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Humza Arshad
The awkward moment when this happens =| #ITellMyMumShesMyArtTeacher #IJustTellMyMumItsMyMateImranWhoHadASexChangdBecauseHeWasShitAtSports #IJustTellMyMumShesLesbianAndLivesInACaveInRussia #BadmansWorld #ComingSoon #October6EveryMonday #SubscribeToMyChannelNow
No building materials allowed in so we taking in ready built homes IA.Fri 26th Bham Plz RT @HumzaProduction #Interpal
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LIKE if you do.. And Tag that person in! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! #ThisAppliesToAllMyExsWhoHopefullyAllHavePermanentAthletesFootByNowYouJahanumKuthis #ThisGoesToMyRacistFrenchTeacherWhoPronouncedMyNameHamzu #ToMyMatesWhoSaysTheyAreNotHungryBeforeYouOrderAndThenAfterTheyTakeABiteOutOfYourBurger #ToMyAunt
Last nights shoot for my new show #BADMANSWORLD Big up to the team, thank you to all the fans for the support and I'm sorry iv been gone for so long! Bubblegum & Black and Brown news coming soon and as for Badmans world... It's going to be BARE JOKES, FUN, FRESH, WEEKLY WITH WARM MEANINGFUL MESSAGES
Great Long Days Filming 🎥 With My Bro@HumzaProductionn ... Bring On 6th October!!!#BadmansWorldd#YouTubee#BackToBasicss#DOABMM
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Could you please RT this to your followers; My bro's fundraising for MS & requires donations-Thanks! @HumzaProduction
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@HumzaProduction that is sooo funny lol. Can't wait for badmans world which I'm sure is even funnier.
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@HumzaProduction Bruv, I been watching you since the first diary of the bad man. I love you Hamza! I'm a Muslim British citizen 😂
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Shout out to all the Asian gossiping aunties that cuss me and other people's children while drinking tea that we made for them! #AuntiesLookingLikeExtraLargeM&Ms #LookingLikeOverWeightPowerRangersAtAReunion #YouGetUsToMakeTheTeaAndSetTheTableAndServeTheSomosasAndThenComplainThatWEAreTheLazyOnes #Au
15 Days Till #BadmansWorld. Can't Wait @HumzaProduction I 💚 U. Its Going To Be 💯👌😆😍.
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@HumzaProduction Bruv I am so exited for Badman world and pretty young man!! Any chance we could go earlier than October?
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LIKE if you understand the struggle! (we have all been there) and Tag someone who got dandruff/oily hair or needs to change their hairstyle before judgment day! #YourHairGotMoreDandruffThenBigFootsGroin #YourHairLooksLikeItGaveUpHopeFrom2001 #ThisGuysMoustacheLooksLikeAHairyRainbow #BadmansWorld #C
@HumzaProduction cant wait for this!! Going to be epic fam!! 😊✌👌
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PLEASE VOTE AND SHOW YOUR SUPPORT TO @mumzystranger @tashatah_official @djlimelightuk & @kandman It Will be INCREDIBLE if they win!!! =) LIKE VOTE REPOST!
1st day of filming went well!Can't wait to try something new on youtube! #BadmansWorld #October6EveryMonday #NewShowO #SUBSCRIBENOW
Why do Pakistani's, Indian's and Bengali men hold hands in public back home..... only Allah knows =| #TagAGuyYouWouldHoldHandsWithAndHashtagNoHomo #ThePinkyLockIsTheMostHaraamInMyOppinion #LikeIfYouHaveSeenThisAndThenTriedToWashYourEyesAfterWithPaaniZamZam #IWannaTryGetAGirlsNumberWhileHoldingMyMate
"@HumzaProduction: my alarm clock =| @axesyed" Early bird always catches the worm #Oct 6th badmansback with a bang!!!
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@HumzaProduction makes everyone laugh, yet has great messages in his vids! #love #respect 😊❤
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LOLLLLL PEAK!!!! Certain Asian families and people are addicted to indian dramas!!! LIKE and Tag SOME1 you know who are one of these people!!!! #CertainPeopleOnTheDayOfJudgementWillBeWatchingPavithaRistha #CertainPeopleInHeavenWillStillAskForZeeTvAndStarPlus #CertainMothersWillStartHavingContraction
Shoutout to @HumzaProduction he makes people smile, not many people can do that yanow x
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So 2 weeks ago @ASQUEEZY was dared to do a freestyle on link up tv Check it out!! RT
LOLLLL LIKE IF THIS IS YOU IN THE MORNING &TAG IN YOU LAZIEST MATE!!! #ThatsMeAtFajirTimeBeforeMyMumSlapsMe #ThatsMeBeforeWorkAndTechnicallyDuringWorkAndAfterworkToo #ThatsMeAfterITxtedMyMateSayingImOnMyWay #BadmansWorld #comingsoon #October6EveryMonday #SubscribeToMyYoutubeChannelFam #WeAllKnowThat
it only takes 3 seconds to retweet this beautiful name though .
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@HumzaProduction Hey, Please can you be so kind and RT my new video - What happens when you Boil Coke. :-)…
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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LIKE IF THIS WAS YOU & TAG YOUR PARTNER IN CRIME!!! #GivingThePedoSmileToYourMateInChemistry #ButThenYourHeartBreaksWhenHesGivingThePedoStareToSomeOneElse #ThenYouLookAroundAndSeeFourOfYourUgliestMatesInClassGivingYouThePedoSmile #YouThenRealiseTheComplexSituationYouAreInAndThenMake
Looking clapped After a hard long day at a wedding..The capacity was 600... yet 1800 Bengali's turned up! A lot of swag victims..1 boy was wearing red air forces (to a wedding) another was wearing a turtle neck and plimsolls (He's on the D) and I saw 1 girl with a hump on her hijab which was actuall
Black&Brown 3 jokes!!😂🔫using Pringles to do witchcraft still flopped in the
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mayweather vs maidana predictions?
My first EVER match at the Emirates today against Manchester City! We drew but I missed Manchester city's first goal so technically we won! Shout out to my bro @beirutnights for treating me! (what a sexy hunky habibi) #ARSENAL #beiruitnights #EmiratesStadiumLooksLikeMyHouseButWithMorePakis #IgnoreM
On my way to the arsenal game with my boyfriend @mybeirutnights =(stuck in trafic.. but we in a nice car so I don't mind! =p #ARSENAL
I actually LOVE this answer! MASHALLAH! LIKE if you agree! =) #Islam #Intelligent #GirlPower #Hijab #SelfRespect #StopRacism #EvenIFeelLikeWearingAHijabNow #BadmansWorld #ComingSoon #October6EveryMonday
EVERYONE LISTEN (i mean read) @ddarkonline - Im Here (Official Video) OUT NOW!!! RT
@HumzaProduction such a beautiful sentiment. Smile and the whole world will smile with you. #InsideOut 💖😊
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Style Only To Perfection..To Feel Sharp You Have To Look Sharp..Lead By Example..Style By Example. @HumzaProduction
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Two things define you, your patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have everything. My life's goal is to make people laugh and smile.. & with success came a lot of pain to.. (long story) to the point where I forgot to laugh and smile for myself. However I appreciate where I am to
Two things define you, your patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have…