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So excited for a long overdue adventure with @TheBryanHussey tomorrow 😊🎉
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Just drove by a squirrel trying to resuscitate his friend who had been hit by a car and the feels were just too much 😢
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Brian Williams recalls the moment he and Harrison Ford went down
@KTHopkins Truly sad that you use your fame to spread hate and ridicule. But hey, that's all you really have going for you, isn't it?
Day 1: It has been three hours and I am still here in the food court. They call it food coma. No more Master Wok. Eat healthy, kids.
Whats it called when you eat so much you cant move? Because I just did and I'm in the mall and I'm afraid I'll never leave and I'll die here
@Pebble Black and blue #PebbleTime to be announced tomorrow? I have a dress it would go great with!
@Pebble My prediction for tomorrow's announcement? The Pebble Time Steel - Another bezel for your bezels! #PebbleTime
@trevoray sometimes there are defects in early bird editions so that's why some people go for the second shipments
Your ways were unconventional, but you'll be missed Macklin. #ParksFarewell To learn about a real FBI career, visit
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I actually love my job, that's not supposed to happen
The wait is over for Dr. Steve’s pilot. Bagboy TOMORROW at 12:30AM on @adultswim…
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@gilozeri @ChelseaVPeretti @TwoAndAHalfMen You put my exact thoughts on this episode into words and I thank you for that.
‘Parks and Recreation co-executive producer Harris Wittels dies at 30:
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Apparently 'Two and a Half Men' wasn't canceled 4 years ago! Who knew!
@actuallyCR I don't understand why this surprises so many people...
New mixtape in the works. Beats laid out. Recording soon. Solo work.
Geeze Louise that is enough of that
Whoever used my email address to sign up for aerie rewards... Well played
Remember grass?
Uh the bus driver stopped to have a snack... What is happening. I have places to be.
Rare photo of Brian Williams with Amelia Earhart just before their aircraft went down, he recalls. #BrianWilliams
I love when people try to harass me thru fake accounts and phone numbers. It's actually flattering that people do that for ME specifically.
Graduating college next year and I still have no idea what I'm doing with my life 😒
At this point I am accepting of the fact that we are going to get a nor'easter or two every week for the rest of our lives
This is my phone wallpaper. I don't care. My cat is dope
Oh thank god we're getting more snow. I was afraid it was all over.
Yo if someone wants to order Chinese food to my house that'd be awesome
I hate this season. Can't wait to move to warmer climate
So 20 bucks just filled my tank...
Why does music cost money? Why do we have to pay $ for something that's biologically inherent? Start a huge movement, people. #FreeTheMusic
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The calendar for February 2015 satisfies my OCD
@ISHMAELSOSA a "thank you" probably would've sufficed
Got the strangest app today from the App Store... It's called French Girls. Take a selfie and people will draw it 😦
My goal is to watch 30 hours of Parks & Rec before my power goes out. Then when I lose power I'll stare at a wall. What are your plans!
Lil Wayne and Birdman are reportedly heading to court.
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What was once my dream is now something I regret ever getting involved with
My girlfriend is perfect. Just what I needed 😷😷

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