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I was jus wondering?!? I need 4k tho lol
Lemme watch the Verb / JohnJohn battle since we slow .
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Shoutout to @1Pesos_ check him out! instagram >>poorrichpesos soundcloud >>pesosdopeaf YouTube >>therealchedda Facebook >>poor rich pesos
More focused than I ever been #PHRESHLiFE #PGE preparing for new life #RePHRESH
When you a threat, you always gone be a target 🎯
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Look right past any uncertainty today if self-doubt creeps int... More for Libra
I gotta go eat before I can fall back to sleep
TBT with my bro @bapkingcole if I told yall some stories you probably wouldn't believe me! We almost were we standing...AT THE πŸ”β€οΈπŸ’―
Full leavn Ruth Chris! I Smile to cover a lot but I grind to cover my plot!
Dear generation. Get informed. This country is corrupt. When you read, you learn. When u learn you see. When you see you SEE. #ThinkAboutIt
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Having a full tank of gas is equivalent to having money in your pocket
Hopefully H&M online will act right for me..
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It's not easy to remain calm today because a simple financial ... More for Libra
Are tattoo artists days numbered? - Hacked 3D printer lets anyone tattoo themselves
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Ima support your movement if its hot & If I respect it some shit money just cant buy #RNS
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Satellite radio where it's at...I ain't listened to regular radio in a minute
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Yooo Raleigh Twitter going ham right now! Lol
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Hope so! RT @k975: @iamJNEW We're gonna change that (bump that)
When out of towers call me what's the radio station I tell EM play pandora @k975 and that's sad
β€œ@k975: @KingJames919 @KingMez What's his buzz like online, How many followers/Downloads of his music, what his Shazam rank ect ect” πŸ˜§πŸ˜’
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@k975 facts,but Ive never heard a single from my mans @KingMez and if he ain't the next thing outta Raleigh who is? @KajKadence ridiculous 2
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Somethn told me to get online today!
Only time youngns listen to @k975 is if they giving away tickets
If they won't let you in build your own
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Lol youngns got 97.5 pissed right now
I don't even listen to @k975 tho so who am I to talk?!? Hell I'm never in town to listen anyway
#Raleigh kno @k975 ain't hittn on nothn! Hell I got my communications degree let me go liive!
πŸ˜‚RT@LosoCorleonee: RT ask@102_JAMZZ for they rotation playlist@k9755:@LosoCorleonee what should we play?"
Dialy and weekly goals!
Sheesh RT @TheRoot: WNBA star #BrittneyGriner is slashed in a knife attack in China:
You are quite adept at making adjustments to your own feelings... More for Libra
Gilbert Arenas top 30 paid in NBA last year still n shock bout that
πŸ˜‚RT@DeJLoaff: @RealTrapCyntt:@DeJLoaff says she not gay but the hoes love her πŸ˜‚ can I be ya hoe too” πŸ˜‚