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This was so gratifying to look at:
When are they going to release @PlayHearthstone on smart watches?
I am like WAY too excited for Blizzcon.
Took a step back and reminded myself that gaming is meant to be FUN. I dont care what anyone says, I am going to enjoy gaming to the fullest
Happy Monday! It's not said very often...
Maybe someone accidentally fireblasted his own minion on iPad while 8-2 in arena. Just maybe.
That moment when you lose a won game because of a missclick.
What did you guys think of yesterdays Walking Dead? If you dont watch it.... Hot Pockets or Poptarts?
So excited to see Esports growing to where I've always known it would. Just had to wait for the world to catch up :D ♥♥♥ #ESPORTS
Esports is amazing. #Worlds
Good morning everyone :D
Try being positive. Its surprisingly effective.
New Video! Got so many requests to make Maleficent themed Candy Apples today on Nerdy Nummies! :)…
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BLH Song: All about One Base, 'bout one base, no Expo!
This is why I've been having to run 1.5 miles a day:…
Any of you going to Blizzcon :D?
But at the same time... pizza ALSO makes you feel better.
Turns out working out 4 days a week for 2 months makes you feel better.
.@RosannaPansino YAY! Question: If @VGHS turned into a strawberry milkshake, would you still love it?
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Turns out its Saturday. What are you doing this weekend :D?
Best wishes to the sexiest man I know, @Totalbiscuit. Get well soon buddy, I look forward to your smug tweets ASAP
I kid you not the hair in this photo is twice as tall as in the next one we took hahaha.
Good times tonight! @HuskyStarcraft and I were on Dancing with the Stars supporting @BethanyMota! #TeamInternet ♥ :)
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Husky appears to have defected to cast Dance Dance Revolution or something -…
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Well that was lols
Gamer by day...... gamer by night.
Currently watching 4 Esports events at the same time.... I love how far things have come :D
I strive every day to try and be this cool:
If you could add a 4th race to StarCraft but it had to be an established race from another franchise, what would it be?
Every time something in a game I like gets buffed with the newest patch:
When do I get my Google self driving car :D?
Happy pay-the-bills day!
My Mom mailed me like 100 childhood photos. I'm eating pizza, playing video games, or sleeping in like all of them. Some things never change
Been playing the best games since before I was 10. Me playing XCOM as a kid :D
Why are all my best friends the ones who work every single day? Have to create projects just to see them :D
8:30 mile down from 11:30 when I started. If only every morning was nice and chilly :D #ThatDrought
7am morning jog. Otherwise the California sun sets me on fire.
Went to see the doctor today, they confirmed I'm only 75% dead, not all the way dead yet!
I kind of love how EVERY Saturday is now ESPORTS day. I remember having to wait multiple weeks :3
This belongs in a museum.
Been feeling good about this year and life in general. Anything you are excited for in 2014?