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Babatunde Thomas -_-
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Its only in Naija a project would cost N50million, they would say its N100million and still chop all the money.. #Magomago #Thiefs #Nigeria
#SeeGobe Cooking beans with cigar lighter ^_^ #SekemDance
"No greater Faggot than a man that sits between a lady and a bike man" - Revelations 2-14
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Fuck it.. Just kiss me!
Hope they aiin here :ss
Too many people care or Nobody cares??? #COMMING2LAGOS
I would rather have you try figure me out like forever than let you see me finish and take me for granted.. #StraightTalk
I hate when immature people talk
@FactsInYourFace: Kissing burns 6.4 calories a minute...wanna work out?”
People who prefer Twitter over Facebook tend to have a higher IQ but are also more likely to suffer from insomnia.
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Cats don't meow to communicate with other cats, they meow to communicate with humans.
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The average amount of time spent kissing for a person in a lifetime is 20,160 minutes.
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Right now, you’re looking at your nose, but your brain chooses to ignore it.
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When someone tickles you, the laugher is a panic response -- You can't tickle yourself, because your body doesn't sense any real danger.
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How a Blogger Snapped the Most Insane Selfie Atop Brazil's Christ the Redeemer Statue… via @vicenews
"Why count your money in front of d ATM? Will u return if its incomplete or is there a button that says "incomplete..?"
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"E". "E" is the beginning of "existence" and the end of "trouble." It's not at all in 'war' but twice in 'peace'.
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TEACHER: Make sentence with ABCD. AKPOS: Atletico Beat Chelsea Die
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Tanx bro... Nw ffin "@rob_efosa: @Maximum_KlymaX love ur "fantasy" song.. Voted it on The Beat 99.9 fm.. Kindly follow back! :D"
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In 2010, a black Nigerian couple gave birth to a blue-eyed, blond-haired white baby in London.
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I will score myself 3 times,u will choose team for me & still do my formation, will not use "x" throughout d game & I will still beat u 7-3
15 year old in ss3 sees a strand of bear: "yea, keep em coming" 23 years old still in parents house: "get (cont)
Ok just saw hair on my chicken, should I sue KFC or you still want free ketchup??
University or College nerds be like ok!!!! so its 2x+7°base 3 integrated by 45$-72°C = MY ASS!
Do u think he will go to heaven with such a sinful act... this pic is a sin to photoshop...#lmaooooo
Lol RT @OlaAyobami: Lol RT @BarneyStinsonHI: Boy: Hey! Girl: Hi, Boy: Wanna play the rape game? Girl: No... Boy: That's the spirit!
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LMAOOO #ColdWorld yeah? RT @i_am_prefosa: Wizzyemmanuel true man.. Just got ditched on a kiss *smh*
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#HaveYouSeen Video > DJ Xclusive Ft. Terry G – Fatasi Mp3 DOWNLOAD:…
#youtube OHK FT. SKALES & DREY BEATZ - OBI (OFFICIAL VIDEO)… welcome back! @youngskales .. @Enisbaba_v (biggest fan)
JAY Z & Solange pose for their first photo together since their infamous elevator fight!
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would you regularly pay tax to the club you claim to love??? Nigeria
I don wake oooo! Nigeria make una greet.
All they keep saying z "you're good, u gonna go far...bla bla bla" SIGN YOUR BOY NIGGA!!
hmm so this sister still the queen of abbreviation.. Meaning "my day was fine" buh we be seeing "m d w f"..who we.. Kyle xy???