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Huey Dunbar
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@RezzaBros just send all particulars2email address on profile. Always lookin'4 new collabs'that make sense wit'organized individuals.
NOs Veremos en Peru el 31!!! mas de mi en un poco!!
Hello California!
Manejando pa LA desde NY, deje un breve mensaje despues del tono..
What if Nostradamus's visions came from "viewing" our future TV and Cinematic broadcasts?
Never run from the start of a new day. "We go forward like a breath exhaled from the Earth." #COD
Like motion thru water, time sets past them. its tug of memoric'emotion just beyond Her grasp reachin'back, End is the childs moon.
Estuve n L lugar perfecto pa'grabar este saludo pa'el Urban Party 3 en Perú el 31 y por otro responsabilidades, me olvide D hacerlo #Mañana!
@OwlbertoRivera tis'a very small mundo 4 us Latinos, we'll hangar again, Be Safe n Take care of my homegirl StyleVamp!
'Call of Duty' creators seek to dismiss suit by ex-Panama leader Manuel Noriega…
... What troubles me iz the efficient form We use 2 remain inefficient in Our application of Our Diversity. #FreeUrMindUrJordansWillFollow
'Con mi Cervesa'stoy de Viaje, pero sin Ego. Siguen en lo'Suyo Mi Gente Bella de Tierra! Luchan!!!
Buenos Dias ‘Gente Bella!!
Oct. 31 Pa'Mi Gente Bella de Perú Nos Veremos !!#HueyDunbar #TheDunbarChronicles
HaHaHaaaaa!!! Halloween!!!! En Peru!!! Nos Veremos Pronto Mi Gente Bella!! Octubre 31. #UrbanParty3 #FlowMusicPeru
EL 31 DE OCTUBRE #LimaVaABailar! Exclusivo para poner a bailar y recordar los mejores éxitos... @HueyDunbar y...
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"Keep Moving Forward!" #VintageCOD
Con la Talentosa @alihjey in da studio! I love this song we got, You f'in'rock Ma!! C u soon!!
Muy Buenos Días, Mi Gente Bella!!
The music in my mind, slightly pushin'back da tide of sleep...
Down 2 Earth talent Always Inspires.
How do you kill a revolutionary spirit? Wit'a mortgage n'a credit card. = #CementShoozeSnooze
Memorias colegiales "Juliana que Mala Eres" súper concierto, gracias por venir a #vancouver @HueyDunbar @latincouver
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@tatylnaranjo Happy Birthday Taty!!!!!!
Gracias infinitas a todos por sus deseos en mi cumpleaños ....🎂🎂🎂🎂🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
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@ElKingpin any 70's Savage Sword of Conan?
The Road beckons in a warm gust of wind and dust, unnoticed when already moving towards the mountain..
Patient Zero? -----> Patient tested in California for possible Ebola exposure…
@jessicareyes "The Great Delay Killah" Hollah!!! 2 remember what gate dis'plane iz'at...
#PrejudiceIsTaught #DunbarChronicles #FreeUrMind&UrJordansWillFollow
AQ en Columbus Ohio, esperando Mi connexion pa LA. #Cerveserandomelobien
Goat Simulator nearing 1 million in sales, as iOS and Android versions are announced.
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@noemidunbar I'm available all week. Special discount 4 Brooklyn Babes. #CrazyButNotStupid
@Ivanac1282 "Eres mi Vida" unos de los pocos canciones originales q me gusta del grupo mío. #BachataQCantò
Just realized that Puerto Rican and Jamaican can translate to AfroLatino....
Blizzard Honors Robin Williams By Adding Him To World Of Warcraft -
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