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I might fuck round & lose my mind
I say fuck the rules rather fuck ya baby momma....
S/o my big homie @Chozenred one of the best artists I've ever come in contact with in my life.....
β€œ@IMMRCHAMPAGNE: β€œ@Sabrialynee: @DJZeeti” Just looking like she got bout 500 unread messages” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ cuz
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Send hoe niggas to hospitals
β€œ@Sabrialynee: @DJZeeti” Just looking like she got bout 500 unread messages
When you catch your ex out in public and he's doing the most in front of you
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All we wanna do is be free
SVF Snapbacks coming soon to Visionaire. You don't want to miss out when they release!
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I got the loudest of the.....LOUD
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Money don't define me, it help these hoes find me
I coulda been sleep😐
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β€œ@ArnoldPalmerrrr: Be the components πŸƒ” 😩
If she asks you 'Do you know her?' your answer should always be nahhh.
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Working hard in the studio....
β€œ@TakeitHowYuWant: β€œ@DJZeeti: Twitpic a thunder thighs selfie”” Baby girl what you got on?
Her pussy was good, though the conversation wasnt.
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She prolly outchea fuckin niggas
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Who tryna turn up & smoke sumn
Carl Thomas - I Wish
StLouis Police Release Video of Kajieme Powell Being Shot to Death by Officers THEY INTENDED TO KILL HIM, NOT DISARM
Rocko joins Detroit's own Icewear Vezzo for the 'Money Phone' remix:
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y'all 😴 😴😴 on this πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯…TqO@IMMRCHAMPAGNEMPAGNE
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We gone bring that LOVE back to the city.
Thinking of the girl like I miss that bitch
She let me down
I love this nigga @Money23Green he don't bullshit and he about to change the game. Mock my words
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S/o @10milekid We got hot shit in the works.
Love my lil bro @IMMRCHAMPAGNE wait until y'all see what we cooking up
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I love my niggas @g55_CDR & @wilsonchandler REALEST NIGGAS IN THE LEAGUE and mad underrated, always pushed ah nigga to keep going!!
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When Travis Scott Said "How We Gone Get Oscar Proud If They Pay Us Pennies"
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β€œ@_LordBillz: @IMMRCHAMPAGNE my mom got pissed at me yesterday cuz I told her I was a bit of a sexist πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€ Women hate to believe it
Women will never truthfully be equal to men. I wish it could/would happen but I don't think it will happen. Just my opinion
β€œ@ReQCartier: A scorned female against males cause of HER past RT @DJZeeti: What is a feminist?β€πŸ˜‘
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We don't want relations, we don't want no conversation
50 Cent to Mayweather -- DON'T HATE ME ... Hate Nelly!
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@IMMRCHAMPAGNE Toast to them days when we didn't have a dollar
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