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Crui$e Ⓜ️
Only have 2-4 'REAL' friends, the rest are randoms I socialize with when I'm bored !
New single coming soon! called "Stay Lo" by Pee Shorez featuring @Trill1Cruise #StayTuned
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@Trill1Cruise Whats good homie! Thx for following back, hit up my SoundCloud #LetsWork soon! #producer
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Once they stop talking to you, they start talking about you. 👉👉💯
After awhile the truth start sounding like lies
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@JCruiseCM Pee Shorez - 1O6 & Park (Prod By. Taylor King):…
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Blood makes you related, loyalty makes you family. On some rns 💯💯🙌🙌🙌
Everything happens for a reason.
This Is Me 🔋100% 😃 🔋90% 😆 🔋80% 😁 🔋70% 😏 🔋60% 😅 🔋50% 😬 🔋40% 😐 🔋30% 😥 🔋20% 😧 🔋10 % 😫 🔋1% 😱🔌🏃💨
I can't trust a soul.
Once you lie about something sooooooo small you can lie about anything
@JCruiseCM s/o to my new follower Hope you like the music and wanna be part of the movement #pmc…
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When you stop chasing, they start noticing. 😒👌
If your girl is in a bad mood and says i don't wanna talk about it🙍🙊, you sit her down and talk to her like thi27
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If we date 😍😍🙈�ngNAYO
One step at a time . We gotta crawl before we walk.
@JCruiseCM Thanks for the follow 😏
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@JCruiseCM whats good fam thanks for the follow salute from Spain
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Respect & Loyalty is earned . 💯
Accept what is, let go of what was, have faith in what will be. 🙏💯
I don't stress no more. I just be on my "it is what it is" type shit
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I hate a disloyal ass person !
Girls will lurk your tweets more than text back & get mad kause u tweetin other females ... nobody has time to wait on u to come around lol
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When we're all 👴👵55 we'll play 🎧Drake at the 🍱🍢cookouts & be like "BOYY whatchu know bout this here, you wasn't even born yet!" 😎
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@JCruiseCM thanks for the follow. Your really handsome..
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@JCruiseCM Thanks for the follow, man. I won't be famous or signed anytime soon but stay up.
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If you got me , then I got you! #HandsDown 🔐👌
Another Day. Another Dollar 💵 ! THVNK GØD 🙌
"@RealJCruise: It's hard to trust ANYONE , when you been fucked over so many times.. 💯"
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I'm a lip biter.😉😝😍
Some people will never appreciate what you do for them till it's too late ! Rns.
It's hard to trust ANYONE , when you been fucked over so many times.. 💯

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