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beernikon 2,339 followers
he sat in the barbers chair and just said "fuck my whole life up fam"
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Photo: I don’t normally post non photography post on this tumblr, but I’m feeling rather proud to be...
@Ethasdfghjkl: Why does @BarackObama's header look like he's dropping the sickest guest vocals at a tssf show???”OMG
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It'd be really cool to work for @realDonaldTrump one day. I don't know what id do but I can see it.
To this stay it still irks me to hear a @GreenDay song in a grocery store. Hope it worked out for you fellas. #moneyovereveverything
The Beatles are the most overrated band in human history. Nothing they made was above average. I'll never get why they are popular
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Nike sock hangin Incase Santa wanna fuck around and catch this fade away
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@Photography_ADM @michellemthrfkr @_allisonnnkate that awkward moment when I thought @iamgooda said "freak squad" instead of "fleek squad"
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You always do these things at the worst gotdamn time.
I ate a donut with bacon on it last night. #wdyd
Heaven (@ Strange Donuts in Saint Louis, MO)
#Ferguson protesters burn flag, National Guard soldiers walk across St. & collect burned remnants to properly dispose
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Brb (@ Insomnia Cookies in St. Louis, MO)
#nickhummelbelike dude, I have a cookie in my pocket.
Lol this nigga raccoon was mean mugging us whilst climbing a small tree in CWE
I thought I broke this months ago but finding it in my closet and some needle nose scissors she's good to go. #tascam
We look good side by side.
Just paid 2.99 a gallon for gas. Thanks Obama.
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Woman chased from St. Louis into Swansea after her van's are windows shot out, police say
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When bae looks better in your shirt than you do. #gldn
So tell me, have you surfaced yet?
Dad: I'm on a flight next to some rapper who is super high Me: Haha yeah right Dad:
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Can someone send me a copy of the relationship manual? Haha oh yeah the shit doesn't exist! Die
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I have more photos of @Humdiddy56 on my phone than myself.
All pizza everything.
Stoked to play w/ and see @Fromindianlakes 12.13.14
Fox News Injects Race Into Beating Death Of Bosnian Man In St. Louis
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@iamgooda @stltoday ---you already know...bosnians know blood fued..and bosnians don't back down...
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Such a shame that this happened ever, let alone in our backyard.. #JusticeForZemir
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This is a video that was taken by a witness after 32 year old Zemir Begic was attacked with hammer #JusticeForZemir…
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Serious question, not a conspiracy theorist, but why is it never considered "hate crime" if victim is white? Ever #Ferguson #justiceforzemir
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