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Spotted Dick is back! Challah, cinnamon, currants and orange peel. Lick that!
The boys of HS getting Mission Shop ready for some Sundae action.
National Coffee ice cream day? Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee, ready <drops mic and walks away>.
Folks getting @humphryslocombe secret breakfast at the ferry building rn is the true meaning of secret breakfast
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Fabulous Gilmour Girls making a new batch of Chocolate Gold Rush Ice cream!
Hey, honey. Harvey Milk & Honey Graham Cracker is on the way.
...and we're back! Updated Flavor Board:
Due to testicle (typo and it stays) difficulties with our freezer, we will open with a limited flavor selection. Flavor board to follow...
Shredded. More Coconut Sherbet because you won't stop eating it all.
Remind your boss that today is "National Leave Work a Little Early For Ice Cream Day", then hit your local creamery. Can't hurt to try.
Red Hot Banana ice cream. Bananas & Red Hots.
Sometimes you kick - sometimes you get kicked. Mango Chamoy is back...sorbet that kicks.
Toasted coconut, young coconut and coconut milk - Coconut Sherbet. Both Locations. Boom.
Updated Flavor Board. Is that Red Hot Banana or are just happy to see me? Red Hot Banana Ice cream is back!
Sea of Salted Watermelon. Vacation is never over when there's ice cream.
Watermelons never had it so good. Salted Watermelon Sorbet. Right now, both locations, while it lasts.
Labor Day Flavor Board. You've waited a long time and Salted Watermelon is finally here!
Tomorrow, when strangers stop being polite and start getting real. Salted Watermelon -1 day. First come, first serve.
Salted Watermelon. Available tomorrow, first come - first serve. Yes, it's that good.
Elvis The Fat Years ice cream has returned. Mission Shop only. Wull, thank you - thank you vurry much.
Should you find there is no milk left for your morning tea, a spoonful of Harvey Milk ice cream from @humphryslocombe will work admirably.
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After School Special (chocolate covered salted Ridge potato chips in caramel swirl). Last day, Mission…
Everything went from wrong to right, the ice cream you were scooping really blew my mind - It was love, at first sight.
International Bacon Day? On it. We've got both shops stocked with Bacon Peanut Brittle. Go.
Looks like Salted Watermelon Sorbet is on the way.
Friday Flavor Board has arrived! Stout - check. After School Special- check. Weekend, you may begin.
PM ice cream distraction brought to you by espresso toffee. New flavor - coming soon!
A-hem. Here's the thing, "AM ice cream distractions" seem like they may not be that, at all. They're going away unless you say different.
Lick up a lil summertime before it's gone.
Come closer and see...just follow your eyes. The making of After School Special ice cream.…
Thursday Flavor Board & help us welcome Lauren - the newest member of our coven!
#tbt we miss you waiving ice cream kitty. we miss you. meow.
AM ice cream distraction brought to you by cookies! And these sexy b*tches are used for our ice cream sammies.
So tonight, you gotta leave that 9-5 up on the shelf...and just enjoy yourself.
AM ice cream distraction brought to you by a close-up of melty delicious hot fudge on V*n!ll@ ice cream. Lick that!
Earl Grey tea, caramel, marshmallows, and a hint of parody RT @humphryslocombe @KarlTheFog what do you taste like?
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Bad day at work? Leave the office and enter your local ice cream joint. Crisis averted.
Updated Mission Flavor Board! P.O.G. Sorbet is ready.
AM ice cream distraction brought to you by our whipped cream. Go ahead, it goes great with, like - everything!