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G▲N▲ : Indigo Child
New creation is soon to be released courtesy of @lordemusic & @TheHungerGames be on the lookout for Lost Souls
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Praise the success of others + Help those less fortunate = Success mindset
So excited to drop my new single A MANS WORLD as a part of my upcoming compilation: PURE ENERGY ONLY 6 DAYS ❤️❤️❤️
@iamARSMAGNA you better stop with your pretty ass! ❤️ love running to old-trap music, lol.
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But you can help me change that circumstance, and therefore CULTURE AND SOCIETY starting this Friday. ❤️ details coming soon. #SPREADTRUTH
I confess. I am a starving artist. I can't afford music videos, photographers, hair extensions, or fancy producers. I do it on my own.
Listen to the quieter voice in your heart, it whispers underneath all the static, but its frequency is there. Give it a microphone. #TRUTH
The difference between you and me? You bought your way in. I worked hard for it. You blend in and steal. I stand out and innovate.
I'm so THANKFUL. I'm about to kick off my tour and I get to start by packing the House of Blues in Hollywood...
Females always talk about how on point their nails and eyebrows are, okay bitch your personality is still shit though.
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Good things come to those who believe, better things come to those who are patient, and the best things come to those who don't give up.
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Nah actually I'm bout to go left and blast this Raury
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People that aren't as clever or creative as you, usually have to steal ideas from you. Don't take it personal or be upset. Smile and wave.
#NEWMUSIC in 7 days! #CLASSICS for now. Circa 2012, all production, lyrics, guitar/keys: GANA Percussion: Scott Jones
@iamARSMAGNA It bleeds through your music. I'm curious to know more about ur process and how you approach your songs. Like what drives you?
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It's crazy to me how many quotes go plagiarized everyday... And it's the same people that be stealing music, too. Lmao.
@iamARSMAGNA you channel something great in your music. 🙏🙏
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Live in the present moment, without regard to the noise of the past or future. it's beautiful here.
No shame, simply came, To take my name, Show you how to BE music, I'll try not to obscure your fame, but Great light will outshine a lesser.
Who else thinks that it'd be awesome if @iamARSMAGNA did an acoustic cover of @falloutboy's new song #Centuries?
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I can let it go, but, I won't forget. & when I appear quiet, That's when I'm working hardest #10Days until #newmusic
"I want to, I need to, forget you, Don't want to, but I need to let you go..." #throwbackthursday #tbt #NowPlaying
Stop worrying, let things naturally happen.
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I ain't tryin to be rude dude, but give a lady some space
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Too many people go through life waiting for things to happen instead of making them happen.
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@iamARSMAGNA An honor to be in the friendship circle of a wise young talented individual. I'm moved by ur quotes as well as ur music. #Best
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There is an imitable beauty to singing without a sense of self importance.
You think I'm crazy for standing up and screaming in a quiet room. I think you're crazy for thinking I'd submit to losing my sovereignty.
So many sexy ass, diverse minds on the planet. If I could, I'd have like - a bajillion boyfriends. Alas, I...
Some old myths claim that when you're born, you're actually crying from your death in your past life.
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You never had shit handed to you. Every thing you've done and owned is because you earned your own money. Doesn't success tastes sweeter?
Just got a package of swag from the team over @ReddFlamingo in Florida! So grateful! Excited to shoot soon!