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Retweeted by Jay✈️
That moment when you kept it too real so the that nigga get shook because he didn't realize you would come at him like that 😂😂😂
Girlfriends like this are the realist man 👌🏼�…ZTA7
Swear. ALL girls deserve this from their boyfriend…
#HowToKeepYourGirlHappy compliment her at least twice a day💁🏼
Retweeted by Jay✈️
I really hope that God allows things to work out like I hope. I miss her....😔😓
Even tho she seems happy being single she is still my fucking baby. God knows where my heart is. I pray that's where hers is too.
How do you take someone you love so much and just try to stop loving them? Shits fucking impossible
Uhh can I have a cute relationship now? 😂😂
Retweeted by Jay✈️
@WORIDSTARHIPH0P: Man 😭💀 This is so me 4xQ” he went hard 😂😂😂
@WorldStarFunny: So this just floated across the TL... ”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
#RacingRivals Race 4 Cash, Cred, & Pinks. Try Racing Rivals!
@duh_itshaley: "@CoreyKeyz: When the DJ finally plays your jam" nooo @iAmAthlete6”😂😂😂😂😂
@iAmAthlete6 my muthafucking baby boy 😘 I wouldn't trade you for anything 👅😊
Retweeted by Jay✈️
Gotta get out of Nola before my pockets empty 😂😂😂
If you're 16 & older, there's a 60% chance that you've already met the person you'll one day marry.
Retweeted by Jay✈️
@engrossingfacts: The letter "J" was the last letter added to the English alphabet.” They saved the best for last 😏
Hookah is no healthier than cigarettes, and it includes more nicotine and tar.
Retweeted by Jay✈️
Women are more influenced by how a man smells than how he looks. Men, choose your fragrance wisely.
Retweeted by Jay✈️
@engrossingfacts: Having sex only 3 times a week, has proven to make you look 5-7 years younger.” Really now? @duh_itshaley
Cuddling before going to bed is almost 10 times more effective than any sleeping pills.
Retweeted by Jay✈️
An iPhone app (BAC Alcohol Calculator) can tell you exactly how drunk you are after entering your weight and type of beverage.
Retweeted by Jay✈️
One of the best ways to achieve your goals is to surround yourself with people who have dreams, goals, and ambition.
People use twitter as a source to post whatever they want. they almost treat it as if they don't even have followers.
How to tell you're whispering: Put your hand at your throat, If you feel vibrations then you're talking... If you don't, you're whispering.”
Retweeted by Jay✈️
Happy birthday to my lil big bro...... @iAmAthlete6 lol look at that grin nigga think he a mob…
Retweeted by Jay✈️
For those of you who started lent today, I'll eat enough meat for all of you 😁😂😂🍗🍖
I feel like cutting up on this Wednesday.
Woke up feeling like I could take on the world😈
Ain't shit to do at 2 in the morning on a Wednesday 😒
When you have to work literally ALL day 😒😪
As a Grade School student we couldn't wait for Friday. As a College Student, you can't wait for Thursday 😜🍻🍻
Eating up everything in the caf right now 😂

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