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This bitch only 18 wtf why you rappin like that?¿…
I got documented almost two weeks ago and still haven't heard anything from the HD
Aw don't you love it when people tweet you sweet things 😍😍j8V
Over half of the US is refusing #SyrianRefugees 👍�HR
Refugees from Syria are now pouring into our great country. Who knows who they are - some could be ISIS. Is our president insane?
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Charlie sheen has HIV. Classy
I love being able to say what's bothering me and being responded to with kindness and understanding. I'm a very lucky guy 🙂
I, along with almost everyone else, have so little confidence in President Obama. He has a horrible attitude-a man who is resigned to defeat
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I'm glad I met you, I hope you know that.
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I don't think that was a part of the ingredients
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i might seem really sassy but if ur mean to me i might cry
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somewhere between lets start over & bye bitch
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the squirrel from ice age who can never get his acorn
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When you realize yo homework was due at 11:59 and its 12:14
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How can anyone afford a fat child?
As always I get what I want so I'm not annoyed or upset now
My mom used to cry when she would drop me off at school in elementary school because I didn't have friends.
Monday is living up to its name we being a shitty Fucking day
This bitch still sick in my bio lab.
Shorter Obama: I want to help the working middle class
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I'm just rather annoyed rn
1 Fucking thing
I asked for 1 thing
list of things im handling well currently 1.
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If you have a friendship with your ex, are the feelings even gone? An ex is an ex for a reason
Remember, I was the one who said attack the oil (ISIS source of wealth) a long time ago. Everyone scoffed, now they're attacking the oil.
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when u get home from a really stressful day and ur trying not to be negative
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Someone's drier had 57 minutes on it so i took their laundry out and put in mine #whoops
Had to commute to the first floor for laundry
Teacher: "I'll let you out early today" *gets out 2 minutes before regular time* Me:
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