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Nice homie live what you rap about
Done given yall game :) tweet you guys and gals later
3. Inheriting the wealth of someone that did a combination/one of the first two.
2. Investing in the stock ownership of other’s successful businesses.
1. Start and run your own successful business.
There are ZERO employees on the Forbes top 10 list.
When it comes to cars, leasing, buying new or buying used - its all a money suck.
The only thing you should aim for at the end of the day is to have no payments and no repairs.
Without further adoo..
When you sit around bored and you’re left to your own devices you start thinking of random sh*t to eat
Get busy today so you have the choice of how busy you want to be tomorrow.
I was broke, in debt, had no investments and was tied to my dropping mix takes for survival. LasVegas changed my life with this game
Sh*t even if you don't do it for your future, do it for the Vine..
The motto for rent costs in most major cities: (financial) rape or roommate.
You can sacrifice for 2 or struggle for 50. These are the choices the average person will have to make.
Ha bra Again, there is nothing more expensive than not eating healthy ....
Doing better involves applying the same enthusiasm as you use to finding the last Jordan retro available on release
Its one part budget and one part wanting to be as creative as you are in less important areas of your…
Contrary to popular belief, I’m not a fan of watching music video in my house or playing loud music do that shxt when you leave my home
Going from all your free time watching TV and playing video games to all your free time reading books is like doing
A book alone will not change your life. Only YOU can. You have to do something in conjunction with it.
You have to go experience life and fail forward.
Not everything you try will work right of the bat but simply by trying new things you haven’t attempted before
Theres no more waiting for life to happen after you’ve found the perfect information. This is just another excuse on why its not time yet.
My advice for you instead would be to simply go out and do something
Once you get involved in making your dreams happen then you’ll be that much more likely to be introduced to the exact
A book you’ll want to read in order to supplement that journey. Now you know.
There has never been a better time than now to go out and fail at something new.
Failure is the best gift you will ever receive.
Monthly payments are cancer to a person’s wealth building. Always pay in full.
If you can’t pay in full, you good sir/madam, can not afford it.
You’d be straight up surprised at how rich you become when you stop paying interest to banks.
76% of this country lives check to check and couldnt survive long after job loss.
Remember, I’m not here to give you all the answers.
I’m here to inspire/aggravate/help spark you to get off your butt and seek them out on your own.
A lot of us brag about being survivors because we have no understanding of what it means to thrive.
Black people have had this resilient term and congratulate us on ”surviving“ yet another year.
I’m sick of watching my people simply ”survive“. Don’t you want more out of life? Yes?
Now how many people do you know, in your family, in your circle, at your job, YOU, that live stressed out with credit card debt
I just got $35 in rewards points for spending $33,000 at Best Buy!“ - Your broke a$$ uncle. (starting at age 18)
You show me anyone on social media bragging about a credit card reward point balance & I will show you a person with a negative net-worth.
We’ll gladly give up the next 35 years of our life struggling to make payments on a mortgage & won’t think twice about starting a business.