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Mike Rich
RT @livelovekia: Be selective about the people that you allow in your space.
If you don't have insurance and need a therapist may have options for you. $30 to $50 a session.
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Renisha McBride's Mother: "I'm very pleased, I'm astonished...Her life mattered and we showed that."
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Continous prayers for the family, friends and loved ones of Renisha McBride.
I hope there is some relief for Renisha's family.
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MORE: Theodore Wafer found guilty of murder in Renisha McBride porch shooting
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Renisha McBride's mother speaking on the verdict now on @msnbc.
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Local alums reminisce about their glory days… #morehouse
Congratulations to the homie Endia!! "Beal named interim director of Diggs"…
A university president is giving up $90,000 of his salary so that 24 workers can get a raise -
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I always said that they should have a paid sports channel that was uncensored. I want to hear whats going on.
Don’t ask for something and not be prepared when you receive it.
survival stories...
The reality of legalized #prostitution. Read our grantee @michelleinbkly's article. #RedLightDistrict #Europe
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RT @melissabroder: excited 2 look down at my phone for the next 50 yrs
Rachel is doing too much. #Suits
yup got a friend invite. :( RT @Psolo4Short: Was it dated 8/6/04? RT @Me I just got a blackplanet email notification 😬😬
I just got a blackplanet email notification 😬😬
RT @robertleebrewer: Every line is the most important. #amwriting #poetruths
Black Jesus? RT @NEthing4Salenas: Jesus. Lol RT IamMikeRich: @NEthing4Salenas who you liking now.....inquiring minds would like to know
#nowplaying "Outstanding" - Gap Band
Slum beautiful....driving eye plum craazayyyyyyyyy.
say WHERE DEY AT!! WHERE DEY AT!! RT @NEthing4Salenas: *looks at watch* IT'S PEANUT BUTTA, JELLY TIME!
RT @AmmaAsante: Brixton! i'm coming home to do a TED talk with @TEDxBrixton. Will i see you there? #TEDxBrixton2014
"Sleeping in my Bed" remix was that joint. Had you bouncing around dancing. Never felt so good to get cheated on.
You got your tickets or you gonna wait to pay more at the door ?? #thegoodf #aug24
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It costs $78,000/year to hold a prisoner in a maximum-security facility; at Guantanamo, that number is $2,768,902.…
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up job hunting...
<——— oh yea…new avi.
Black Jesus comes on Thursday night. I’m scared and excited to see it. lol
I count maybe 5. This city is 10 minutes (if that) in and out.
It’s terrible how many steakhouses this small city has.
Jeezy talks Jay-z tearing up, His interest for Nicole Murphy, His Son + ...:… via @YouTube
RT @thinkprogress: Pregnant Walmart worker ends up fired after Walmart said it would help pregnant workers
maybe @Ariography and I can go on our own “bound” date lol. In the mean time i’ll keep digging the video…
I think i have a crush on @Ariography …sshhhh don’t tell nobody.
I literally yelled when I saw where Bill is going to be working at next. #MastersofSex
I’m feeling the direction #mastersofsex is going in to.
#Power season finale was dope.
Happy Birthday gorgeous @CrownedYoung
sleep find me...
I need to work on this bedtime thing...
The good f charity flag football game at the aviator August 24 1pm. Hot girls cold drinks and football. Come out
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Glad @mistyonpointe is getting love out here...