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If Fetty Wap got a 360 deal why is it bad for you?
You ain't got the image in looking for…
Lol I hate when people say "why you following them if you don't fuck with them" 😒
Don't follow me if you ain't ready for some ill shit you not gone a agree with Shit I don't even agree with all the shit I be saying
Girls want us to understand this But won't do the same…
If you don't follow me I be like fuck you But don't be mad just understand
Yo, fuck @10milekid for not following my Instagram 😂
I'll never forget when Ricardo Tisci liked my weak ass Instagram pictures in like 2011 I was like shittttt
This isn't going to go well I hope you know this…
I wanna manage an up & coming artist So I can show them that they need to sign a 360 deal
Anyone who thinks I give a fuck about them paying attention or even care about they thoughts on what I do Need to go play in traffic
I be really mood driven with this social media shit Sometimes I be heavy with the Instagram A lot of times I be Twitter tho
Skinny/Thick bitches becoming with hella expectations
Secretly I fuck with fat bitches heavy Not on no chubby chaser shit Just cause they know how to treat niggas mane
Ratchet bitches💖
Half of me wants a good girl who in school & on her shit Other half want a ratchet ass bitch with tattoos & a fat ass
These shoes suck
That's cause bitches are naturally weak minded…
If you care about Amber Rose & her daily moves you are a lame ass nigga bruh/bitch
If shit fun to me then I do it I don't really give a fuck about how I look on your part Cause fuck you
My girl be like "you dick sucking" I be like "I don't give a fuck, shit fun to me"
I be asking bitches to followback & shit cause....I really don't give a fuck Shit fun to me I wake up like I need 80 new bitches a day
Man.....I hate all of this fucking media shit…
I'll teach you how to be a cool dude Trust me
I'll buy different fucking domain names every year if I have to I can do that shit
Why niggas wanna be creatives if they're gonna rant about how much they spent on equipment? We all spend $ on that shit mane lol.
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I haven't smoked weed in a while so I feel my creativity is at an all time fucking low
I feel like no one fucking understands where I'm at on a daily fucking basis
No Jumper - The Shane Gonzales & Ian Connor Interview Yo @Souljaian I'm inspired off this one yea....
Me & @eemoneee gotta link up
Never been one to say my dog got the munchies but that nigga just ate so much food I'm convinced he's stoned.
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"So this isn't happening tonight? Aight."
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Yea @eemoneee is the hottest in the A
Diamonds are 4ever 💎💎💎💎💎💎
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This "Perfect Guy" movie sucks ass I'm glad I'm watching it on bootleg
Ima skeet off lil nigga come catch me

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