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Humza Arshad
youtube videos comedian 74,571 followers
That awkward eid moment when you have eaten so much.. u feel like you need to lay down on the floor for a bit...
@HumzaProduction Eid Mubarak to one of the funniest Youtuber in uk
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Even though some people may turn around and say.... a flying rainbow space cat shooting lasers at the world with his eyes has NOTHING to do with Eid.... I strongly disagree! (please don't ask how) #EidMubarak #EatTillYouShitOutBlood #GoingToMyAuntysHouseNotForTheCompanyButForTheFood #GoingToHugBareR
SO Upset That Ramadhan Has Come And Gone So Quickly .. The Unity Of Our Ummah Is AMAZING .. I'm So Proud To Be A ' MUSLIM ' #islam #eid
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Literally PML at @HumzaProduction Instagram hashtagging skills πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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Asian girls be like... #EidMubarak #ChaandRaat #TimeToDriveUpAndDownTheBroadway #ApologiseToThePoliceInAdvance #GucciMehdiTattooOnMyBum #BigUpTheMoon #AsianGirlsPuttingMoreMakeUpOnThenTheWholeCastOfXmen #GirlsWearingShaalwaarKhameezeWithFakeBlingAndThenGoToAShishaPlace #BigAnnouncemetOnEid #SpankAM
HumzaProduction | Worked with Asqueezy, Jazzie, Adam Deacon, Klayze + More | SashTV @HumzaProduction
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Jon Snows moving message on his return from Gaza..just 3.30 it go viral "The children of Gaza Channel4News…
For ALL You Girls Out There ... DONT MISS CHAND RAAT Come And Join Our Yearly CHAND RAAT Special @pareez. Get Pampered And Feel Good With Our Awesome Offers @dazzle_nails_ilford. Beautiful Kaftans From Karim London All ANEEQS Special Printed Scarfs, There Will Also Be Cup Cake
So many videos being sent but I would like you to watch this 7 min video below. #FreeGaza
When this many innocent people die, we must raise awareness. Imagine it was you? Your family? Would you want people to remain silent? #gaza
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If you don't like what I'm currently talking about just unfollow. Its a relatively simple process. #StopKillingChildrenInGaza
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I can't believe it took so long to watch @HumzaProduction's Diary of a Badman! It is too funny!!
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Humza Arshads hashtags on instagram make me wee myself @HumzaProduction πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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I'm not afraid to stand up to injustice, murder and war crimes... are you!? Like, Repost and DO NOT STOP SPREADING THE WORD! #FreeGaza #ThisIsMurderNotAWar #YouDontNeedToBeMuslimToSupportPalestine #JustADecentHumanBeing #BigAnnouncemetOnEid #NelsonMandelasTieIsOnPointStill
Never loose yourself while trying to hold someone who doesn't care about loosing you. #KnowYourWorth #TrueLoveDoesExsist #JustBePatientAndHaveFaith #OrJustGoOnShaadi.Com #BeStrong #DeepLikeABumHole #BigAnnouncemetOnEid #WhoNeedsAGirlWhenYouHaveHallalHaribos #SlapYourExWithAThaasbee
"@SADIAH_NAEEM: @HumzaProduction Best celeb ever... down to earth. humble. always replies! May Allah give u more!! ameen" awww thank u xxx
To be the best -- you've got to work overtime.
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Go follow sister Amina Maliks page @aminamalikart, she does bridal henna and henna/jagua tattoos. Jagua is a 100% natural dye which stains the skin a blue/blackish colour. (NOT black henna). She is also a visual artist (canvas paintings) and graphic designer @aminamalikart
follow Amina Maliks page @AminaMalikArt, she does bridal henna &henna/jagua tattoos. Jagua is a 100% natural dye!