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Its a shame that equality is such a threat to israels security because its also an easy road to peace.
YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS - George Carlin: via @YouTube
#IOF attack students at al-Tur primary school… < And they demand end to 'incitement'! #BDS #Apartheid #Israel
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COMPARE | BERLIN WALL | vs | ISRAEL's APARTHEID WALL | #Palestine4Palestinians
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Big Money & Friends In High Places: The organization behind illegal West Bank outpost construction… #BDS
Morality & International Law, How Annoying That Must Be For The Israeli Gov'ment & Settlers Alike
The Accused Clears Itself But Will Narrow The Use Of White Phosphorus On Civilians In Future… #warcrime #idf
Today why not spare a thought for the child playing football picked off by an israeli sniper with impunity in the name of security. #zionism
If I ran the IRS. "Hello, Israel, we have decided to tax your $3 billion aid package at a new 99% rate until you end the occupation."
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Israeli airport sorts passengers with ‘Jewish stickers’ and ‘Arab stickers’… #zionism #racism & a #FreePalestine
Prof Hawking, Jerusalem Day 2013 & The Riot Of Zionist Values #Palestine #Israel
Netanyahu Lives Well Outside The Law On Tax Dollars: Israeli warcriminal drops costly in-flight bedroom & icecream
Guantanamo hunger strike, day 97: Defense lawyers demand right to use pens, notebooks, eyeglasses…
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The Cost Of The Occupation?: Damage control over king bibi's US$127,000 bed & $3143 icecream allowance -
Rocket fish & Suicide tuna are a huge problem for israels security hence the need to continually shoot at those sneaky Palestinian fishermen
Israel Often Needs To Shoot At Captive Civilian Palestinian Fishermen Inorder To Defend Itself Against Terrorist Fish…
The COUNTDOWN to protect Antarctica's ocean continues. SIGN the petition here:
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Of course it maybe a Fukashima Goldfish......
My guess is an orca albeit a rotten one
Re last post its around nine mtrs long and appears to have flippers o.O
This washed up on a local beach this morning, any ideas what it is?… #seamonster #NZ
Just finished watching the movie "Life Of Pi" awesome highly recomended :)
You can change parties, policies, governments, founding documents... yet the State still remains. Something to think about.
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Israeli army one of world's worst "predators" of press freedom says Reporters Without Borders (@RSF_RWB)
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