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Chopper †
hiphop music 452,031 followers
Rain clouds inside the skull make the flowers grow †
Making the band was 11 years ago I was 16 years old a stupid kid who could rap it’s 2014 I changed so much I wish ppl can see how great iam†
Stuck on a merry go round with actual lions †
Your wish list should be your to do list †
So focused the world looks out of focus †
Scratching my head because it’s my lottery ticket †
Always do a favor because you’ll never know when you need a favor †
Snakes slithering around what’s supposed to be Holy ground †
Jodeci looks like a black biker gang †
brain worth a couple hundred million but soul not for sale †
You ain’t make it unless your Getting green lights in the red light district †
Freddy Kruger at the nail salon †
The thing about the jungle is there’s always something trying to hunt you †
This world will never be right unless I see the Grim reaper on trial for murder †
It’s my dream to walk in the backyard and see flamingos and parrots †
Nike toe tags †
From rags to riches.. From a cottage to a castle.. Mental ward to a mansion… From the alley to an island so far away I can’t be contacted †
Watched your soul change when the devil hit it with a lighter and propane…. †
The line between genius and insane is made of cocaine †
Skeletons on scales, and in salons with polish on their nails….trying to hop the gate to Heaven might get yourself impaled †