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Well, this is a first. Condragulations pretty lady
"I’ve got a vested interest in making sure that all our daughters have the same opportunities as boys do." - President Obama at #CBC
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Kinda disappointed @ChelseaClinton didn't name her baby "Socks"
Banana ice cream+bacon peanut brittle=Elvis the fat years. You've been warned
Some country sunshine on this drizzly day: @DollyParton tells us 10 things that make her happy
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Can turn a day around rather (you know what we meant)
Funny how a handsome bartender (and whiskey) and turn a day around
Brendan presents today's word jumble flavor board
Some mornings are more deliciously trashy than others
"That's not a fetish, that's just dumb"-jake
The flavor says "POG" (passion fruit,orange, guava)! Not Fog! And definitely not Poo. Are we clear? Jeez
Presenting the "Better late than never" flavor board!
Someone had a gin and tonic party and didn't invite us #rude
First Day of Fall Flavor Board. Deets on the new Sundae to follow.
Stop with the ice cream wars. It's stupid. Support your local ice cream joint, that is all.
Malted Milk Chocolate, before and after. Monday morning distraction and remember, hangovers are gone by happy hour.
It's your thing, do what you wanna do. Go ahead and and top it with hot fudge...we make it all right here.
Unparalleled Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip. Mission AND Ferry Building. You deserve this.
Thai Chili Lime Sorbet. Work, and it's worth it.
Caramel Cocoa Nib, before and after. It's true. Both shops. You're welcome.
Don't let the color fool you. The pink peppercorn in our Salt and Pepper ice cream...ready for action.
Coconut, right out of the machine...and now I need a piña colada. love with you guys.
Maple Walnut ice cream starts here (taken yesterday morning). Believe it. Mission Shop only. Right now.
Black Sesame ice cream. It's real and ready right now. Mission Shop only.
Thursday Flavor Board and yes Elvis The Fat Years is back!
Thai Chili Lime. Ready right now, both shops!
Staring into a sea of chocolate covered cones. You are home.
Fabulous Flavors, pretty lady and required reading - all in one!
We toast black sesame so you don't have to. You're welcome. Black Sesame ice is back!
Colors of the world - every boy, every girl! ahhhh - shimmy to the left, shake it the right...Candied Ginger is back!
Ice cream "omakase" @humphryslocombe today. Started w light limoncello, ended w rich malted milk…
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10 must-eat dishes to call yourself a San Franciscan, incl. seabass with wasabi noodles: @humphryslocombe @RichTable
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We'll take you on a trip, around the world and back, and you don't have to move, you just sit…
Butterfly effect. Cortney mixing up a new batch of awesome this morning.
Red Hot Banana ice cream is back and it looks like the whole crew is stoked about it. Flavor Board: