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Last night during @datsik set 😎U
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Girl you know you got me fascinated
I can't belieb people still support Flyzzah and Adri
Why am I even awake
This ain't mikoe anymore that's why I unfollowed everyone that I don't know!
Watch me whip is annoying ass fuck
People don't understand the difference between saying what you feel and talking shit
Just woke up and my phone dry asf lol
What's up fam
I don't care cus I stan the king of POP
STEVEN said another weak ass fandom GONNA try to copy his app like yo you copying Tyler's Golf Media you weirdo
Why are scummies bashing on justin? Like what the actual fuck all drag all of u 1 by 1
Can ppl stop saying they have haters like honestly ? They don't hate you they just letting yu know how they feel dann
yooo take me to nocturnal wonderland or ill have to jump that fucking gate
Follow my new account I don't use this one ! > @mik6e
If I don't respond to your insult it means what I wanted to say was too mean and I decided to let you live
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Unfollow this twitter I don't use this , if you watch my videos or want to, go to my new one > @mik6e
My summer look is naked in bed with the fan on high
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#GrowingUpWithStrictParents Mom: you got something in the mail today
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When someone tries to join you when your song is playing
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When McDonalds says their ice machine isn't working
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The #ShotsUpdate is here!!! 10 second video!😱 If you haven't updated@shotss yet you can do it here 😊�
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Guys go watch the #WhereAreÜNowMusicVideo ! It's super dope 😖❤️
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Where I'd rather be right now #EDC2015
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Every summer im always looking forward to do fun things like this or better , but it never happens
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When I say I want friends who are down to go on adventures whenever , I don't mean just anyone , I want certain ones not strangers lol
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We need to protect our country from having a ignorant piece of shit like @realDonaldTrump running for office
“you wear that shirt a lot" yes because i own it
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no one ever likes me as much as i like them
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Being to shy to ask for wi-fi passwords
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Ruby Rose this Ruby Rose that , can we talk about Maritza for once 💖y
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Drive your RV into a fucking trash can @taylorcaniff
Now I understand why nobody fucks with Taylor Dandruff or whatever the fuck his name is , jealous ass mutt! #JustinForMMVA

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