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The way you say my name makes me feel like I'm that nigga When I'm still unemployed
Can we make love before you go?
You a grown ass woman
I got cash in my muhhfuckin right hand
I got my niggas....
& my girl Chaldean & she don't fuck niggas
@itweetfacts: There is a basketball court on the top floor of the U.S. Supreme Court building called "The Highest Court in the Land."”
Bitch you ain't really shit
These lightskin hoes heads be gone
@BloodyLust_: It's so rare finding people accepting of the things I do” You crazy girl. Most people AINT lol
Bitches they suckin & fuckin
You say you care but, you don't care like how I care. And that's fucked up 🎶🎶
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I think we've all given up on Obama. he doesn't plan on speaking out on the injustice & prejudice happening today. His term is almost over.
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@TMZ: Stripper says Drake's people threatened her post-sex” 😳
@PhillyCustoms: "My name is Walter Black and I live at 308 Malcolm X Blvd"” 😹😹
Columbus Day is by far the dumbest holiday we still celebrate Stop that shit
@CNN: #HappyColumbusDay? Some say we should celebrate Indigenous People's Day instead:
@skips: Hoes be like "How is this breaking dress code?"” YALL too funny on this bitch
Westbrook RT @JRSportBrief: Name an NBA point guard you would NOT want running your team...
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Stop letting ugly bitches prosper in being petty. Cut er off
Soraya is fine & shit But I'd never try to fuck with her ever. She too crazy & I don't want them problems lol
Don't confuse being young with being ignorant. You out here giving away, what was so freely given to you
@Radio_Reem: Still the funniest KD/Westbrook gif ever.”😫😂😭😭
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Master P is the real hood superman. Nigga sold dope, rapped, and made the NBA 😂✊
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Touch if you need to
Fuck that nigga that you love so bad
Take a shot for me
You in love with that nigga. But you don't really wanna be with em
without that badge you a bitch & a half 🐶 FUCK THE POLICE 🌵�
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Girl you too fine to be fuckin with him
Don't catch feelings. Catch a flight
@TheDukeKnight: Who let Riff Raff write a Dr.Seuss book?” 😹
@DeJLoaf: Ladies: Never Let EM Think you Need Em.”
I got diamonds in my Carties.... You get money hardly
Never give a bitch a ring if she ever been a train
Jordan bringing the premium leather back was the best thing her could do
@SneakerNews: Columbia 4s kick off the Remastered Collection on 1/10/15” FIREEEE
Over one mill in this room bitch I kinda sound like a pieces....