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Richard Fazer Rawson
We on!!!🙌💯🎶🎶🎶🎶
@MarkWright_: @ImRichardRawson @chigwellvalet my stuff is still in !! I need to collect 👍👌👏” they're proper!!!💯
Big thanks to @chigwellvalet for sorting me out with a last minute service!! U guys are amazing!!! #QuickTurnover 🙌😎
Just going through some boxes in the lab and came across this amazing top by @amabonsu #QualityWork check em out!!
@GinoGmanGi: Yo my brother @ImRichardRawson check out my new single GINO - Turn it up☝️💃”I am the life of the party😂🙌
Certain girls be panicking right now in this rain!!! #FaceCakedUp 😂🙈😩
Most women want a man that's already established!! A real woman will be a part of his struggle, survive it, succeed together and build an empire!! #Powerful
Just heard @ImRichardRawson Fireflies and I love it. He's got such a beautiful heart an family! Go listen! #Support
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Lemme get back on my snapchat hype!!! SC- iamfazer add me up!!
That look of feeling blessed!! #LifeMoments #MemoriesForALifetime
Reading with ava this morning!! It amazes me that she can identify letters and say the words!! #KeepTheirBrainsWorking #SmartKids
@LaurenReaditt: Swear I just served @ImRichardRawson in premier 😍😂” Alka-seltzer please lol x
Flatscreen in deya #MashUp 🙈😂
Fresh whites for tonight!! Yes or no?? #Versace
Man just see a TURN UP vid 😂😂😂😂 reminded me of man l@ImRichardRawsonwson 🙈🙈 on sat! Lool 😂#imdone�😂😂 #imdone😂😂😂
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@DemiNdubzNyORA: I love everything that @ImRichardRawson has dropped so far & I bet its only gunna get better!! #STL 💯🔊🎶”💯💯💯💯
@AshleyEmmax: If I let @ImRichardRawson arrange the wedding 😳” PMSL!!! 💯�#LipsDensDen loool!!
SIN Saturdays @ReplicaSheff this week featuring @ImRichardRawson aka Fazer from Ndubz!! Get in touch for tickets!
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😁😁🙈 My bad lol!! Sounding crazy though!! @SHOWNPROVEukVE@ImRichardRawsonwson working”
Biiiiiig tuuuuunnneee!!!! 🙌🎶
#LivingWithoutYouMix 🎶🎶👀🙌💃💃💃
Roadtrip in the bat mobile with @_neros_ #LivingWithoutYouMix
@kickgameuk need these 3's in a UK9 for @revengeofficial asap!! Shout me when u got the other two 1991's and these!! #Test #SneakerHunt
I'm putting @kickgameuk to the test now!! I need you guys to source both of these pairs for me!! 😁😩😎👊
I got this jam @tydollasign needs to hear asap!!! Who do I contact?? 😁
@realcormega: @ImRichardRawson bro when I come back we gonna do some more work peace and respect”💯💯💯
After a long productive day, this is what my evening consists of!! #PieMashAndMovies
#WatchThisSpace #LivingWithoutYourLove