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Chopper City
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16 million U.S. children don't have access to books or early education. Help us fix that.…
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Listen to the right ppl or get lost with the wrong ppl ☮
Some people will spend their entire lives talking about others. Some people will live their lives will others just talk about them. ☮
Most people have to see it with their eyes to believe it. In reality, all you have to do is feel it within to know its true. ☮
Your negativity has zero effect on my outlook on life. You’re self-deluded to even think it does. ☮
It doesn’t matter if they don’t believe in you. All that matters is that you believe in yourself. Have faith in everything you do. ☮
We can b captors or liberators of our own perception. It’s all how we choose view the world. ☮
It’s the illusions we create that blind us from the actuality of everything happening. ☮
It saddens me to see an entire generation of females whose insecurity stems from false perception from social media. ☮
People shouldn’t b afraid to show who they truly are. Don’t let the judgement of others decide your character. ☮
Your light shines brighter when you’re not focusing it on everyone else. ☮
Face everything with your mind & eyes open & you’re heart completely full. ☮
Sometimes it’s just a struggle to understand life. Sometimes, there’s no control over any of it. ☮
The most creative minds never rest. Therefore the most astonishing thoughts never cease. ☮
I love pxssy but I can’t fuk all the time I’m sorry it gets boring ☮
Negative people are played out. Vibrate higher.
Keeping it real go wrong will get you dropped from the record company glo back to darkness ☮
If people really came from monkeys how come monkeys can’t change no more? We ain’t come from monkeys earth is punishment peace is freedom
It was all good a tweet ago.
Never accept the incorrect as correct.
Create better habits.
Optimize your optimism.
Fear leads to Anger. Anger leads to Distain. Distain leads to internal Suffering.
Never choose the choice of being sidetracked.
If you don’t got it don’t hurt your pockets tryna look rich ..
Just booked a room at the palms for a few days to relax from my crib
I don’t want no snap backs where are the regular fitted hats at ?
Got another car today so that's 13 total
Property tax is bullshit. Your corrupt #government is charging you rent to live on Earth. #republicans #democrats
It’s important to see a large eagle-view perspective to detect bias and motives from authority. ☮
civilized man reacts to new ideas by erecting psychological barriers to protect himself from the shock of facing something new. ☮
A sense of a wider meaning to one’s existence is what raises a man beyond mere getting and spending. ☮
What if our government could use TV and news for #mkultra trauma and fear causing dissociation of every single person’s personality? ☮
Its no secret US government in coalition with Rockefeller DNA labs does human experiments. ☮