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Asshattery 101? @BW: Business schools begin to wonder: why not teach high frequency trading?
Working with my pal @mparekh all day in NYC and watching him pitch as we speak. Smartest web man I know ... Sorry @pmarca
The StockTwits weekly email is out! Warren Buffett, George Soros and the biotech boom → $BRKA $SPY $TLT
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"@DownsideHedge: Most indicators I'm following say market should reach all time highs. $SPX"
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ETF portfolios without the management fees? Yes, they really do exist [sponsored]
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Market Technicians: Key Oscillator levels within reach ht: @Stef540 $SPY $NYMO
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Bring it @ritholtz: Today for lunch I am going to teach @howardlindzon what spicy is #Thai
Janet Yellen first said we are overvalued and Biotechs and social web were dangerous ... Now she says rates will stay low which juices them
LET's make some money this week...the tape is strong, earnings over and the good weather in east coast has big money at beach ..#bullish
You are a… and be nice to a robot $qqq
"@jfahmy: BLOG POST: Crazy Prediction $SPY $QQQ $IWM"
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Sunday links: $CORN bottoms and how to look smart. via @abnormalreturns $GLD $KO $MNST $KMI
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$3.2B has been raised by small funds (below $200M) this year, the most amount in the past 4 years…
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Steve Ballmer now runs a laughing clinic in Halifax… ... cc @pmarca #deadringer
Not as good as my talent - I can tell what you are from a fart --- @pmarca: @howardlindzon Trust me:…
Blogging Naked ... A new show from @pmarca and @howardlindzon
Diving in after this naked diving with great white sharks show over @Nivo0o0: @pmarca @howardlindzon @SavedYouAClick
Flipping between "dating Naked' and the WNBA ...there is officially 1 billion channels and nothing on at the moment.
BOOKMARK - the ONLY thing you need to remember about asset allocation $spy $dia $qqq
Favorite read this week: Emerson on friendship Brilliant and soulful. Thanks @brainpicker +1
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Texas and North Dakota are leading the economic recovery. Here's an amazing visual →
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Drones are like the digital cameras boom ... They change everything and prolong tech boom $qqq
We should lower the minimum wage to $1.15 an hour and then we'll really get some juicy dividend hikes!
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The StockTwits weekly email is set! It will be released tomorrow. Make sure you're signed up →
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