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Ben Lyons
Soooooo about that #Texans bet. "What had happened was..."....
The #BirdmanMovie costume designer tells us why superhero costumes shouldn't have nipples:
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#Texans in an upset tonight...and in 15 years J.J. Watt has the acting career Howie Long could have had...but didn't. @ESPNLA710 #MNF
'Birdman': still great on a second watch.
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I don't say this often, but I agree with @VeniceMase & @LAIreland ... Smells like a hatchet job on "Old English". Trust me, I would know. 😎
NEW YORK: @KingMez will be performing during the CMJ Music Marathon on Oct. 24th at Drom! Tickets are on sale now ->
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A day late with my #SundayFunday post cuz me & this #Legend had so much fun. Hey @jonnyfamous , how jealous are you? On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being "Not Jealous At All I'm Totally Cool I Swear", and 10 being "Ike Turner", what are you? A 43? "Legends...they are all around us", right? #LegendHun
The Drake Midnight Madness Air Ball Heat Check, by @rembert
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Thank you @MissColaJean for making me smile on a Monday morning. You're a legend. Always have been, always will be. 😎
I hope #Peyton plays QB until I have grandkids....@ESPNLA710
Go see Birdman! One of my favorite movie ever! Can't stop thinking about it!
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"#Birdman" astounded in limited box office debut, but how high can it fly?
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Excited to see how Coach Scott plans on containing @stevenovak16 tonight....Box & 1? @ESPNLA710 @MikeTrudell @DuranSports @ArashMarkazi
Hosting the finale of the #BartenderGigs series tonight in #LA at #LosGlobos. Great Music + Great Beer + Great Bartenders= Happy Ben! 😎🍻🍻😎 #USBG #NewCastle #EastSideIsMaaaaaadHip
I'm hosting the finale of the #BartenderGigs series. Great music+Great beer+Great bartenders=Happy Ben! @Newcastle
I just put down every single penny I have ever earned in life on the Colts. #NotKidding
The Knicks could use Corey Robinson...#IrishTape @ESPNLA710
#WexlersWeekends @wexlersdeli #DTLA @grandcentralmarketla
I'm OK saying that Drake doing lay up lines w/ #Kentucky got me excited for College Basketball for the 1st time this season. I'm OK w/ that-
Loving this Ronnie Price & Trey Burke battle right now. I think I'm now officially excited for the season. This PG matchup has me fired up..
My brother @BigDataBigData's awesome new song with @whiteseamusic is on @hypem!! PLEASE HEART IT & RT IT!
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Michael Keaton will win the Oscar for #Birdman. Please save this tweet. It's October 16th and I'm saying this.
New nickname for the 40th ranked player on @espn.... "Old English". #VinoNoMore
Follow @SportsCastersLA Better yet: Sign up Aspiring sportscasters THIS is your chance. Reel/networking/instruction
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Sadly, I'm afraid this is the closest I will get to smelling a championship ring. Thanks @thedavejoseph ... #KingsTape #ESPNLA
Shout to @MichaelRapaport repping the #Tape on #FirstTake. I know @CariChampion loves all things Knicks so she is having a blast right now!
Knicks To Exercise Third-Year Option On Shane Larkin --
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Aaron Rodgers lookalike/comedian fools local fans then Aaron teaches him how to throw. VIDEO:
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When told by critics that the #Terminator wasn't a SiFi film @JimCameron said "No, you're wrong".
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'Classic Comedy Movie Night' @ my house w/ some @smartfood! Sometimes I think I'm Fletch. #PopcornMonth #Sponsored
New story with @espn_macmahon: Two former league MVPs, Dirk & LeBron, are challenging the NBA to shorten its season
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Want to dress like my friends @thefatjewish & @toastmeetsworld ? Of course you do. So do I. That's why I copped a SICK #MoneyPizzaRespect tank over at Ohhhhh wwweeeeee! #Fashion #Beauty #Wellness
All in on #NPH for Oscar Sunday...
This @NBA season already feels weird & it hasn't even started yet. Something seems "off". Like street meat that smells better than it tastes
Battle of LA. @cp3 vs @kobebryant. Which ones ya got?I liked playing in both tonight. Just remember, while @davemcten is sleeping in #Cleveland, I'm getting up shots...#LateNightRun #StillGotJ #PagingDrKlapper #BudishPlayedSolidToo #CollegiateBackCourtThatNeverWas @jonbudish #NBA @lyonsdenpodcast
Wow...what a film.
#Birdman. That moment when it all works. Casting, sets, costumes, writing, pacing, producing, directing. i bet even the catering was perfect
Time for "Birdman Birdman!" - (@SHAQ voice)
New Instagram account for my @ESPNLA710 podcast, 'The Lyons Den'. Check us out! @iamBenLyons #LyonsDen #ESPNLA
And there's a new #Braveheart out that some are saying is better than the original.… 😎
Just got back on "the grid" & people are telling me there are no good movies out. Huh? Go see #Whiplash then get back to me..MT & JKS crush!