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Finish this joke! 'Since 2000 there have been 119 UFO sightings in Wales…'
Women, can't live with 'em, pass the beer nuts. Norm Peterson, Cheers
You need to have dreams, where else are you gonna buy the best beds in town? 😂�@gazgagmanan
Our setups need your punchlines. 👍
Punchtime! 'Fifa president Sepp Blatter was forced to halt a conference when someone threw bank notes at him…'
Really pleased to hear! 👍👍…4nE
The useless piece of flesh at the end of a penis is called a man. Jo Brand
There are three kinds of people: those who can count, and those who cannot. George Carlin
A woman in Hong Kong allegedly assaulted a police officer with her boobs , she is being charged under section 32B of the criminal code.
A North Devon man has been accused of stealing money from a woman's vagina… 😂
I think I'm a pretty good judge of people, which is why I hate most of them. Roseanne Barr
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Morning funsters! It's a brand new week & we've got some brand new setups for you. Did we make a boob with this one?
You know the world is a depressing place as soon as your born, the doctor spanks you and then cuts part of your penis off. Ouch
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As it's World Emoji Day I will be mostly… 💥Write a joke about#WorldEmojiDayy 🎉
MPs, Squirrels & Rappers, another standard day on Howler.
Write something funny... 'Sir David Attenborough wants you to count butterflies…'
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Punchlines please! 'A drunk squirrel has caused hundreds of pounds of damage at a private members’ club…'
You can now use your Google account to sign up to Howler. Lots of updates today.
In other news today MP's have been given a pay rise… … thats a joke in itself.
Roses are red, Violets are blue, I’m not sure you lot can do poetry… 😂
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I believe we live in a dog eat dog world... maybe that's why my kennels business didn't do well. 😂
Beachgoers helped a great white shark stranded on a beach stay alive until r... #lol @RadioPositivity
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Hah @baronsnightclub "If they made a film about my life it would be called... who cares what the name is, it'd go straight to DVD"
Joke time. 'Beachgoers helped a great white shark stranded on a beach stay alive until rescuers arrived…'
😢<Oreoless. p.s - We don’t blame you.…l
Oi! Where are all the jokes? you guys are lazy today. 😂😂�howler.cov17
Can anyone think of a funny pigeon joke to go with this?
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Punchline time! 'A town plagued by pigeons has resorted to spiking the birds' feed with contraceptive pills…' Add:
Write something funny for this #NewHorizons setup? Nasas New Horizons spacecraft has made the first visit to Pluto…
Write a punchline! 'A woman in Cirencester has crashed her car into the back of a van while using adult toy…'
Rapper 50 Cent Files for Bankruptcy, he now has more money in his name than in his bank account. 😂@toongirl833
Rapper 50 Cent Files for Bankruptcy... he now joins Kerry Katona and Mike Tyson in 'Da' Bankruptcy club.
When I opened my credit card statement today I found a duck's mouth in the envelope. They sent me the bill. 🐣
Morning! We have quite a few new setups that need #punchlines - check them out.
Couple of new faces signed up today, hello and welcome to the mad house. 🍻
Hah! Interesting setup. 'Dermot O'Leary's been cleared by watchdog Ofcom after swearing during a live broadcast…'
@HowlerCo @AndyGilder Keepers have named him "Droffobia". So everyone say Hi!
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