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Colin Quinn
Say what you will about @iamcolinquinn, but that guy really knows how to throw a football party. #ClassyInTheKonk
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@iamcolinquinn I have pictures of you, me, and my little brother taken in 1987-8? in Potsdam NY with RC. Stonewashed denim everywhere!
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Remember during the game today, a handful of almonds is the better alternative to nachos and cheese and you're waistline will thank you!
The worst part about @iamcolinquinn's twitter is everyone that still follows you gets the bit. We want the rubes back!
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@iamcolinquinn Your tweets make me want to throw myself on the ego.
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@iamcolinquinn i hope Kevin Spacey from House of Cards is standing behind you
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Award winning shot I just took. Symbolizes mans psychological battle between Id (subway) and ego ( tracks)
Ulitimately a fight is all about who's "perceived" to have thrown more shots (punches). Then how many connect (land).
Listening to the post fight interview. Maidana is not Argentinian I can tell from the accent. Maybe east Paraguay.
I liked the wide shot but the crane shot reminded me of Pacquiao/Bradley in 2012.
I felt some of the camera work was a little cliche tonight, Showtime. If you ever want to work with me, step it up.
I'll give you guys the inside scoop. The fight ended with a surprise KO!!!
@iamcolinquinn But you still can't deliver a kid from your own neighborhood.
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@iamcolinquinn sort of impressed you can afford pay-per-view. Is this your version of a #humblebrag ?
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Thought for the day: People say "fight fire with fire"…I say "fight fire with laughter."
@iamcolinquinn Could you spill your next drink on Aaron Hernandez
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@iamcolinquinn Your hashtag buffoonery makes me want to start cutting myself again. Please, just stop it.
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It is with regret and also excitement that I speak these words…... Sweater weather's here, guys!! #lovinlife #haveagoodnight
How many have one eye on the game and one eye on the party wings to make sure they don't eat it all before you get to it! Haha. RG?
How many of you are going to be hoping the game doesn't interrupt the beer and chips!! #partytime
I'm talking about how many of you are "tailgating without a car" if you know where I'm getting at! Haha!
Hey fans, how many of you are "pre gaming" tonight!! Haha. You know what I mean, right?
@iamcolinquinn CQ reassures a Comic with "People's individual taste varies and he might someone else's favorite".
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@iamcolinquinn you can't shield the weak from the truth.
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Who even decides who's a great comic? Comedy is subjective! I just happen to have the largest % of Americans who subjectively prefer me!
Hey rude morons: Don't say "Colin, you're the greatest comic ever" when there's other comics standing nearby! They have ears, you know!
The @JerkstoreReport will be streaming live in one hour! @iamcolinquinn on the phone! Hop in live!
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@iamcolinquinn how the eff (hell) aren't you playing mickey featherstone in the new Gotti picture? Travolta should pick up the phone (towel)
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@iamcolinquinn CQ to pick up for Neeson in "Taken" franchise. He rescues Lady Di from an Albanian sex slavery ring.
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I'm making a "comeback" better late than never, gang. Hey, Liam Neeson did it so maybe there's room for another Irish "badass" leading man.
.@CheThinks Well fans, this week's news proves what I've always said! You gotta laugh or you'll go nuts, right Colin? ( shake head sadly)