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Hayden Price
bout to pop some bands at ikea 💸💵💰
Well hello there, Weekend. It's good to see ya again.
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"@jordann_diaz: boys with like shoulder length blonde hair r my weakness" hey
"@DustyAllDay: @RCshumway go to Feed Me with me and @Tyler_Napkins and @hwplivnlow" good luck with that Dustin...
My Galaxy S5 is entirely waterproof; what a time to be alive Shoutout to @kayleyschiffler for her awesome backyard
Currently golfing in @Chubbies and it is extremely satisfying
"@DestinyDerevage: I didn't know you were on big brother @hwplivnlow" yess I've never seen the show but he looks cool
My uncle's high school counselor at Marana used to sell him weed 😂
What time does school start tomorrow? Oh wait... #college
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@hwplivnlow You just tried to use a tweet against me that's almost a year old so yea let's be friends...?
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10/29/13...😂😂😂 @hwplivnlowlow: I wish I was making this”
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"@CalebRashad: @kylie_dunne @hwplivnlow Fun fact: I almost unfollowed Kylie a few hours ago." same here man
Isn't ERIKA cute? I like MISTY a lot too! Oh, and SABRINA, I like her!
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They say, "You are what you eat." That's funny I don't remember eating a sexy beast when I woke up this morning.
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"@innoutburger_: A date isn't a date without In-N-Out." before or after food?
Ben and I decided to go out wheeling off of Manville in complete darkness
45 Years ago today, Astronaut Buzz Aldrin celebrated communion on the moon
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Thinking of taking a Havasu Falls trip before classes start
I want someone to look at me the way I look at bacon.
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I don't know how to feel when 500 girls a day tell me "you could be gorgeous if you cut your hair"
Chubbies most likely make you at least 4.2x faster (Obviously because of their aerodynamics. Can’t argue with science.)
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Today is National Nude Day... I'm at church camp but you gotta do what you gotta do
"@RCshumway: I get all flustered at the counter when the zia cashier is a QT I just can't take it" yeah I could tell you liked that guy
Best times to wear pants: never never never never \_ never never never never
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My dad found my tortoise about a hundred yards from my house. So he didn't get far @youhaters 🐢
Well, this is one of my last tweets for a few years, so I should say something inspirational I guess... Long live the Fab 14.
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Better not be a bunch of grenades at church camp
Wrestling is not easy .. you can't teach how to have heart and not give up when you're on your back or losing. You gotta believe you can win
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@hwplivnlow I can't believe I am going to miss that mane of hair.
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Going to ucyc tomorrow... just brings back memories of @StephenGusman's hot bod.
When I cut my hair I'm gonna make a Facebook event so everyone can come watch
Accio firebolt so I can get the heck out of this place
Exactly one month til I move in with this kid ❤💙💚�
Harry Potter makes me so happy that I get sad at the same time... if that makes sense
Protip: get a girls number and text her first because 1. she will not text you first and 2. she will not text you first
Remember - never pick a favorite Beastie Boy because he'll die first