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I wanna see all artist make it
Watch “Woodstock in Hollywood vlog 6 poolside” on YouTube Woodstock in Hollywood vlog 6 poolside:
Watch “woodstock vlog 4 1” on YouTube woodstock vlog 4 1:
Watch “wood stock vlog 3 1” on YouTube wood stock vlog 3 1:
Fwd:Watch “woodstock vlog 2 1” on YouTube woodstock vlog 2 1:
If you keep a plan it’s hard to fail.
Thankful for those who say they have my back and prove it. #1%
Mindset is everything.
Let go of anything that doesn’t add value to your life.
Build first, chill later.
When you have a big heart that’s a hard habit to break.
If someone doesn’t accept you for you, don’t force it. Just leave them alone.
Does your twerking skills match your credit score ?
It’s in the car the chopper is in the car
Believe your spider senses, you’ll never be steered wrong.
Live to inspire others, make your life the blueprint that others will copy
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When’s the last time someone made #love to a part of you, that isn’t physical?
Workout done I'm ready to read a book or tweet my intelligence:)
My Woodstock album dropping 1.1.15
The root of all disagreements is misunderstanding.
When we don’t know where we’re going any road will get us there.
Never seen so many rich slaves in my life.
She be cross country giving all that she got