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When your mom is your biggest fan #moms
Hey does anyone know what building the debate is at? Been searching everywhere @MacleansMag #cdnpoli
I moved btw
Feeling the rental market in Toronto first hand fom the good 2 the bad 2 the "people actually pay that much money 4 a hole in the wall?!"
What's happening? Pam Am's happening 😎😎#PanAmGamesm#PanAm20150#PanAmnAm
Job description requires MBA; hiring manager doesn't have bachelor's degree. Lol!
Got my degree! I mean.. It's in Edmonton and I'm in Toronto - But still! #MacEwanU @MacEwanU, thanks!
Moving to a new place in downtown Toronto to get closer to the action ;) @nenshi missing you and @tubbydoghotdogs
Pan Am games ramping up here in Toronto. Gonna be dope #panamgames #yyz @JohnTory how do you feel about this?
Got caught taking a selfie at work by an office worker... Awkward
Today's free massage day at work! I got a warning email since they found out I double booked haha #TELUS
I just can't handle how cute those bunnies are #crying #TELUS #ExpectMore
Two months in and I still love my new job at @TELUS :D
In the boardrooom
Indeed indeed *moves back to Edmonton*…
That moment when you realize that there's no green onion cakes in Toronto. @doniveson, what have I done?! #TOmove
All the street fests... all the street food.. all the-
First time on a streetcar. Still wondering why they exist.
I went to Quebec and forgot to tweet about it
Just accepted the position of Marketing Specialist at TELUS! This also means that I'm moving to Toronto!
Sometimes I wish someone could just live tweet my life
Rest in peace to those who fought and died at #IwoJima
#yvr vs. #yeg - does weather really matter?
Baberaham Lincoln
Bye Edmonton! #yeg see you soon @doniveson :D #vacation
#TBT from when I was a wizard
The internet is too weird *quits Internet*
Stat of the day: The adult film industry shrunk by .08% this year. Like are people just getting bored of it?
I wonder if the adult film industry needs a marketing specialist.
One day I'll find out what the true meaning of twitter christmas is
The job hunt is on #noscamsplease
Gonna eat food with the bae @DBingley1993
Last exam is in the bag. #NewGraduate
My new band will be called "Huy will do anything 4 money band" brought 2 u by Huy will do anything 4 money Inc. #Huywilldoanything4money
Retweet this with a topic and I'll write a song about it.
Why am I even taking Japanese history?
Please do this survey! I'll write you a song or something. Or I won't depending on what you're into.…
”I don't know what the tweediner is!" - customer at work referring to #twitter @MajeauTyler.
Apply for jobs, school, work, apply for jobs, school, work.. Almost #newgrad
Somebody at KFC called out my order, and when I got there, laughed and said "just kidding." @kfc
Unconditional love right here #momsonfacebook
'@BurritoLibre just followed me. I will eat burritos there until the day I die.
Rooting for Olivia Chow over here
Also, apparently I'm in Quebec City.
Well I guess I have a tumblr now

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