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Humza Arshad
@HumzaProduction your videos r so funny, the best part of your videos r when u say a special message at the end, it shows wat life is.
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@HumzaProduction ur a funny guy i watched ur youtube when i was just 11 dairy of the badman inspired me. When i feel upset i watch ur video
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LIKE... If you had this look in a test on a regular basis! Good Luck to everyone who will get their results tomorrow!!! #IfNotImPresumingTheNextPiaFlightToPakistanWillBeFilledWithUpsetKids
@HumzaProduction I love your videos. You're a great comedian/actor. I can only hope u have more funny tricks up ur sleeve! :D
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"@Mlb5693: I could just sit down and watch @HumzaProduction all day!" THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! =)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY @jowkajay Someone who has always had my back! I see this guy as not a friend, not a mate... but family! Follow him and wish this troll a happy birthday! #PubeLineUnderHisLip #HappyBirthdayHobbit #GoingToBeBrokeAfterThis =|
One of the greats Robin Williams has passed away. r.i.p
Getting ready to take things serious again.
EVERYONE PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT BY WATCHING @rameet_kaur NEW MUSIC VIDEO "KURIYA" MAKE SURE YOU GO AND WATCH IT ON YOUTUBE AND DOWNLOAD THE SINGLE ON I TUNES NOW!!! She's a very good friend of mine (not really actually) and even though her manly accent scares me, and her swag in the pic is from 1
Asians spend so much money on weddings, but remember.....
LIKE IF YOU AGREE.. #Realtalk #BadmansWorld #ComingSoon #October6EveryMonday #YourMumWearsPuma
LIKE if you understand.. #AuntyDontGiveMeMarriageTipsWhenYouHaveBeenDivorced3Times #AuntyDontSuggestYourDaughterToMeBecauseSheMayBePrettyNowButSheWillEventuallyLooklikeyou #AuntyDontSayImGettingOldWhenYouUseToPlay5ASidaFootballWithJesus #AuntyDontTalkAboutArrangeMarriageBeingTheBestThingWhenYouRanOf
beautiful version of the pedo smile..
@HumzaProduction Salaams bro, i'm climbing Ben Nevis in aid of Gaza. Please could u RT our fundraiser link JazakAllah
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Big up @Nysubsandshakes bare yummy desserts man! check it out no long ting!
At a wedding (or as i call it... free meal event) with my brother @hasan_arshad and my dad! I have NEVER uploaded a picture of my dad.. he is a man who I admire and respect. A man who came to this country with nothing... and years later has nearly everything... including a BUFF, HANDSOME SEXY HUNKY
HumzaProduction | Worked with Asqueezy, Jazzie, Adam Deacon, Klayze + More | SashTV @HumzaProduction
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Humza is the only comedian in the world i watch & i absolutely love bc b4 him i used 2 absolutely hate comedy.He's amazin! @HumzaProduction
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@HumzaProduction I love watching your youtube videos especially your bubble gum videos 😊
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The awkward moment when you tell your boy these hoes ain't loyal... LOLLLLL! The wait is over, The official TERA PYAR Music video by @nafees_singer IS OUT ON YOUTUBE NOW!!! produced by the don @prophecproductions and special thanx to the team @y4zz @fiyaaaah @montanabloom @nadia123_1989 @rittzzaan
Without any further delay I can now present the Official Music Video "Tera Pyar" Much Luv @ThePropheC #RT RT
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EVERY1 ITS FINALLY OUT! Tera Pyar by @Singer_Nafees with @ThePropheC [OFFICIAL VID…: I'm in it to with no hat =| RT!