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Khaleesi Targaryen
How heartless do you have to be to steal a dismembered body's money and credit cards? #heartless
Souls on the Malaysian aircraft may have had their credit cards stolen. I mean . . . . People ain't shit.
I like how he became greedy after a Yes day. He thought the daily was starting again. Welp.
The non-verbal is my favorite. Did he just stand there, dick slowly deflating while waiting for a response?
I was waiting for the "Because I don't want to tonight/today."
That spreadsheet? *shakes head*
Ooh, number 21 from Argentina, let me soothe you, baby. #WorldCup2014
Pedometer in 1 hand, pizza in the other.
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Congratulations, @Petra_Kvitova! Sometimes the tennis racquet has to do all to the talking. The true glamor is in being a champion.
Indian food may not be the most visually appealing food, but damn if it ain't the most fun your mouth will have . . .outside of the bedroom.
Worst awards in a long time.
OK? All was missing was Iggy's name.
I feel like the cameras should have zoomed in on Iggy during this speech.
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Such beauty. Such elegance. I love Mama Phylicia.
If you don't remember The Box, you wouldn't understand what just happened there. #BETAwards2014
I had the BIGGEST crush on Garfield, too.
If Shai is here! Chile.
I wonder if H-Town is here.
My mother LOVED this song.
Bow Wow is almost 30? Damn.
I swear Nicki is Chaka Khan's secret daughter.
I *fake sniffle* represent *more fake sniffling* the struggle. NEXT!
Music, please. Hell off the stage. #BETAwards2014
This is one beautiful, perfect, flawless woman. Her skin is like chocolate silk. #queenlupita
SO looking forward to this new Viola Davis show. Love her so much.
Tim Duncan is about to celebrate by going to Sears to buy some jeans then get his tires rotated.
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"You see that? Right there? That's where you got me fucked up."
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Georgia's dress was stunning. #MissUSA
Watermelon is perfection.
There is no Hell worse, I promise you.
Is there a hell worse than standing in line at the DMV on a Saturday?
Men that keep their nails long are filth.
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Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God.
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Rest in Peace, Maya Angelou. You did well. In fact, you did great.
Chile, all kinds of bye.
If Charlie Sheen don't sit down somewhere. Rihanna is not obligated to meet his girlfriend so that she can feel good on her birthday.