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My Mom mailed me like 100 childhood photos. I'm eating pizza, playing video games, or sleeping in like all of them. Some things never change
Been playing the best games since before I was 10. Me playing XCOM as a kid :D
Why are all my best friends the ones who work every single day? Have to create projects just to see them :D
8:30 mile down from 11:30 when I started. If only every morning was nice and chilly :D #ThatDrought
7am morning jog. Otherwise the California sun sets me on fire.
Went to see the doctor today, they confirmed I'm only 75% dead, not all the way dead yet!
I kind of love how EVERY Saturday is now ESPORTS day. I remember having to wait multiple weeks :3
This belongs in a museum.
Been feeling good about this year and life in general. Anything you are excited for in 2014?
Also, getting an $8 haircut and telling them to make you look "hip" is a gamble at best
I don't think the long hair is cutting it guys... ITS JUST NOT WORKING OUT
I killed esports guys
Saying someone "Killed it" can either mean they did really good or ruined it. Can also mean they... killed it.
*passive aggressive GG from opponent* *not so passive aggressive CRUSHING IN THEIR FACE AND CLAIMING VICTORY FOR YOURSELF*
Will have a haircut before Blizzcon. JUST LEAVING MY OPTIONS OPEN
Got to meet a special someone on the set of Nerdy Nummies...
On second thought... that is kind of awesome
This LA heat wave is really affecting me on a harsh level. All my gummy worms have fused into one giant mass
Getting like way too excited for Blizzcon
Ohana means family
This pretty much sums up my childhood. Mix in some Counter-Strike as well :D
Nothing on this planet feels better:
Also 100 degree weather isnt helping. MY PASTY NERD SKIN CANT HANDLE IT
Ran a mile in 8:50.. down from 9:20 a day before. Almost feeling not worthless. ALMOST.
Watching the gaming industry over the last 20 years has been amazing. Such exciting times :D
I had a dream where I stayed in a completely normal hotel and absolutely nothing weird/exciting happened. Did my brain just take a vacation?
Did anyone else see the guy wearing the @EpicMealTime shirt at that NFL game? I dont even watch, just happened to see it in passing
The arena run before that I also conceded games I had lethal if my opponent said 'Well Played' back.I like to think it confused them greatly
This Druid arena draft gave me 6 Innervates. Of course I took all 6. I went 1-3 but HEY, that one person I beat didnt know what hit him
What is your favorite food and why is it pizza?
Thank you to whoever invented Air Conditioning
Every time I make such a noob-level blunder that it makes me lose a game I should have won:
Someone found my new Taco restaurant I opened and left a review:
Me driving for the first time:
Whats on your fridge door?
Accidentally left my cell phone in the other room for 15 minutes. Not sure how I survived
It's time for BRONZEEE LEAGUEEE HEROESSS for @HuskyStarcraft!
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My face when internet companies are upgrading upload speeds all over LA but not near me:…
Guys, I just figured it out. Stop sleeping and you have so much more time!
Also have been taking voice lessons to not damage my throat. Learning how to yell without blowing out my voice etc
One mile jog with 3 mile walk. WHAT HAVE I BECOME
Me after eating an entire Red Baron pizza:
As a kid I thought NPCs in games were employees at the companies playing against you all day. Never understood why Goombas were so bad
Guys, i found a picture of heaven
.@BlizzHeroes OMG the new hero IS Millhouse Manastorm! I knew it :D!!!! ♥♥♥♥
Did any of you watch?
Had an amazing time at the #Streamys. Great seeing so many friends and finally having an excuse to wear my Protoss shoes
The Streamys are pretty amazing. Go vote for Nerdy Nummies at