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Khaleesi Targaryen
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She get it from her daddy. #Scandal
Eating my cup of fruit on a ho.
Carlesha has been found alive!
Can you imagine if all these bright, hopeful young people voted?
@HouseDarling yep. Its sad considering these are probably more important than gen election.
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Dems NEED younger voters in order to survive. Younger people just don't care enough to vote in midterms. This is what happens.
Note to the Democratic Party: Running away from your President and his successes isn't a good strategy during elections.
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Republicans unpopular in the polls. The public agrees with Dems on most major issues. And yet Dems still losing. Why? Midterm turnout.
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Just had to check my keyboard to see if the "b" and "n" are close together. They are.
BREAKING: @ABC News projects Democrat Shaheen will win Senate race in New Hampshire.
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@MissAngelaDavis: 90% of my sandwiches include avocado I'm realizing.” That's because they're everything's that ever could be.
Harissa is everything.
I'm starting a blog in 2015. Just a place to write about all the things I love.
Myrtle Snow is such a favorite.
I've eaten a McRib before. Tasted like salty mush with onions atop. Unbelievably gross.
I don't drink coffee or tea. I just mix a packet of Emergen-C into 6 ounces of spring water, and I'm good.
So happy for early voting. I'm so over long lines and chaos.
Ha! Talking 'bout that 🍑.
All this Fitz hate. 💅
All these election calls. I voted early, I tell them. Y'all don't have to worry about me.
Water in glass just tastes better. Science.
Retailers in my inbox asking me to rate purchases I haven't even had the chance to use. GO AWAY.
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Flour tortillas are trash to my palate. I keep trying, but nope.
If you think someone following you for minutes after you've shown you do not wish for communication is OK, then you're insane.
So I'm supposed to say hi to "Hey, lemme eat your pussy" because of Southern etiquette? ⛔️⬅️👎
After getting out a tweet on iPhone, I feel like I should be rewarded or something. Such a struggle.
I love Lily Rabe on AHS. Glad she's coming back.
So the solution to SH is to dress like Frumpy McFrumpenstein? ⛔️⬅️👎
Yes, I'm typing public transport in a British accent. #AbsolutelyFabulous
Have to get on public transport like you just got out of the asylum. And still.
Smiling and looking too friendly is seen as an invitation to some men. Public transport is the worst.
But the assholes never say hello, they just barge right into your personal space. I have threatened to call police on followers.
I do say Hello back because I'm a sweetheart and like to brighten people's day. But I tell them I'm married or meeting bf.
The problem with saying Hello back is that it is seen as an invitation for more. It's a start when you don't want a start.
.@iJesseWilliams be preaching. I expand his tweets, and it's "Marry me!" "You're so beautiful." I wish they would ingest his message.
I wouldn't care if a woman walked beside me for 5 mins because I'm 6'2", 260. That shit must have been scary as fuck for that woman
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"Wait for the facts" while simultaneously manipulating completely unsubstantiated gossip engineered specifically to justify brutalization.
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But that was before Discovery ID. CHILE.
I have enjoyed some of the attention. A man once stopped his limo and gave me a rose. I was 20. You couldn't tell me nothing that week.
The bottom line is women have no peace when walking the streets or taking public transport. It's a problem that needs to be addressed.