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Literally the closest game I have ever cast in 4+ years
Welcome to the GAME OF THROWS
Just mailed off the taxes to Uncle Sam. I like to think he spends it on @TacoBell and Videogames.
Happy tax day everybody!.... :o
What a successful Baneling hit feels like:
Semi Finals - Polt vs herO - PvT - Game 4 - Frost - StarCraft 2: via @YouTube
GAME OF THRONES SPOILER! Tyrion drinks alcohol in the newest episode.
Thinking of growing my hair out so I can do a REALLY bad Winter Soldier hairstyle. Then I can shave it into a REALLY bad mohawk again :D
I just had a convo with a kid telling them I was around when the REAL Flappy Bird first came out (Helicopter). They were not impressed
Apparently they have updated CS:GO a ton.
Polt vs herO, Game 2, Habitation Station :D
Whats one interesting fact about yourself?
If the guy who did my ORIGINAL Husky logo (years ago) is still around, hit me up! I sent you an email :D
It's time for BRONZEE LEAGUEEE HEROESS for @HuskyStarcraft ! Send in replays to
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When it rains it pours...... unless you're in Los Angeles, then it goes right back to not raining
This deck is bad and I feel bad. MIND GAAAAAAAAMES
If you missed it, really enjoyed BROFORCE much more than I thought I would…
Look who I found on the digital billboards in NYC. Awesome!! RosannaPansino @megumixbear #youtubehype #NerdyNummies
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Alright you guys got me, I also got a churro
Did I just drive to @TacoBell at 10pm to order a large Baja Blast? I DUNNO YOU TELL ME
To anyone who follows it, have there been more CS:GO tournaments lately?