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Humphreya Appleby
Here for that. And that's all I'm-a say. 💅
Beat God King 1200. 💅
This will be my mantra all week: "Ma'am, I've beaten the 1150 God King, on bloodline 3 — hell out of my way."
Look, I've beat the 1150 God King from Infinity Blade, on bloodline 3. Today. You can't tell me shit. Not shit.
It's real, I just tried it. And this is amazing. Round of applause for OK Cupid!
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I love @RobinRoberts. Such a positive spirit.
I forgot just how much I love the "My Life" album.
"I'm the only the woman you need; only one you need; take me."
"You came out of the night, wearing a mask in white color. My eyes were shining on the wine and your aura."
Jessica Lange is actually coming back for AHS season 4. All is right with the world...
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"I wanna dress you up in my love."
A bitch never did, though.
I get home from shopping and pull out my receipts . . . with attitude. I scan them while thinking, I wish a bitch would.
"Look what you do to me — you got me burning up."
You haven't lived until you're doing the Snake in front of your bed, half naked, to "Back to Life" by Soul II Soul.
I was on my way to bed, but then decided to put on iTunes Radio for a moment. "Back to Life" by Soul II Soul came on. Dancing! Dancing!
Season 4 is 21 days away. Watch how creators David Benioff & D.B. Weiss "adapted the unadaptable" #GoTLongStoryShort
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Follow list stays low. You know what is tragically sad? WOMEN supporting these assholes who victim shame. Desperate.
It's not even really about desire, it's about power. Claiming and taking in any fashion they can get away with.
I love being a woman and being sexy when I want to. Can't shame me. Control yourself and learn to be decent.
So many stories. Ugh. Men coming up to me whispering shit in my ear, harassing me in public, offering oral sex . . . loudly.
I refused to be ashamed for wanting to dress sexy. If it ain't for you, you are not allowed to touch. Some men need to learn that.
Women. Please ask these men y'all mess with about gay rights, women issues, and rape culture. Save yourself from being with stupidity.
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Hoodies up, skirts down. Ugh.