less concerned with the approval of others."
The first real Santa was a strange little man
"A study reveals that kissing your spouse good-bye before leaving the home in the morning, can increase the amount of money you make."
Young Adolf Hitler celebrating the announcement of World War I, 1914
Jewish diarist Anne Frank sunbathes on her roof, 1939
RT ScienceAllDay: The Hoax That Fooled Science For 40 Years
"A train ran over and killed a couple from South Africa while they were having sex on the tracks."
"Volvo has created a new type of airbag. A pedestrian airbag. For impact with a pedestrian while driving."
These Historic Sites Are In Danger Of Disappearing Forever
"A single lightning bolt contains enough energy to toast 100,000 pieces of bread…"
"Facebook bought Instagram in late 2012 for a final price tag of $715 million. Instagram is now worth $35 billion. $FB"
"RT Know: Trust No One: 15 Differences Between Instagram And Real Life…"
"RT Know: North Korea Has The "World’s Worst Airline" And Here’s What It Looks Like.…"
Santa Claus is coming to town!
"When bitten by caterpillars, plants send Chemical SOS signals to parasitic wasps that attack the caterpillars."
And here it is, our favourite gadget of 2014! Find out what took the winning spot
Find out what we think were the best smartphones of 2014 right
"Personality psychology suggests that 3-5 years old girls' and boys' first crushes are their father and mother respectively."
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"The previews used to be shown at the end of a movie, which is why they are referred to as "trailers.""
Nintendo's already working on its next console! #TheGadgetShow:
Charles Bukowski, drinking on the set of the French TV program Apostrophes hosted by Bernard Pivot, 1978
.helenflanagan1 joins the team tonight to design her own calendar with her four legged friend at 7pm! #TheGadgetShow:
This is what Santa Claus looked like 100 years ago
Ready for some actual story in your #Minecraft adventures? #TheGadgetShow:
Meet the 7-inch Blu Studio 7.0 phone! #TheGadgetShow:
"Swiss Santa has a mean, dirty helper, "Schmützli," who kidnaps naughty children and whips them with a broom."
RT BestOfAds: 2014 In 50 Pictures
"Female penguins will sometimes engage in elaborate courtship rituals just to run off with a male's pebbles. Also, prostitution."
Melted and damaged mannequins after a fire in the Madame Tussaud Wax Museum in London, 1930
RT BestOfAds: 20 Reality Defying 3D Tattoos
"In Thailand, there are human zoos that exhibit humans with some irregularity such as a long neck etc."
Gas Mask Parade, Tokyo, 1930s (by Masao Horino)
"North Korea Has The "World's Worst Airline," Here's A Look Inside…"
"In 2008, Norway knighted a penguin."
Stalin Was Worse Than Hitler. Here's Why
RT EarthPix: 25 Most Beautiful Photos Of The Natural World In 2014
"There is a 5K obstacle race course themed after zombies, in which people run for their lives."
"Ireen_IJsbaan: RT Ireenw: WAUW!!! Sprakeloos...!! Uitgeroepen door persbureau Reuters tot wereldwijd sportvrouw ...…"