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Mike Rich
RT @BKuzan: There is so much to be learned from the journey itself. Don't rush it.
Kendrick Lamar Freestyle Rap In Big Boys Neighborhood [EXCLUSIVE]:
RT @HuffingtonPost: Justice Department to investigate Ohio Wal-Mart shooting
I’m not myself in this city.
I don't know who is worse, the bourgeoisie academia or the actual thugs. Both instigate shit like self haters.
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RT @AisforAlex: paper filled with passion. writer problems.
There's a certain segment of Black twitter who won't quite "get" Blackish, and that's fine. Stick to VH1 and your mama's basement.
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Many times i type a tweet, only to delete it.
RT @AisforAlex: social media has the game all eff'd up.
I enjoyed it. I'd much rather live tweet this with yall than LAHH or Scandal
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.@anthonyanderson said that he actually gave his son a bro mitzvah. #Blackish
indeed. RT @mschantebaby: y'all been perverts all ya lives #boys #men
“African’s don’t even like us.” #Blackish
I’m not complaining. Slightly annoyed. But I’ll live. It’s only twitter. lol
Y’all will create a think piece of tweets out of anything.
I do love me some Grape Soda. #Blackish #blackishABC
I can’t wait for it to get over with. RT @TOSHAMAKIA: I can't wait to watch the #Aaliyah movie
hahaha…maybe the glove didn’t fit. lol #Blackish
Y’all peep that passing of the hot sauce? #Blackish
Hangtime! MT @Psolo4Short: Anthony Anderson talking about bball will always make me think when he was the black guy on that show on TNBC.
I saw the pilot but I’ll tune in again to support. #Blackish
These People Can Make Student Loans Disappear
And they said "nah, no indictment?" Puzzling.
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It's like "let me reiterate how much we don't GAF about you." 1st, no indictment. 2nd, lets rub it in, show you how quick we killed John.
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To be very, very, very clear (and yes, I am talking to you @NRA), Ohio is an open carry state and John Crawford did not break ANY law.
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Just saw the #JohnCrawford video. They killed that man for talking on the phone and holding a pellet gun.
BREAKING :: Here's the video of John Crawford being murdered at Wal-Mart. He was on the phone chilling.…
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Mike Brown Sr. bringing roses to rebuild #MikeBrown's memorial yesterday on Canfield #Ferguson
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Apple's First iOS 8 Update Kills Your Cell Service, Breaks TouchID | WIRED…
RT @mobrowne: #dear universe: keep my love a never ending well.
In Ohio, Black Youth Won’t Let Another Police Shooting Fade Into The Background via @thinkprogress
But I guess it keeps the conversation/topic lively…maybe?
The way y’all constantly respond to dull-witted tweets/statements/opinions/foolery baffles me.
‘I’m American too’: Undocumented students wait for Obama action via @ajam
.@OhioAG Mike DeWine MUST release the FULL surveillance video from the Wal-Mart in Ohio so we can see what happened to #JohnCrawford
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In Ohio, a Grand Jury just decided NOT to indict officers who murdered John Crawford based on an admitted false report. Follow me...
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It's probably not the most descriptive thing in the world, but since I had no phone I wanted to say what I was seeing in real time.
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Bruh, someone just started dumping bullets on the street we were on. Everyone just started running. Pandemonium. #Ferguson
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Police in #ferguson are insighting violence then say its protestors..NO it's the police, I saw it before and I saw it tonight
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Someone picked me up! I'm in a car safe now. They saw me running and let me in. This is fucking UNREAL!!! #Ferguson
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Shots fired I don't care what the scanner says I just heard shots in real time.
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The cops just ambushed us!!!! #Ferguson We all just ran down towards Canfield. Those lights are police! #Ferguson
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They are chasing people down Canfield. Trying to get them closed in. #Ferguson
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