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Khaleesi Targaryen
How heartless do you have to be to steal a dismembered body's money and credit cards? #heartless
Souls on the Malaysian aircraft may have had their credit cards stolen. I mean . . . . People ain't shit.
I like how he became greedy after a Yes day. He thought the daily was starting again. Welp.
The non-verbal is my favorite. Did he just stand there, dick slowly deflating while waiting for a response?
I was waiting for the "Because I don't want to tonight/today."
That spreadsheet? *shakes head*
Ooh, number 21 from Argentina, let me soothe you, baby. #WorldCup2014
Pedometer in 1 hand, pizza in the other.
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Congratulations, @Petra_Kvitova! Sometimes the tennis racquet has to do all to the talking. The true glamor is in being a champion.
Indian food may not be the most visually appealing food, but damn if it ain't the most fun your mouth will have . . .outside of the bedroom.
Worst awards in a long time.
OK? All was missing was Iggy's name.
I feel like the cameras should have zoomed in on Iggy during this speech.
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Such beauty. Such elegance. I love Mama Phylicia.
If you don't remember The Box, you wouldn't understand what just happened there. #BETAwards2014
I had the BIGGEST crush on Garfield, too.
If Shai is here! Chile.
I wonder if H-Town is here.
My mother LOVED this song.
Bow Wow is almost 30? Damn.