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You can't buy back time .... Use your time wisely πŸ˜‰
Good morning! #faith #believe #blessed #love #positivity #peace
Hey IG from me & my love @sicalima 😘😘😘
"@iamEddieStokes: I have trust issues with people who have lying issues."
All great achievements require time. - Maya Angelou
Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress. -Gandhi
Making money is my thang πŸ˜‰
Morning world!!!! 😘😘😘
Your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth.
How I feel about this Monday morning!!! Lol
You are confined only by the walls you build yourself
Live your life and forget your age
Without Dreams We reach nothing. Without Love We feel nothing. Without God We are nothing. Good Morning 😊
So who's up??? Who's eating?? Lol
Love this! "@ayeitsbea: too beautiful not to post"
U always show love thanks 😘
Its taking all I have to get out of this bed n hit the gym ughhhhhhh
"@AcureTeamgreen: July is sarcoma awareness month ! go #Gold"
Something simple! .....for now ;-)
Pretty girls ROCK!!! Well mines do πŸ˜‰ Good Morning world!!! 😘�
Pretty Girls Rock!!! 😘 @ashleyvl2 @fancicouturebyari ...Good Morninggggg
As a marketer aren't you suppose to use tools to make your life easier? and create leads? is changing my life!!
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Whether its sales or marketing ...if u don't have a LIST (leads) what good is your business???
If there’s 1 lesson to learn about any industry or economy, it’s that change must be embraced. Change will happen whether you do or not.
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Just ordered a bunch of free samples from my HUB!! you can too
Great team call =-) #Working
Being #Selfmade is all I KNOW!! ...Good Morning
Banking shouldn't be complicated. Get no overdraft or monthly fees with effortless saving and budgeting.…
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All my newsletters are done for next week!! ....I can now finally relax ....well kinda lol #MoreWorkToDo #womaninbiz #GOALS
Back to Businessssssssss πŸ˜‰
Failure shouldn't be in your vocabulary ; believing should be
Happiness is a choice, it's your own frame of mind. So if you're unhappy, it's because you choose not to be happy
#Paperwork ughhhh not today πŸ˜’
Life has 3 C's: Choice, Chance, Change. You have to make the Choice, to take the Chance, if you want anything to Change.
Wake up motivated!! Not everybody made it; so cherish everyday & move towards your destiny with an urgency!
You know you're in a good place when you can laugh at something that would have made you mad in the past...Good Morning πŸ˜‰
"@IAMSTEIS: Stay doing positive.. chances are mostly positive things will happen to you πŸ’―"
"@The__Prototype: I'd much rather be around a group of diverse and weird ppl than a group of ppl who all think and act the same."
Communicate** y'all know what I mean πŸ˜‰ (last tweet)
In order to expand your business you have to be able to communication ppl will not join u if they DONT know u ... #Speak #IJS πŸ˜’