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Want a page like this?
"I'm sorry, but you're a day late and a dollar short" "I was not informed the price would be $1"
Help those who would help you without hesitation. Those are the best kinds of folks :D
My cd-player has 60 second anti-skip playback technology 8) #tbt
Yo bro, back off, my friend has Thunderfury #tbt
What an awesome year. Keep it real everybody :D
😄😃@RosannaPansinoino’s num#NerdyNummiesies show is nominated for Show of the Year!!! VOTE
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Tuvok and 7 of 9. Worlds cutest couple imo
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In the end it doesnt matter whats on the outside, it matters whats on the inside. AKA a spooky skeleton
Turns out Nerdy Nummies is a @streamys "Show of the Year" finalist. Vote here to feed me even more cake:…
Just found out that Nerdy Nummies is a Streamy finalist for best show of the year! To help, vote at this link :) ♥…
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Why is it I always find new and inventive ways to hit my head on things? #TallPeopleProblems
Getting rid of stuff is the best feeling in the world.
Amazon acquires Twitch. Let's see what happens now :)
Any time I attempt a new build in SC2:
Lifehack: If whenever someone asks your opinion on something you say, "Now thats-a spicy meatball!" people will learn not to ask you things.
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The best thing about having an instagram account named 'husky' is everyone accidentally tagging me with puppy pictures
Beyonce: The Concert Awards
And if you are already into Sunday... JUST AS MUCH HAPPINESS
Happy Saturday everybody :D
This is for you, people who leave positive comments on YouTube:…
"Well I'm going to get a full sized Red Baron Pizza" "Nice, I could take one slice of that" "...I better get a second pizza"… If you missed Yesterday's Bronze League Heroes :D
You dont have to be 'the best', just be YOUR best.
Cons about the name Mike: It seems like EVERYONE has it. Pros about the name Mike: ITS AMAZING.
Things I love about my viewers: Super tech savvy and smart/amazing. Thanks for the suggestions!
No budget btw, just want high quality/sleek/good looking for work :D.
Anyone have any suggestions for matching triple monitors? Never had more than 2 and mine are slowly dying.
Finally decided to get some outdoor exercise:…
A new episode of BRONZE LEAGUE HEROES is uploading. Let us pray to the processing gods for a quick delivery :D
I just made an Instagram last night :D.
Apparently Instagram is super picky about urls xD
More HuK action. Ft KAAAAANE :D ♥ SC2
There have been many good games this week :D
Definitely had to cast game 2 after yesterdays.... POLT VS PENGUIN G2
This is exactly how I get ready in the morning:
When do you think Legacy of the Void will come out?
What game are you most excited for being released in the next 12 months?
This subreddit is literally my College years all over again…
Had chicken and waffles for the first time..... I'm beginning to see why this is a popular combination
ZvT - Ryung vs Curious - MERRY GO ROUND OF DEATH