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Reel to Real #prettyassnigga #GODKING #GODSTAMP
A #SantaCause message from @THEONLYGODKING aka King Swagg. One of the best freestylers and battle…
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@TREEZYTRELL: @THEONLYGODKING can't wait to hear the new stuff fool”Thx my nig I hit YA phone to fool
In church all double dated up w/ @ChicDivaGeek and this fool @THEONLYGODKING is TURNT UP in here.
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I wonder if anyone is brave enough to battle @Betta_Mo, @THEONLYGODKING or @IAM_WARCHILD for the last #MstMondays show Nov 17th?
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Or if I can see @Betta_Mo vs @THEONLYGODKING for the last #MstMondays show Nov 17th. That would be too epic
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Stay tuned new shit I'm doin #GODKING #GODSTAMP
Now Kobe got cooked smh
#sip #ne @msmelisakim @mvmvmxlls and @willrap4foodinc thanks for having a #GODSTAMP #GODKING
Watching @Betta_Mo & @THEONLYGODKING trade freestyle bars over @CasitoDelFresco beats at Sip Lounge. Highly entertaining right now.
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6minutes away from good ppl
Aye we gonna party hard w/ @willrap4foodinc @msmelisakim !my nigga @jimm25 in da trap wit me ! S/O my team @mr_cleanup_niiiice @deejayrok202
We in da bando coolin #HTTR fuck da cowboys we won in Dallas tho 20-17 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 aye
@barbieeebliss: @THEONLYGODKING don't fall asleep on the remote”well I believe I had help with falling asleep
Aye @barbieeebliss leaving my tv on catfish will get yo privileges revoked lol
Glad this not me! Some of u niggas want YA new girl to be YA old girl for Halloween lol! If u ever see us out no she da one
Let's get it @willrap4foodinc and Thx @msmelisakim for havin me #GODSTAMP #prettyassnigga #GODKING
@NewEpisode: @THEONLYGODKING @SilkFlair Niggas bumpin or nah? 👀😂😂”otw
Aye moe u stay rappin but u Neva make no noise
Every lady deserves a #prettyassnigga #hooddoe S/O the real @trippytwiny @ryleighdaddy @newepisode @boogiiebyrd
#thelife comes with a price ! But I'm willing to pay ! I WANT IT ALL #prettyassnigga #gettinitevenwhenimdown S/O team GODKING or anybody who helps us @watchingtime_withnowatch @iamcirocqueen @msmelisakim @boogiiebyrd @origamicouture @adding_influence show out Waldorf tonite gateway lounge #GODSTAMP
Why not BE! #prettyassnigga #Godking2 #Revelation #GODSTAMP s/o errybody who workin @watchingtime_withnowatch @msmelisakim @boogiiebyrd @kenilworth_katrina and @iamcirocqueen @shooterslife
By betta_mo via @RepostWhiz app: God STAMPED us, we were DELIVERED, and now --> PRIORITY MALE(s). At my fathers house about to get this good word with my brothers @ezstreet & @theonlygodking (#RepostWhiz app)
"I will dwell in the house of the Lord" at Union Temple Baptist Church w/ my brothers @ezstreet & @THEONLYGODKING
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People blow me that sleep so late.... its like I'm always up EARLY... no matter how faded I was the night before... lol
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I don't like attention seakers
We deep at da funeral but this is da future of da family @boogiiebyrd @__aliasmixx #weondawayup #GODSTAMP
I'm pissed off right now
To all my black me understand that if u cheat u are risking death
@Jimm25: None of theses Movas ain't safe word to @DMVxMAC #DMV2ATL”😂😂my bros cuttin up in da a
Once we get baptized together we married
U ain't gotta ask why #karma
Aye moe my phone lunchin
Don't do no business til check his paperwork -ti pharell
Hope RG3 is studying what Russell Wilson is doing to his team. Threw for 131 plus RAN FOR 89 in 1st half. Can be done safely, Robert.
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500$ 50 yd line seats and parking pass for tonight's game
@KWAkatrina: I need a bangin ass album cover...who got me?”@CasitoDelFresco and @thr3erules
@KWAkatrina: I need a bangin ass album cover...who got me?”hit me I got somebody
My man @THEONLYGODKING got me on a church tour an I'm loving it. Now we got my cousin Mikey and we at…
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My life is not my own... I got the call from @THEONLYGODKING big homie I'm on my way to church meet me…
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