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I Said It!
Sorry guys, I haven't tweeted for A WHILE, but that's stopping now! #RT this please!
The prob with Mcdonald's is: Ones too much, a thousands not enough #Rt
5 guys 1D… Something is very wrong there
Dear Clumsy, If you fall I'll be there to catch you. — Floor
¯\_(^-^)_/¯ meh. haters gonna hate
Do you see the mistake? ¼¼¼¼¼¼½¼¼¼¼¼¼¼¼¼ #RT a shoutout and DM (follow me for a DM)
Them female dogs...
I don't need to control my temper, people need to control the level of stupidity they use in talking
No matter what you say about Mcdonald's, I'm still going to eat it
Turtle: No one is slower than me Snail: No I'm the slowest Internet Explorer: BITCH PLEASE!!!
Homework: because 7 hours of school wasn't enough
LOL just describes my life Ugh describes my overall emotion
That fake laugh when everyone gets the joke except you
I get a blank piece of paper and someone asks is that paper, I be like nah it's a list of girls that wanto date you
do you ever want to grab someone by the shoulders, look them in the eyes and tell them: no one gives a shit
I hate when I say I hate everyone and someone goes except me and I'm like haha no especially you
I hate when people go Follow me I follow back. Followers 1.2M: Following 2
your tweets are protected? what do you tweet? neuclear launch codes?
"Listen (Part I)" *Dedicated to my fans* --7/31/13-- Comes out TOMORROW at 8pm, with a FREE DOWNLOAD. Be...
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me: *sees bug outside* me: oh hi Mr. Bug me: *sees bug inside house* me: DIE BITCH!
I may be an idiot, but I'm not stupid
F O L L O W M E I F O L L O W B A C K (/*v*)/
I'm sorry, did the middle of my sentence interupt the beginning of yours? #interuption
Don't compliment me; I'll get suspicious and kill you or something
Logs off because I'm bored Logs on because I'm bored: Life is impossible
You look like my friend: Ug Lee
It doesn't work yet? You haven't used enough tape
Nothing goes right, go to sleep
My love for you is like a unicorn. What I'm saying is— it doesn't exist
It's hard DM'ing people in different timzones, once they don't reply you're thinking OMG they hate me— They went to sleep @NatGreen97 LOL
RT and follow Me and ——> @Salute_Me_Queen for a shoutout!
RT and follow me for a shoutout and Retweets! I'm checking! (*I*)
I want a 30 day free trial of being attractive
I don't hate you.. it's just... well.. because... Ok fine I hate you
Me (Now) $20: That's it? Me (6yrs old) $1: I'm balling bro, I'm balling
Dog flushes toilet: gets a million views I flush toilet: Gets 20 unfollowers
:S :C :H :O :O :L No happy faces. Coincidene? I think not
me: I'm just going to rest my eyes me: *wakes up august 4 2095*
Girls be 14, looking 18, acting 21 Guys be 21, looking 18, acting 14
I'm tired of trying to impress people. You don't like me? I don't give a shit.
If I leave during an epic movie: I'm not using the restroom I'm pretending to BE that superhero

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