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ms. universėd
09/13/2015 ...3 days till my Earth Day.
oneironaut princess 🙏🏽👸🏽
Energy spreads! Watch who you surround yourself with.
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Something amazing is in the works right now, and this time - it's really here. 09/16/15 to 09/16/16 I'm breaking through the underground.
Everything I have and everything I'm about to have is because I worked hard for it. That'll be a much cooler story than, "XYZ helped me."
My friend's husband died in 9/11. Someone tried to console her by saying, "We'll get those filthy Muslims for this." Her husband was Muslim
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If you have two feet, can walk, but still use "crutches" to stand, then you are friend zoned. I need love; I already donate to charities.
No marketing, auto-tune, or rich family. But I've a big soul, a real voice, & I make my beats. #newmusic 09/2015.
Sad to see people miserable over another person
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NorCal, Virgo burners represent. 💚v
Thank you to the random people that I may never know who gave me this shirt after taking a photo in it. #BeYou
Update: @Raury's debut album is called 'All We Need' and it's coming in October
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Still burning. Enough love to light even the darkest path, Enough forgiveness to try again every time. Hi. I'm Mars.
Once the world becomes so distressed with the mediocrity of overprocessed music, that they crave something real.…
Post virgin-burn bliss. Thank you @burningman, for the recharge. Time to take the world by storm, now.
People who have a problem with "interracial" dating disgust me on a very different level.
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8.29 a tree will fall in the forest Whether you hear it make a sound is only a matter of if you're 1st to hear it, Or if you hear it later.
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The world will know @iamARSMAGNA before everything resets back to basics.
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Performed 1st song as MARS in '08. Fully realized Indigo since '09. Recognized for my contributions to music in 2016.
@iamARSMAGNA @burningman intense eyes of a prophetess, no make up is needed. enjoy your moment.
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Aura Quartz opens every chakra & every door. I finally accept the calling to take my place in the world. #nomakeup
2 days til @burningman. ❤️🙏🏽 to m@Etsysy friends: BlueLotusDesigns(tiara), MarieKayDesigns(infinity scarf#nomakeupu37
The #OneWomanSymphony will make this list. You're about to experience a true display of musicianship & development.…
I really wish I could buy me a spaceship and fly
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When musicians say they're "working hard", 'cause they're in the studio, it's an obvious sign: they never really had to a day in their life.
When you are at your most vulnerable Busy your mind, & Control your thoughts... Or other entities & occurrences will.
With the smallest change, Your whole existence sways. You got feet & no legs. Play victim for a reaction, but I see right through your ways.
I don't @ people on Twitter often, but I was literally just thinking the same about you. ;) you're such a queen!…
They will write you off as disillusioned, they will try to make you feel powerless. Refuse to be swept under.
With false idols, everything will line up. You WILL like them. You'll idolize their appearance & their pseudo enlightened, rehashed quotes.
you fall into his bed because you can't fall in love with what's inside your own head
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such a shame seeing ppl glorify n idolize artists demonstrating darkness on my Instagram feed n calling them divine goddesses .. wake up
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ppl get 2 shamelessly promote n misguide thousands while the true sages gotta hold their tongues and humbly trudge on the periphery.. I c it
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@iamARSMAGNA cause circumstances change &sometimes the unknown seems more comforting than known struggles. But Even when it's bad, it's good
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At my height, I realize the gift that is life - in all of its ups, downs, & seemingly lackluster in-betweens. It's all noteworthy.

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