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Mike Rich
RT @livelovekia: Be selective about the people that you allow in your space.
If you don't have insurance and need a therapist may have options for you. $30 to $50 a session.
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Renisha McBride's Mother: "I'm very pleased, I'm astonished...Her life mattered and we showed that."
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Continous prayers for the family, friends and loved ones of Renisha McBride.
I hope there is some relief for Renisha's family.
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MORE: Theodore Wafer found guilty of murder in Renisha McBride porch shooting
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Renisha McBride's mother speaking on the verdict now on @msnbc.
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Local alums reminisce about their glory days… #morehouse
Congratulations to the homie Endia!! "Beal named interim director of Diggs"…
A university president is giving up $90,000 of his salary so that 24 workers can get a raise -
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I always said that they should have a paid sports channel that was uncensored. I want to hear whats going on.
Don’t ask for something and not be prepared when you receive it.
survival stories...
The reality of legalized #prostitution. Read our grantee @michelleinbkly's article. #RedLightDistrict #Europe
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RT @melissabroder: excited 2 look down at my phone for the next 50 yrs
Rachel is doing too much. #Suits
yup got a friend invite. :( RT @Psolo4Short: Was it dated 8/6/04? RT @Me I just got a blackplanet email notification 😬😬
I just got a blackplanet email notification 😬😬
RT @robertleebrewer: Every line is the most important. #amwriting #poetruths
Black Jesus? RT @NEthing4Salenas: Jesus. Lol RT IamMikeRich: @NEthing4Salenas who you liking now.....inquiring minds would like to know
#nowplaying "Outstanding" - Gap Band
Slum beautiful....driving eye plum craazayyyyyyyyy.
say WHERE DEY AT!! WHERE DEY AT!! RT @NEthing4Salenas: *looks at watch* IT'S PEANUT BUTTA, JELLY TIME!
RT @AmmaAsante: Brixton! i'm coming home to do a TED talk with @TEDxBrixton. Will i see you there? #TEDxBrixton2014