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Question : What is the Similarity between Me and @BillGates ?? Ans: Both of us Don't Use an #Iphone :P :P
Many years left. RT @WhatTheFFacts: Sir Isaac Newton predicted that the world would end in the year 2060.
There will always be haters... give them something to hate on.
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I tried to sneak a picture of Seve and @stanwawrinka during the press conference. You think they noticed? #stealthy
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Delighted to be joining TV Today network, India's largest news network, as consulting editor. Looking forward to working with a great team
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"A problem is a chance for you to do your best." - Duke Ellington #quotes
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iPhone 6 Is Here And Just Like Last Year, I Still Don't Have A Girlfriend..!!
One Good Thing about #iPhone6 is If it is Reversed it Becomes #iPhone9 😜😝
Started "One Day One Quote" Program with the Inspiration of @jay_dude6 ..!! Lets See How it Goes..!! #OneDayOneQuote
For all those ios Lovers..!! :P RT @androidiani: "Dear iPhone 6 users: Welcome to 2012!" #iPhone6 #Apple
Well Done RT @Aircel: Attention all Aircel users in J&k! Aircel offers free calls to all its J&K customers for the next 2 days – Sep 10 & 11
Wi-Fi not to be free for all in Hyderabad:
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Amazing..!! RT @UberFacts: Astronauts often lose their sense of smell and taste while in space.
#GoodMorning RT @SUCCESSQU0TES: "Our attitude towards others determines their attitude towards us." - Earl Nightingale #quotes
Diesel Price may Cut Down. First Time in the Last 7 Years.!! #AcheDin
Another year, another #usopen complete! Thanks to all our fans for making 2014 so special and memorable.
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And a Big Loss to Your Pocket.!! :P RT @gkhamba: I'm no expert but my guess is the new iPhone will be thinner, faster and probably lighter
Most of the Times I am Lazy enough to Reply Also..!!!
9:45 - IPhone 6
Bwahahaha Ajmal Banned..!!!
"All his deliveries exceeded the 15 degrees level of tolerance permitted under the regulations"… #Ajmal
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Saeed Ajmal has been suspended from bowling in international cricket with immediate effect
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How on earth do they keep track of all this? Cilic joins Juan Martin del Potro as the tallest Grand Slam champions (6’6”, 1.98m).
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Congrats Cilic Tallest to win a @usopen GrandSlam..!!
Ever Tried Ever Failed No Matter Try Again Fail Again, FAIL BETTER - @stanwawrinka #GoodMorning #Quote ☺
20 years ago, Sachin Tendulkar scored his first ever ODI century vs Australia in Colombo -…
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Busy Day at Tank Band..!! Enjoyed a Lot with my Best Buddy @I_am_Yogesh .!! ☺☺ #ByeByeGanesha
Dear ECB, don't celebrate that much also. Eoin Morgan is an IPL product after all. #EngvInd
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Blame Ashwin for his 17 Run Over...!! #IndvsEng
And Rayudu is not a Tail Ender After all..!! ☺ RT @sardesairajdeep: So MSD is human after all!
Good Point RT @AltCricket: Rayudu scored clutch 17 off 6 in that crazy IPL match earlier this year, yet Dhoni treated him like a tail-ender?
If this was IPL Last Ball would be Out of the Park..!! #IndvsEng
BEND ot Like Beckham & END it Like Dhoni..!! (Result doesn't Matter) #IndvsEng
England wins SIGH
Six to finish the Game Dhoni..!! #IndvsEng
Poor Fielding..!! #IndvsEng
Typical MSD Finish..!! #IndvsEng
LOL 2 DOT ballsz
17 of 6 balls..!! MSD
Low Full Tosses and Big Bottom Hands from Dhoni..!! BEST ROMANCE EVER..!! #IndvsEng