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I hate when girls say ”You probably say that to 100 girls.“ Don’t you use the same résumé when applying for jobs?
when a chick asks you your sign, tell her the wrong one and watch her say ”Oooohh I knew it!
RICH HEART may be under a POOR coat.
one thing you can’t change about a person is their selfishness
Little by little, a little becomes a lot.
It’s not about who’s the best I never wanted to be the best I just know I bring money to what ever I deal with that’s the key I’m value
Money is power and i got talent to get money so no matter who like me as a artist or not I’m a make it because I can make the company money
Lasvegas changed my life
If your girl tells you ”Deeper!“ & that’s all you got, just start reading poetry.
hoes want expensive ass rings & ain’t even worth the box it comes in.
girls like guys who are an asshole with a sweet side
I belong barefoot in the mountains of colorado under a sea of stars
Most Girls want the guys that don’t want anything to do with them. This is science
Good guys get friendzoned ‘cause they’re boring & add no excitement to the relationship
Be miserable & stressed out, or be lonely. That’s the only difference in relationships & being single.
If she doesn’t go out every weekend, wife her up immediately. She’s a diamond surrounded by rough hoes.
Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.
Chicks announce when their single like it’s the start of Free Agency or some something
Ugly girls appreciate ALL attention. Hugs, handshakes, sexual harassment, etc.