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Hovsep Stepanyan
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Silent Hill in Yerevan 👻 #kievyanbridge #yerevan #silenthill #fog #bridge
Microsoft launches Skype for Web to bring voice and video calling to your browser
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The only game that I really want to play now !!! #NeverAlone #ps4 #games (Official Launch Trailer): via @YouTube
Microsoft opens up and makes it easier for developers to build Android apps
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Hellblade Development Diary 6: Camera, Controls & Combat:… via @YouTube
Ubisoft say lower frame rates make games more “cinematic.” By that logic, Assassin’s Creed Unity is the most cinematic game I’ve ever played
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Margot Robbie (The Wolf of Wall Street) сыграет Harley Quinn в «Suicide Squad Movie». Теперь че-то жду.
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In my modest opinion, Interstellar is the best Sci-Fi in human history. #interstellar #movies #scifi
Microsoft's next surprise is free Office for iPad, iPhone, and Android via @verge
shut up and take my money!! Grand Theft Auto V: First Person Experience | PS4
Luminous engine is incredible O.O !!!! Final Fantasy 15/Final Fantasy XV - Tech Demo:… #FFXV #luminousengine
Wow, this looks genuinely incredible. Final Fantasy 15/Final Fantasy XV - Open World Gameplay (PS4):… via @YouTube
💀 Halloween in TUMO 💀 #halloween #party #armenia #scary
Halloween in TUMO 💀 #halloween #scary
AntiGG after Colbert Anti: You mad, bro? GG: Not really. Anit: U mad though? GG: I'm not. Anti: WHY YOU MAD!?! #GAMERGATE
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В рамках борьбы с сексизмом в играх, Playboy снял своего дежурного игрожура в образе Байонетты
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Just received free Battlefield 4 premium edition for PS4 (from my friend who works in EA). You can start envying me :D
LoL, it's so funny to see such bad quality texture in #PS4 version of #TheLastOfUs #tlou #PS4share
It's time to play video games 😁 #DualSock4 #ps4 #gaming #playstation #ps4share
Naughty Dog Concept Artist’s Personal New IP “Showtime” Look Absolutely Fantastic!!!
SuperData считает, что Hearthstone заработал за год $114M. Продюсеры из Москвы все еще считают, что хардкор на мобилках не приносит денег.
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You Can Adjust "Bounce" in the New Dead or Alive…
Playstation organized his own game expo for players - PlayStation Experience. #expo #ps #PS4 #PlayStation
祝20周年! 「プレイステーション」20周年を記念した特設サイトが本日オープン!! さまざまな情報をお届けしていきますのでお楽しみに! #?????????20??
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Jade Raymond, та самая, которая поставила на ноги Assassin’s Creed, свинтила из Ubisoft. Не выдержала копипасты.
Only 15 persons work on Hellblade !!! #gamming #videogames #ps4 Hellblade Development Diary 4 via @YouTube
Must buy!!!! Project Spark Review - IGN…
Now THIS is how this song SHOULD be performed!!! (Yes, I've seen and heard the original video.)… via @YouTube
Bayonetta 2 Metacritic is 91 !!! Unfortunately this game is Wii U Exclusive :(
Dragon Age: Inquisition is 1080p on PS4, 900p on Xbox One. PC system specs and HUD revealed.
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Бег никогда не будет прежним.
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Hi folks, today at 8:30 I will stream the The Last Of Us - the greatest game I've ever played.
Бельгийский подросток потратил во Free-to-Play игре Game of War… €37000 мамкиных денег.
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You can now paste in directories into command prompt with Ctrl+V. FINALLY. #Windows10 #Windows9 #win
If you installed iOS 8.01, then you’re going to fucking love iOS 8.02’s magical new features, such as “ability to use your fucking iPhone”.
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MOBA вообще мимо меня, но это один из лучших роликов на игровую тематику, что я видел. Riot красавцы! via @YouTube
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