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A N A G | S R A M
@iamARSMAGNA Get high on inspiration,minds,bodies,souls,and that fiery passion that burns within you,Dear Mars :3.
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when you wish you woulda got a chocolate cherry, but you're too stubborn so you got milk and now it's sour:
My earth-day is September 16th. This is about to be the best & wildest month of my life. 12 days until Burning Man & new music.
"Although my personality is charming as fuck." 😂 @shadychandraa
I could leave the sweetest taste in your mouth... & give you something to think all day about... I could take you to the finish line.
I'm done dating broke dudes. They are the biggest haters, & a successful woman's downfall. It's hard to love someone doing better than you.
I keep having these recurring, intense dreams, lately; they involve a massive desert, acceptance, moving people with my music, & true love.
A lot of men can't handle being with a woman who is living out to her fullest potential, esp. when they're not. They think they want to.
It's hard being a cosmic princess; there aren't many princes traveling far & slaying dragons. Just basic boys looking for something easy.
I've got the golden ticket!!! @burningman Thank you to my amazing camp, HeeBeeGeeBee Healers, for blessing me.
More @burningman performances. Come witness the experiences I've curated to guide you on your trip. #BurningMan
How to look like a sparkle pony, without actually being one. #BurningMan2015
"Everything you won't say, you tweet it. And a nigga don't like that shit at all." - @donaldglover
Shout to the goddesses who knew my lyrics and sang, "I'll speak the truth until I die," with me. So much support 🙏🏽❤YP
Live last night. No auto tune, no backing tracks, beat produced entirely by me. The Wailers approved. 🙏�@Eli4reala4T
@iamARSMAGNA we don't tend to schedule many acts... or really schedule much at all! Come by, have a drink, we'll figure it out :)
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@iamARSMAGNA You can entertain our bar, P^3 Oasis, @ 6:30&G. Look for the palm frond cutouts on the 2nd story observation deck :) #yes
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Beats I produced + my unprocessed voice + my guitar = A natural moment with a blessing from a legendary musician.
If you don't already know @iamARSMAGNA, get on this. Right now. She is the flame, and the moths are…
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An original member of the Wailers liked my performance; this is a fraction of the magic that occurred thereafter.…
Love lifts the burden of oppression. Love for those who wrong you or harm you. Love for those who love you. Love for those who ignore you.
Closure, now my soul can rest.
No external adornments or endorsements required. #soulworth
Betrayal can be hidden from the eyes, but it is never hidden from the heart, it knows when it has been cheated.
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Your instincts know what is going on, long before you mind has caught up, you must trust in your innate wisdom.
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Unless you get to the root of a problem, you will only wage war with the symptoms, not the actual cause.
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@iamARSMAGNA that's a trip. it happens all the time. people searching for themselves need others to feed off. you'll set yourself apart.
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It's easy if u got money & you're following a formula. Hats off to those hard working, broke artists doing something completely left field.
Me at @burningman in 2 weeks. I'm going to dance & sway my hips everywhere I go. I'm going to sing to the open sky.
Sex before a relationship rarely works. If that ain't your man - you're just giving away free pussy. Hold out till you get what you deserve.
"Stop laughing, it's a serious epidemic, Bre, and we need to reproduce immediately to stop it in its tracks." #ThingsWhiteBoysSayToMe
"You're the first brown woman I've ever kissed. I see why people don't go back. The lips & hips are much thinner on the other side." 😂❤️
Looking forward to swaying my hips at the playa, pressing up against bodies for warmth, being healed, and cuddling with my best friend. 🙏🏽
I'll be on Periscope with the live show from Center Camp at Burning Man. So if you've ever wanted to see the #OneWomanSymphony- you will.
I had tears of joy when I first heard God's Whisper; also, when I first realized I finally came alive. Blessings.…
Every lyricist on the planet needs to hear this. & then listen to some @KidCudi, @BigSean, @JColeNC, or @Raury.
I'll be a "faerie" learning therapy & reiki for my first Burn. Found my camp! Thank you, HeeBeeGeeBee Healers for welcoming me. 🙏🏽

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