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Tweetie Darling
I can't stop playing that Golden Girls harmony video. When he hits that doodadoododoooo, I start 😭.
I forgot how fine Robert De Niro looks in Goodfellas. My first boyfriend looks just like him.
"You can come inside me." MINNIE!
LOVE "Inside My Love"
Sometimes I want to do too much.
He was so shocked that I understood. It was all I could do not break out into "Bahut Jatate Ho Chah Humse."
Thought I was alone, but an old Indian man was behind me. I was so embarrassed. He smiled and said, "Sundar." I replied back "Shukriya."
Well, I stood still just listening, grooving, and when she hits that NOTE, I screamed, "Sing this motherfuckin' jam, girl!"
On my way home tonight, Lisa Fischer's "How Can I Ease the Pain" came on my playlist. Such a great song. Her singing is amazing.
Dead at "Everybody get some sleep." I mean, I can't.
Plot hole. Page 103.
This Zola story is surreal.
38 pages in, and I am speechless.
I think I'm in for a good read when a story starts off with "So I met this white bitch at Hooters..."
And extra-virgin olive oil; so that your skin can sparkle on hoes.
And a detachable showerhead.
I wish you all a rice cooker.
The second best purchase I've made this year is my rice cooker. The first, naturally, is my detachable showerhead.
I love the Five Heartbeats movie. They are fiction, but they are inspired by the R&B group The Dells.
Really getting into The Time in Between on Netflix. Narcos was really good, too.
Koolaid Jell-O exists in this world. Everything is going to be all right, y'all.
I listened to "Someone Like You" and literally broke out in a hysterical cry. Not lying. 😢
I think Adele is immensely talented, but I just can't listen to her music without it tearing my heart out.
I can't believe they let that cut stand. Just sweeping air. 😂
Good morning. ☀️
The most frightening pumpkin ever carved.
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10 hours! 10 HOURS!!! Unacceptable. #BenghaziCommittee
Hour ten?!?!? Hillary Clinton would be completely justified in telling that entire hearing to kiss her whole asshole with lots of tongue.
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I'm not even testifying, but watching this hearing makes me want to lie down with a hot towel around my neck. Hillary is a trouper.
Elijah Cummings was 33 years old when this hearing began
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Hillary! Love her responses to this badgering. #BengahziCommittee
I stand corrected. This #BenghaziCommittee hearing is a 9 1/2 hour campaign ad for @HillaryClinton. And still going.
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Nine hours!!! She's hasn't called any of these buffoons out of their names. She's better than me. #BenghaziCommittee #PresidentClinton
Thank you, Republicans, for helping me verify that Hillary Clinton will be a rock solid President! #BenghaziCommittee
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This hearing has made me like Hillary even more. She's remained cool, calm, and collected. In other words, PRESIDENTIAL. #benghazihearings
Talk about a test of endurance. I don't think David Blaine could've sat there for 8 hrs & answered questions about Sidney fucking Blumenthal
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How dare Hillary Clinton laugh at a question after 9 hours of rude questions to the #BenghaziCommittee?
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They're going to go 2 1/2 more hours? Oh, no, no, no. Hillary's horse head bill is going to be astronomical.
OMG this is embarrassing for the GOP. Can you imagine someone looking MORE presidential than HRC right now? #BenghaziCommittee
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Five hours of testimony? And asking me the same thing? Nope. Every Republican on that panel would be a bitch, asshole, m-f by hour three.
One of my favorite scenes is when Ricky tries to trick Lucy into thinking there's a fire, and she grabs her most prized possession: HENNA!
Lucy referenced her real hair color many times on I Love Lucy: "Mousy brown." Her being an actual brunette was an ongoing joke on the show.

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