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A N A G | S R A M
For the first time in my entire life, I just sat in front of a small crowd of 100% strangers, played guitar, and sang.
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I wouldn't wish failure on my worst enemy, takes too much energy. Besides, side by side, no one could dim my light.
Pretending to be a have not just so you can have a story takes away from work ethic of the folks that were born with less cards.
Move to the rhythm of the moon and tide.
May you sleep well, eat well, and laugh from the base of your stomach. May you live. May you Breathe deep. May you enjoy life.
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7A-8P to fund the dream, so I can thrive. One day it'll just be music and I.
I think I might have inhaled you. I can feel you behind my eyes. You've gotten into my bloodstream. - Stateless
I've been treated like I deserve, from that experience, I learned to never settle for someone who doesn't recognize your beauty.
Open and align your heart. Not all will take your offer, but there's someone dying to be apart of it.
They also have collectively made less good music 😭😭😭😂😂😂 the power of the…Pye77s
Don't be that person denouncing the importance of equality by saying the government is distracting us. Pay attention to EVERYTHING.
Defending yourself against false tongues is futile. Feel compassion for their audience; Let dates, truth, time, & research speak for you.
There is this self-contained multi-instrumentalist artist called @iamARSMAGNA A bit amazing like. I never make predictions much, but ...
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Trying to lick my dimple, ya bish, wtf it looks like?
You are the vessel, claim your inheritance.
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MARS GANA is an anagram for ANAGRAMS & ARS MAGNA which is Latin for great art. & MAS GANAR = a lot of winning in Spanish. Since 2008.
I avoid people that point fingers at others & I busy myself with people who introspect to find the nature of the root of their emotions.
When you meet someone who has the same vision as you >
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If only more musicians could display this level of flawless execution in a live setting... she's a true anomaly.…
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@iamARSMAGNA's debut full length album, due September 2015, will leave an imprint in the sands of the music industries zenith echelons...
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@iamARSMAGNA awe thank you I appreciate that :) yes I am real haha no problem I love your singing its amazing and ur very pretty as well😌
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@iamARSMAGNA may your process of progress continue to flourish
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We might never see eye to eye, But if your heart and intentions for this planet are as honest as mine, I hope you fly. #OneGoal
Every day of my life, I wish someone would recognize my hard work, my struggles, my skills, my persistence, and lift me up. Lowly for now.
Im very disconnected from society and normal human interactions, so its really nice to encounter good souls when I do.
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As amazing as this entire video is, I couldn't stop thinking about how beautiful my baby cousin @Velvelawulf is.…
There are too many problems on the planet for me to spend a second longer concerned with the vain, western idea of fame. Time to reroute.
May my dad's words heal you - no matter who you are. 💪�
Follow one of best new musicians on the rise! Check out "Mars Gana - Transmissions" on Vimeo #Vimeo
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Mars gana Best Alternative !!!!! Well done Echelon !!!
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Damn, @RemyVega_ steady on that next level shit. You're too 2017 for these lames.…
you don't realize how poorly you've been treated until someone comes along and treats you the way you should be treated
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My favorite feelings on the planet: 1. Love 2. Nostalgia 3. Like we planned to meet before birth.
and a beautiful soul. Thank you for always showing love. I can't believe how gorgeous you are! Are you real? Lol.…
"We like the same age, but I been in the game 12 years before you plagiarized me..." ...lest we forget.
Born and raised in Sacramento. Grew up real fast in LA. Back in Nor Cal again... Might fly away soon. You?…
Am apreciat un videoclip pe @YouTube, Mars Gana - CrushCrushCrush (Paramore Cover)
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XtraMile Presents Made to inspire Pt.1 by Mars Gana @iamARSMAGNA She can sing. Her voice is amazing.…
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@iamARSMAGNA: MARS GANA in the Guitar Center Singer/Songwriter Competition - please vote for her, she is so talented!
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