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Me driving for the first time:
Whats on your fridge door?
Accidentally left my cell phone in the other room for 15 minutes. Not sure how I survived
It's time for BRONZEEE LEAGUEEE HEROESSS for @HuskyStarcraft!
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My face when internet companies are upgrading upload speeds all over LA but not near me:…
Guys, I just figured it out. Stop sleeping and you have so much more time!
Also have been taking voice lessons to not damage my throat. Learning how to yell without blowing out my voice etc
One mile jog with 3 mile walk. WHAT HAVE I BECOME
Me after eating an entire Red Baron pizza:
As a kid I thought NPCs in games were employees at the companies playing against you all day. Never understood why Goombas were so bad
Guys, i found a picture of heaven
.@BlizzHeroes OMG the new hero IS Millhouse Manastorm! I knew it :D!!!! ♥♥♥♥
Did any of you watch?
Had an amazing time at the #Streamys. Great seeing so many friends and finally having an excuse to wear my Protoss shoes
The Streamys are pretty amazing. Go vote for Nerdy Nummies at
Last chance to vote for Nerdy Nummies! Thank you all so much for the support. You guys rock ♥ @streamys tonight!
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Went to a liquor store to buy sparkling water. I know how to party
Just a reminder! Last day to vote for Nerdy Nummies at the @streamys ! You can vote again, even if you have before:
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Just got a promotion CD in the mail with software on it. What year is it?
My friend @Sinvicta is doing a Gold and under SC2 Tournament. Signups close in an hour. GO SIGN UP AND HAVE FUN
Nom🍰 nom🍪 nom🍨 LOVE the scrumptious trea@RosannaPansinoino makes #NerdyNummiesies 👓! You too? VOTE
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0-3 the dream tho
Nobody ever expects the 4th frostbolt. I had the option to get a total of 6. Every pick was 3 good cards. I will never get this lucky again
I am so in love with this @PlayHearthstone Arena draft that I almost dont want to play it...
Definitely the worst.
After 6 days my mile is down from 11 mins to 9.5 mins. Not the best but maybe not the worst :D?
It's time for BRONZEEEE LEAGUEEE HEROESSSS for @HuskyStarcraft! Send replays to
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The most terrifying Robot walk ever...
This Loyal Dog Refuses To Leave A Grave That Has Peanut Butter On It
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Night guys. Dont stay up too late playing video games. ....hahahah like thats gonna happen
I love when past me leaves an automated reminder that current me totally forgot about until now.
Love these shoes that Husky got! Keep an eye out for them at the Streamys this weekend! 🎮
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What do you call a T-Rex who works out too much? A tyrannoSOREus Rex. #NoMoreFitnessTalk
Nerdy Nummies was nominated for best show of the year! If you would like to help, vote here:
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Three days straight of running 1.5 miles followed by 45 minute workout. Next 5 days scheduled. I may die. RIP Husky
Any suggestions on which one of these phones to get? Looking to upgrade
"I'm sorry, but you're a day late and a dollar short" "I was not informed the price would be $1"
Help those who would help you without hesitation. Those are the best kinds of folks :D
My cd-player has 60 second anti-skip playback technology 8) #tbt
Yo bro, back off, my friend has Thunderfury #tbt
What an awesome year. Keep it real everybody :D
😄😃@RosannaPansinoino’s num#NerdyNummiesies show is nominated for Show of the Year!!! VOTE
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Tuvok and 7 of 9. Worlds cutest couple imo
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